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2017 - Club Ride Reports and News

Pacers - 22.01.17

Not sure of exact numbers but approx. 20 riders between two groups, set off on RR1 recce. Cold, grey day, headwind on coast road but thankfully no rain!

First group split some time after Ewenny, two groups then Tony (great solo ride) and Nick and myself riding a two up at the rear! Made it to Hannah's at around 3 hours only to find cafe closed, Nick especially disappointed as thought of a full breakfast had seen him storm up Primrose Hill.  ;D

Chasers group rolled in a few minutes after us, Pacers group unsurprisingly had already gone.

How long did it take the Pacers? Be handy to know and I can set a faster target pace target for you!! Andy H

We also split into two groups; it took us about 2 hours 30-35 that might be wrong somebody clever can work it out from strava ? I peeled off before the hill as a sprint to remonstrate with a car in Cowbridge gave me a nice cramp in both quads.

I rode around with the b group ; tried hard get a good through and off rhythm which we mostly managed OK. Bringing out the steel beast made for an extremely challenging ride!

In my group (6) was ?Nigel ?Reece Steve Chapman Terry and unknown no mudguard rider who peeled off in Cowbridge. Chris G

me and Mark Rosser did it in 2hrs 29mins and 13secs

Harpo can tell us his time  with John as me and mark were just behind sitting up on the last climb to the cafe.

Good ride everyone. time to clean the bike now ::) Dave W_

Midweek - 17.01.17

Chris M,Mal and Simon making his swansong met me(but at the wrong lamppost!!)this morning for a foggy but otherwise uneventful ride today.Hope to get out again later in the week. Tom B

Chasers 29.01.17

I was very disappointed to get to Physiques this morning to find 6 other maniacs willing to take on the weather...I was hoping I would be alone and be able to turn back home. It started wet, the middle section was mainly wet, with a little rain to finish us off.

7 of us left with Tom dropping off as we went through Pencoed I believe to pick his own tailored route. We carried on through to Llanharan where we headed south towards Llanharry and down into Brynsadler. Picking up the road to Cowbridge I was dropped twice (the blame was put solely on the cold muscles, not the fact that I couldn't keep up with the 4 pacers). Kudos to Mike for sticking in there and Steve Curry for dropping back and pacing me back to the group. Climbing out of Cowbridge we headed to Llandow then headed west along the return leg of the Club 10.

After St Brides my legs were numb and my feet were like ice blocks so returned back to Bridgend via Death Valley and the remaining 5 continued round the Ogmore Loop. Strava informs me that the remainers didn't do much more and ditched the rest of the ride after the coastal loop.

Well done to the 'character builders' today, and surprisingly saw a good amount of equally mad cyclists en route. Out today were Me (cold muscles), Tom (top, shorts), Steven (smiled so much his cheeks hurt), Steve Curry (super domestique), Mike (tractor driver), Nigel (rain unfazes him), Greg (tried to get there too late but unfortunately not late enough to miss us),

RR1/smashfest next week. Check the website for details and remember it's open to non-members too so bring a friend if you want Nick L

And I forgot to mention that Mr Madeley went for a sip of his drink in Cowbridge only to find Allen keys and a spare tube were his fluid of choice! Luckily Greg had a spare bottle...complete with water...and spared him a dry January ride. Although we have a long way to go, please can someone with a better memory than me bring this up at the next club dinner  ;) Nick L

Cheers Nick-I did the advertised route but after opting for the cycle track to Pencoed I was 50 yards back and just missed the lights.I did think about chasing back but then thought forget that and followed in your footsteps but after going round Southerndown& Ogmore decided enough was enough.

I did warn you beforehand I'd not be staying the course so didn't expect you to wait Tom B

Yeh we knew you'd said beforehand so decided you'd be happy continuing. Well done on sticking it for that long, it was tough going today. Hope the shorts helped 👍 Nick L

They're not shorts-they just cover the front-the CTC shop sell them,excellent in the rain!(they call them rain legs() Tom B

Midweek - 03.01.17

Mark and I were joined by Steve C who plans to be out every week again!Apparently it's some sort of distance competition with Harpo.We met up with Carrie at Bonvilston and were just congratulating ourselves on avoiding the ice when Mark came off on a patch of sheet ice near Flemingston.Fortunately being a tough guy on a robust bike no lasting damage to either.

