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Club Events - 2019 - See forum for results

Mid week events run every Thursday evening from 2nd May 2019 to 5th September 2019 (Hill Climb 20th October 2019). Primarily this involves a 10 mile time trial, but also includes a hill climb, a 2up and handicap event.

Starting at the layby 1 mile East of St Brides Major on the Wick Road - sign on by 18:45, start at 19:00.

Start on B4265 at western end of layby, about 1 mile south east of St Brides Major. Proceed in a south easterly direction via Wick to circle the roundabout (M) at junction of B4265 and B4270. Retrace in north westerly direction over the same road to Finish opposite the start point.

Remember, volunteers are essential for these events to run.

This year we will charge £3 for club members and £4 for non- members.

23.05.19   CA Hopkin 2up team time trial (One rider to be a veteran)

01.08.19   WJ Parkhouse Handicap 10 -

22.08.19   “Ride What You Like” competition

20.10.19   Hill Climb - Venue - Llangeinor

Organising a club mid time trial

(Please note - these guidelines are slightly out of date and will be revised soon.)


Remember - if you don't help organise at least one club midweek, you'll lose all your points.


1/ There will be 3 people running each event. (The event team)

  •  The Timekeeper (who will also decide the order in which the competitors will ride),

  •  The Pusher (who will also put up the chequer board and start safety signage)

  •  The Turn Marshal (who will be marshalling alone and will need to be over 18 yrs)


One of the above will also be The Boss for the event.

2/ The Timekeeper is in overall charge unless s/he is under 18 yrs when the event trio must decide who will take overall responsibility. One of the trio remaining at the start must be over 18 yrs. This person will be The Boss.

3/ Timekeeper, you will need the midweek kit box which will contain:

  •  Red flag

  •  Clipboard

  •  3 Safety Signs

  •  3 OVW hi-vis tabards

  •  Stopwatch

  •  Chalk (for re-marking the start line if reqd)

  •  Chequered board & stand

  •  Sufficient OVW race numbers for event

  •  Signing on sheets (dated for specific event)

  •  Event result sheet (dated for specific event)

  •  OVW Membership forms.

  •  Pens / pencils

  •  Polly wallet for paperwork (in case it rains)

  •  A copy of these instructions (click this link)


however, it's always advisable to check that it does well in advance of the event.

4/ Event team will turn up at 18:30 latest, signing on finishes at 18:45 and you will need time to organise yourself and let the competitors sign on. As soon as you arrive put on your hi-vis tabard. It lets the competitors know who the event team members are and it makes you visible to motorists.

5/ Make signing on sheet available as soon as you arrive but do not give out numbers or allow them to be taken. Competitors will pinch the darned things if they are on display. Hide them until you have decided on the competitors order and give numbers accordingly.

6/ The Pusher will ensure that safety signs and chequer board are correctly located and clearly visible to road users.

7/Turn Marshal will take a mobile phone number from the The Boss and depart for the turn with a safety sign and red flag. On reaching the turn erect a safety sign and report any course hazards to the The Boss by phone.

8/ At 18:45 hrs, the Timekeeper will take the signing on sheet and transfer all of the competitor's names in the order Timekeeper thinks they should ride. I tend to set slower riders off first and faster ones later to minimise the event's overall on-the-road time. I also try to ensure that young competitors and novices are not left out on the course for extended periods without an adult passing them (or being passed by them, bloody kids) to keep an eye on their safe progress. At this point numbers can be allocated to riders.

The Event Starts

9/ At 19:00:00 the first competitor (with Number 1 visibly attached to his/her back) should be at the start line. At 19:00:30 the competitor & The Pusher will be advised by the Timekeeper that there are 30 seconds to go. The Pusher will support the competitor and bike. At 19:00:50 the competitor and Pusher will be advises that there are 10 seconds to go. At 19:00:55 the Timekeeper will commence a 5 second count down for the competitor and Pushers information. At Zero! or Go! But NOT before, the Pusher will propel the competitor forwards. The Pusher will, if there is any traffic approaching during the 10 seconds immediately prior to the competitors start, advise the competitor that care will be required by them as they pull away.

10/ If a competitor turns up late for their official start time the Timekeeper will record the time that they report to him/her that they are ready to race. This competitor will be set off 1 minute after the last rider in the field. Their time will still be calculated based on their official start time. Pusher and Timekeeper repeat this step for each competitor in turn until all competitors are riding.

11/ Timekeeper waits for returning competitors to pass the chequered board and records the time (on the event record sheet) to the nearest second that they passed the board. Timekeeper calculates the competitor's elapsed time between start and finish and record the elapsed time on the event record sheet. This calculation can be done during (if you are a smart arse and have an opportunity to do so) or after the event. For most events competitor's times and positions in the event can be publicised immediately.

12/ Turn Marshal returns to the start and the event trio pack up the event equipment ready for the next event team. The event result sheet is handed to the Comp Sec at the earliest opportunity. Along with any Membership forms and payments collected.

Safety, Insurance and the Midweek Series Award

No non-OVW member can ride for club insurance reasons, hence the membership forms. If a non-OVW competitor turns up in time to sign on The Boss will offer them the opportunity to fill in a form, hand over some cash and join the club. If the person is a minor (under 18 yrs) they must have a parent/guardian sign the form before it can be accepted and the competitor allowed to ride. No one under 12 yrs may ride. Membership rates are printed on the form. Cheques are acceptable.

The Boss decides if the event will run based on all safety factors. Is the Turn Marshal's hazard report favourable? Is the weather/visibility ok? etc. If a hazard is evident on the course which will not prevent the event from going ahead then competitors should be warned about the hazard individually in the minute while they are waiting to depart. Do this even if you have communicated the hazard more generally because often competitors are warming up on the course before their start and may not hear the general warning.

The Boss will be responsible for ensuring the safety of his event team and competitors if he sees any hazardous situations developing at the start. Often riders will congregate or ride by at the start without regard to their own safety, the safety of the event team or of other road users. Competitors WILL follow all reasonable safety instructions given by the event team. Competitors are, of course, also responsible for their own and other's safety; however they can & do become pre-occupied with preparing for the event.

It is expected that a competitor WILL stop and assist another competitor in distress. Always remember, this is a club event, not a world championship!!! (Distress does not include simple mechanical difficulties; we'll pick those competitors up later). Competitors will earn points through the midweek series to count towards the Midweek trophy awarded at the clubs award dinner in November. Competitor's points will be invalid if they do not perform the role of Timekeeper, Pusher or Turn Marshal at least once during the series.

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