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Reports and photos for 2013 - as they arrive

Reliability Rides 2013

For those newer members who don’t know, the Reliability Rides are a yearly series of three rides.  Two 50 mile rides and one 100km (60 miles). The idea is to ride the distance at a set time. You decide the time that suits you best.

3rd February    Reliability Ride 1 50 miles - Route

24th February  Reliability Ride 2 50 miles - Route

3rd March        Reliability Ride 3 60 miles - Route

Ride One and Two Options               Ride Three Options

50 miles in 4 hours = 12.5 mph        60 miles in 4.5 hours = 13mph

50 miles in 3.5 hours = 14.mph        60 miles in 4 hours = 15 mph

50 miles in 3 hours = 16.5mph         60 miles in 3.5 hours = 17 mph

The main rule is no watches or computers. You must calculate the speed you are travelling by judging how fast you think your average speed is over the distance. There is a plus or minus 10 mins for 50 miles rides, and plus or minus 15mins on the 60 mile ride. If you must use a computer it has to be covered up. The start is staggered so everyone should finish together.   

Click here for Rules and Guideline for the Reliability Ride Competition

Reliability Ride 1

3rd February    Reliability Ride 1 50 miles - Route

Some comments from the riders on what was a horrible day as far as the weather was concerned.

Thanks to Mark R and Jase J for providing me with an engine today! Managed to get 1minute inside disqualification time with a 2.49! Chuffed with that in awful conditions.

Sorry not to hang around at the end but I wanted to get to a nice warm shower as soon as possible!I think the Comittee should consider awarding special certificates to all riders who turned up today!

Good outing today Thanks to Keith C for piloting and if anyone is interested, there should be a garmin link of today's ride, link is in the thread adventures of a tandem in the club run section.

First reliability ride today,and the weather could have been kinder. In all honesty, it was a little too far for me to be comfortable, so a massive thanks to the other 3.5 hour rider without whom I'd still be going! Although I do take some credit for the 'tactical' slowing of the pace with 15 miles to go which brought some of us in near the mark

A big thanks to all who rode the RR1 and Tim and Teresa for time keeping and spotting. It was one of those days if I hadn't have been riding an event I would have stayed in bed. Most of people looked as though they had ridden the Paris Roubaix not the RR1. But a good distance for this time of year for me.