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Reliability Rides 2014

For those of you new to the club. The Reliability Rides are run every year usually in the early spring. A series of three rides (two 50 mile rides and a 100 km ride).

The idea is to choose a time you think you can ride the distance. There is a choice of 3.5 hours or 3 hours, for both 50 mile rides and 3.5 hours and 4 hours for the 100 km ride. This is without any watches, computers or clocks. If you want to record your ride this is understandable so you can tape your computer up. But under no circumstances can you look at the time.  

The whole point is to see how reliable you are over the distance. Here is how you qualify. (+ Or - 10mins)

Ride One and Two Options               Ride Three Options

50 miles in 3.5 hours = 14.2mph ave speed       62 miles in 4    hours = 15.5mph ave speed

50 miles in 3    hours = 16.6mph ave speed       62 miles in 3.5 hours = 17.7mph ave speed

The first two rides are tried and tested routes so RR1 will be a around the Vale ending in Cowbridge at Hannah's Diner. RR2 is over the Bwlch and ends in Ewenny. We have adapted RR3 following feedback and will posting shortly. Full route maps and start times to follow.

16th February    Reliability Ride 1 50 miles - Route - finish at Hannah’s Diner

Sign on

50 in 3.5 hours - Sign on is 8.30am (be there 15mins before)

50 in 3    hours - Sign on is 9.00am (be there 15mins before)

23rd February     Reliability Ride 2 50 miles - Route - finish Ewenny Cafe

Sign on

50 in 3.5 hours - Sign on is 8.30am (be there 15mins before)

50 in 3    hours - Sign on is 9.00am (be there 15mins before)

9th March            Reliability Ride 3 100 km - Route - Finish - Cowbridge

Sign on

100k (62 miles) in 4    hours - Sign on is 8:30 am (be there 15mins before)

100k (62 miles) in 3.5 hours - Sign on is 9.00 am (be there 15mins before)

Many thanks to Andy Harris for planning and re planning the route. The finish as you'll notice the in the centre of Cowbridge. So the finish will be Costa Coffee.

The main rule is no watches or computers. You must calculate the speed you are travelling by judging how fast you think your average speed is over the distance. There is a plus or minus 10 mins for 50 miles rides, and plus or minus 15mins on the 100 km ride. If you must use a computer it has to be covered up. The start is staggered so everyone should finish together.   

Click here for Rules and Guideline for the Reliability Ride Competition

Reliability Ride Two - 23rd February 2014 - reports from the forum

Good ride today with gusty crosswinds at the summit as predicted. Everybody made it back intact. Disqualified on two counts today; 1) too fast. 2) Missed Llangeinor Hill for the second year in succession! SM

Well done Steven. Me disqualified on just 1 count - using my Garmin from start to finish!

Thank you RR team, and especially Andy for the time keeping. Thank you puncture for being of the slow variety that only needed topping up as couple of times RJ

Yes tough ride today. Thanks to Andy H for time keeping. Yes strong cross winds at the top. Glad everyone made it ok. Good turn out considering the much talked about weather forecast. We have a week break before RR3.

We had  6 Qualify

We had 5 Outside the time

And one Disqualifed

So the competition is still wide open PL

Thanks Andy for your time and the lift !!!Hard one for me too as I was a Bwlch virgin,

but no longer......what a grind that was.!!!

Quads are screaming !!! Lol,

Cheers Guys. MN

Thanks Andy for a good job on timekeeping .

Thanks also  to Andrew S for the tow around. WE

Reliability Ride One - 16th February 2014 - reports from the forum

Great ride today, Thanks to all my fellow DQ'd riders. Great conditions, and an average speed of 20.9mph according to my Garmin - with Mark Rosser and Jase Jones  dishing out the pain, and some very nicely timed turns on the front from Mr Madeley to help keep it smooth and controlled. That said, I did enjoy it when it kicked off at Nash Manor second time round. It feels like a long time since I've been on a fast ride, and I'd almost forgotten how good it feels to push it a bit and feel the legs burning at the end.

Thanks to all invovled in organising this, and especially to Paul L for timekeeping - next time I'll look very closely at the finish on the route map so I go to the correct cafe. AW

Good turn out this morning 14 for the 3.5 hours and 11 for the 3 hours. One did not sign on. Not many qualified and a few DNF hope everyone got home ok.

I've ordered the same weather for next Sunday. Little lumpy next week same start time.  PL

Thanks for Time Keeping today Paul, we couldn't have asked for much better weather with the way it's been the past couple of weeks.

A good morning out... Thanks All. JT

Yes thanks Paul and to everyone else out today.Don't think I can remember a year when so many(all?)went so much too fast! TB

Thanks Paul for giving up your time.

Also thanks to my fellow teammates who......."hammered me" !!!!

Really enjoyed the day and definitely learned a lot......especially "do not eat excessive amounts of mixed nuts 7 hours before you ride" BAD IDEA !!!

Cheers Guys !!! MN

Thanks for time keeping today Paul, what a difference good weather makes to a ride! thanks all for an enjoyable morning! NB

Yes thanks for time keeping Paul.

Great to see so many out today and great to have some decent weather for a change. RB

Reliability Ride Three - 9th March 2014 - Reports from the forum

Provisional results

5 Qualifiers

2 DNF - One being Mark Pope with puncture troubles (although he did still make it to the Cafe in the car)

8 Non qualifiers for various reasons - Helping with punctures, going to the wrong cafe, and those who were just plain naughty and not playing the game (you can decide for yourselves who is who)   :)

Well done all

I didn't see Paul at the finish(I expect he was sitting patiently in Café Nero, wondering where everyone was)but I wanted to thank him Andy &Teresa(plus anyone else involved)for organising the best RR series I can remember. It’s a pretty thankless task being on any Committee and I think it's important we recognise the effort involved in devising measuring the courses, fixing the dates and timekeepers etc. And of course organising the best weather for many a year! Well done all. TB

Yes... Thank you for time keeping today Teresa, it was a nice day for it.

Looking on Strava it appears most people got in a fair few miles today, might be a few tired legs in the morning   JT


Reports and photos for 2014 - as they arrive