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Reports and photos for 2015 - as they arrive

Reliability Rides 2015

For those of you new to the club. The Reliability Rides are run every year usually in the early spring. A series of three rides (two 50 mile rides and a 100 km ride).

The idea is to choose a time you think you can ride the distance. There is a choice of 3.5 hours or 3 hours, for both 50 mile rides and 3.5 hours and 4 hours for the 100 km ride. This is without any watches, computers or clocks. If you want to record your ride this is understandable so you can tape your computer up. But under no circumstances can you look at the time.  

The whole point is to see how reliable you are over the distance. Here is how you qualify. (+ Or - 10mins)

Ride One and Two Options                                Ride Three Options

50 miles in 3.5 hours = 14.2mph ave speed       62 miles in 4    hours = 15.5mph ave speed

50 miles in 3    hours = 16.6mph ave speed       62 miles in 3.5 hours = 17.7mph ave speed

The first two rides are tried and tested routes so RR1 will be a around the Vale ending in Cowbridge at Hannah's Diner. RR2 is over the Bwlch and ends in Ewenny.

8th February    Reliability Ride 1 50 miles - REVISED ROUTE - finish at Hannah’s Diner

Sign on

50 in 3.5 hours - Sign on is 8.30am (be there 15mins before)

50 in 3    hours - Sign on is 9.00am (be there 15mins before)

22nd February     Reliability Ride 2 50 miles - Route - finish Ewenny Cafe

Sign on

50 in 3.5 hours - Sign on is 8.30am (be there 15mins before)

50 in 3    hours - Sign on is 9.00am (be there 15mins before)

1st  March            Reliability Ride 3 100 km - Route - finish - Costa, Cowbridge

Sign on

100k (62 miles) in 4    hours - Sign on is 8:30 am (be there 15mins before)

100k (62 miles) in 3.5 hours - Sign on is 9.00 am (be there 15mins before)

The main rule is no watches or computers. You must calculate the speed you are travelling by judging how fast you think your average speed is over the distance. There is a plus or minus 10 mins for 50 miles rides, and plus or minus 15mins on the 100 km ride. If you must use a computer it has to be covered up. The start is staggered so everyone should finish together.   

Click here for Rules and Guideline for the Reliability Ride Competition

Reliability Ride One - 8th  February 2015 - reports from the forum

A total of 25 starters for RR1, today. 6 on the 3 1/2 hour option and 19 on

the 3 hour ride

3 DNFs

16 DQ's   (15 on time and 1 on time & course management)


Well done to all, after a cold start turned out to be a nice day to be out on

the bike!! Andy H

Looked to me like everyone had a good time.Thanks to Andy for

organising/timekeeping and

sacrificing your own ride!(the dq for course management is intriguing!

One for the club dinner?) Tom B

Yes big thanks to Andy. Richard Bowmer

Yeah great ride, thanks Andy, looks like I will be having a mention in the club dinner!! Hayden L

Yes thanks to Andy for his time today and his Photo taking of the ride. Great ride today in perfect weather. Thanks to all  the group i was with we Chainganged text bocked  around the route  Wayne E

Thanks Andy; didn't seem quite as hard as last year? Perhaps because there were some hills to soften us up?

Think I prefer that route to the Seath Valley one. Chris G

Thanks to Andy for organising and Andy, Lance, Roy & Wayne for the ride. Chris R

Thanks Andy.  Apart from a chilly start the weather could not have been better.  The Corntown to Wick killer sections were brutal but the

cooked breakfast made it all worthwhile...! Steven M

Nice ride yesterday, It got a bit carried away for the first 30, blame it on the cold. too much to hope that the weather continues

for the next two rides. Do we have some names for the results Andy? Wayne's gang were all sweating a bit when they turned up,

could it be too much lycra?  Ron B

'Qualifiers' from RR1 are:-

Stephen Landeg,    Tony Mansell,    Terry Anthony,    Neil Bartlett,    Richard Bowmer,    Jonathan Spink,    

Group finish, same time 2:59:20 Andy H

A "Big Thank You" for a well organised event. Much appreciated. Mark N

+1 on many thanks for organising yesterday's ride. Terry A

Reliability Ride One - 22nd  February 2015 - reports from the forum

Well done to all who made it around today and also to those who made it most of the way around! Conditions were challenging!

Having driven to the top of the Bwlch and ridden down to meet the first group, I've never been so happy to cycle UP the Bwlch, to try and warm up.

There were 5 qualifiers, Tony Mansell, Terry Anthony, Jonathan Spink, Mark Pope and Wayne Evans.

4 DNFs, including Joe Williams out on his first club run, who did well to survive his memorable, first climb of the Bwlch! Andy Harries

Yes-Chapeau(or possibly strait jackets)to those who braved the Bwllch today.A few hours round the Vale left me as cold as I've been all this Winter(no bikes outside Café Velo mid-morning tells it's own story).As Andy and Rob said it may be character building but my character is fully formed and,as you will know it's the character of a wimp! Tom B

I actually had a pleasant ride apart from hands so cold I couldn't change gear, and I am not exaggerating!  Tony M

A big thanks to Andy for organising RR2 and for pacing young Joe up the Bwlch. Thank goodness for Andy's 'Safety Car' too as I'm not sure what we'd have done if we'd had to wait for Joe at the top of the Bwlch, as it wasn't the weather to hang around at the summit. I'll second Tony's comments about it being a good ride though. Apart from the snow, sleet and cold over the top, it wasn't too bad, although the sleet did freeze to my glasses (and eyelids) making the descent slightly more interesting than usual. It still didn't compare with 'Armageddon Day' in Majorca two years ago but then again today we were (mostly) dressed for the occasion.Mark P

Thanks again to Andy for his time . Good ride today in mixed weather conditions. Wayne E

+1 on the thanks to Andy for looking after us.

As for the ride, it was fun in a perverted sort of way. Temperature wise, I'm pretty sure that's the coldest my hands and feet have ever been in my life - and that's quite a while. Terry A

Well done to all who completed or even attempted the ride today....I decided to "bottle it" and stick to the lowlands as the temp in Barry was 3 degrees C...so guessed it would be freezing up there!!!!

Pretty grim in the lowlands too...coldest my feet have been all Winter season,couldn't feel them with 2 hours of riding still to go !!! Had a mild case of "trench foot" me thinks LOL !!!

Chapeau !!! Mark N

Perhaps this will be known as the RRmageddon ride.  ;D Tony M