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Reports and photos for 2016 - as they arrive

RR1 - 7th  February 2016 - reports from the forum

Fourteen riders out in total today. One solo rider for the 3 1/2 hour option and thirteen starters for the 3 hour option.

2 DNFs, 8 DQs and four qualifiers

The four Reliable riders were, Mark Pope, Terry Anthony, Tony Mansell and Greg Brett.

Super, fast ride of 2:26:00 for Paul Nicholas!

Conditions for the most part were dry but very windy. Andy H

An enjoyable ride today and better weather than expected. Thanks to Andy for sacrificing his day's riding to organise things.

14 riders is astonishing considering the predicted conditions. Mark P

Thanks for organising Andy.  Weather turned out OK for us today, apart from being a bit windy. Goes to show you can't always rely on the weather reports.

Thanks Andy, Paul N

These RRs don't get any easier and two passages of 'The Alps' from Ewenny to Wick made it even harder! Paul well and truly bossed it, all that preparation is paying off… Steven M

Thanks for organising this event for us Andy - route proved helpful in a gusty westerly as coastal stretches were wind-assisted and other stretches reasonably sheltered. If today's weather had turned up 24 hours earlier...   Steve C

Yeah thanks Andy! Feeling it today!! Haydn L

RR2 - 21st February 2016 - reports from the forum

No one for the 3.5hr ride - 12 brave and soggy riders signed on for the 3hr Teresa D

Thanks to Teresa for timing and providing blankets and hand warmers at the finish - appreciated..

The group split on Parc Slip and then worked together to the bottom of the Bwlch. Paul then left us and we had a wind

assisted ride up the Bwlch.  Some tricky crosswinds at the top then it was everyman for themselves grinding into the

headwind back.  Chris Matthews joined us today and we will see him again in Mallorca! Steven M

Thank you Teresa for doing the timings today and bringing the towels at the end... :D Dave W

Paul Nicholas; Two Strava top 10s on Bwlch segments and the fastest Oggie ever, beating Rob Jones and Joe Beech.

Chapeau! Steven M

Thanks Teresa for your kindness! Paul also had top 10 port Talbot to top of bwlch segment, flying! Still shivering here!! Haydn L


1 DNF, 5 DQs and 6 qualifiers

The six Reliable riders were, Mark Pope, Terry Anthony, Tony Mansell, Greg Brett, Mark Bryant, Steven Madeley

Guest appearance from ex club member Chris Matthews and Shawn Murtough

If I time RR3, and it is cold and windy again - I will bring a hot water bottle for Haydn  :P  Teresa D

I'm putting my name down for a hot water bottle in advance! Thanks for the towels and hand warmers today made all the difference at the end I would have frozen to death in the cafe without them.  Paul N

Thanks for organising things today Theresa. A good day on the bike despite the weather! Mark P

Chapeau to all who rode today, tough conditions!

Thanks to Teresa for timing and being far more considerate than me.   :-[ Andy H

RR3 - 6th March 2016 - reports from the forum

4 riders signed on for the 4hour  (Andrew Storrie tagging along for a couple of hours)

11 riders and a guest rider for the 3.5hr ride

Nice and dry, and pretty still conditions  Teresa D

Thanks for time keeping Teresa, for the RR3 next year I'm sure it would make more sense to meet inside Costa at the back. Too cold to be hanging around outside this time of year.

I'm making a hand warmer belt I can wear inside my jersey for next winter, I reckon I could get at least 8 around my waist. Paul N

Thanks Teresa, good conditions today! I only went the wrong way twice! Improving! Haydn  L

A big thank you to Theresa for officiating today, especially as it's Mother's Day. Above and beyond the call of duty! Mark P

Thanks Theresa much appreciated Greg B

Many thanks Teresa first one I've done great company really enjoyed it  Mal J

Reliability Rides 2016

For those of you new to the club. The Reliability Rides are run every year usually in the early spring. A series of three rides (two 50 mile rides and a 100 km ride).

The idea is to choose a time you think you can ride the distance. There is a choice of 3.5 hours or 3 hours, for both 50 mile rides and 3.5 hours and 4 hours for the 100 km ride. This is without any watches, computers or clocks. If you want to record your ride this is understandable so you can tape your computer up. But under no circumstances can you look at the time.  

The whole point is to see how reliable you are over the distance. Here is how you qualify. (+ Or - 10mins)

Ride One and Two Options                                Ride Three Options

50 miles in 3.5 hours = 14.2mph ave speed       62 miles in 4    hours = 15.5mph ave speed

50 miles in 3    hours = 16.6mph ave speed       62 miles in 3.5 hours = 17.7mph ave speed

The first two rides are tried and tested routes so RR1 will be a around the Vale ending in Cowbridge at Hannah's Diner. RR2 is over the Bwlch and ends in Ewenny.

7th  February    Reliability Ride 1 50 miles - REVISED ROUTE - finish at Hannah’s Diner

Sign on

50 in 3.5 hours - Sign on is 8.30am (be there 15mins before)

50 in 3    hours - Sign on is 9.00am (be there 15mins before)

21st  February     Reliability Ride 2 50 miles - Route - finish Ewenny Cafe

Sign on

50 in 3.5 hours - Sign on is 8.30am (be there 15mins before)

50 in 3    hours - Sign on is 9.00am (be there 15mins before)

6th   March            Reliability Ride 3 100 km - Route - finish - Costa, Cowbridge

Sign on

100k (62 miles) in 4    hours - Sign on is 8:30 am (be there 15mins before)

100k (62 miles) in 3.5 hours - Sign on is 9.00 am (be there 15mins before)

The main rule is no watches or computers. You must calculate the speed you are travelling by judging how fast you think your average speed is over the distance. There is a plus or minus 10 mins for 50 miles rides, and plus or minus 15mins on the 100 km ride. If you must use a computer it has to be covered up. The start is staggered so everyone should finish together.   

Click here for Rules and Guideline for the Reliability Ride Competition


Out of 15 riders

1 DNF, 4 DQs and 11 qualifiers

TS Steve - Let us know that you got back ok.  I think you were seen turning off near St Brides.

Welcome to potential member, Karl, who did the ride in  3hrs 14mins

The 11 'Reliable' riders were: Andy Samuels, Roy Richards, Nick Langley, Mal Jones, Mark Pope, Dave Walters, Greg Brett, Neil Bartlett, Tony Mansell, Chris Reed, Chris Goodwin.

The most reliable was Chris Reed with a time of exactly 3.5hours.

Many more happy faces turning up at Costa, compared with the soggy RR2.

Three in the running for the trophy - Mark Pope, Tony Mansell and Greg Brett.

Well done all     Teresa D