I'm hoping to get out on Thursday but depends on various factors!Will post again.

Pacers - 8.01.17

Ominous arriving at Brackla this morning and seeing the 'A' team waiting!

Out today were:-  Mark R, Steve C, TS Steve, Haydn, Dave W, Reece, John E, Paul, Greg, Terry, Nigel, and me

Decent pace out through Pencoed and Llanharan, only because I was sitting on the front as a 'stopper', picked up Simon at Llantrisant and onward to little leg loosener that is Church Road up to Pentyrch. Terry misheard a shoutout and went off course at this point, managing to ride part of the route in reverse to meet us in Machen. (good boy scout skills).

Climb up to Caerphilly mountain saw the usual 'selection' and at the top TS Steve and Haydn turned for home. Quick descent into and out of Caerphilly to climb up to Rudry before descending to pick up the road to Machen and coffee stop at Basil & Rusty's. Took a new route from cafe via Waterloo and back up to Rudry, this caused confusion with the lead group who went the wrong way at the top and did another loop via Machen. ( what was I saying about boy scouts!)

Mark, Greg and I dropped down into Caerphilly and home via Radyr, PSE and the lanes. As much as i tried, couldn't hold on to Greg and Mark so ambled home solo.

I'm away next weekend so see you 22nd Andy H

Thanks for the ride Andy, legs feeling it tonight! Paul N

Pacers - 15.01.17

A bit of a guest blog from me as this was only my 4th club ride in 15 months. Eight out today:  Steve C, Harpo, Mark R, Reece, Nige, Jason, Toestrap Steve, Myself

We rolled out with the Chasers as far as Ewenny before our routes diverged. We then had a taster of what wind we would have to face on our return as we pushed on to the river mouth. From there until the coffee stop at Cardiff Bay it was a tail wind all the way that ensured an "honest" pace but luckily not all at the 32 mph that was maintained for a good chunk between Llantwit and St Athen. Jason was the only one running on tubulars and, surprisingly, was the only one to puncture (near Dinas Powys) but he did say it was a very big piece of glass! Anyway after a squirt of foam he was able to ride on a semi-flat to the Coffee stop before adding some air that got him home. Good coffee and even better coffee cake at the cafe made out of storage containers around near the Doctor Who Experience - worth remembering for the future :-) After expert navigation from Jason through Cardiff to St Fagens we then headed back via the lanes and a few lumpy bits. Mid-60 miles for every one and a very respectable average of around 18mph. Mark B

Nice to see you out Mark, really impressed with that coffee stop, should be good in the summer with the deckchairs outside :) Haydn L

The Chasers and the Mid-Weekers have been stopping there for ages Harpo-you're late to the party! Tom B

Well your apprentice mr Chapman , hasn't been there before!;) Tom B

I like that-I'll always think of him as my apprentice now-not sure he'll be so keen though Tom B

Chasers - 15.01.17

After a grey, cold, windy start to the day we actually got to see a sliver of blue sky and even a few palm trees as we reached the balmy shores of Barry Island during today's Chaser's jolly boy's (and girls) outing. Eight Chasers left Brackla to head towards Ewenny and everyone's favourite cheeky climb before we've had chance to warm up on Post Office Hill and onto the old Wick road before heading towards Llantwit Major and on towards Barry. We were joined early on by Nick Langley who was lurking at the side of the road in Bridgend and later on by Terry, Tony, Will John and Roy 2, who had opted to pass on the Post Office Hill route option.

We were also joined today by a couple of Amblers stepping up (Nick & Carrie) and Rick, who I thought was a newbie but who had apparently been a hard core club member between 2003 and 2011 , after which he emigrated to England to set up a business (welcome back Rick). We had an early tea and cake stop on Barry seafront before heading home via the Airport, Aberthaw, Green Dragon Lane, the A48 and the lanes. The route was a couple of miles short of the advertised distance, as I forgot to take the back lanes to Llantwit, but was still a respectable 47 miles, with a couple of Barry's cheeky hills thrown in for extra entertainment value.

Out today, at various times were:  Carrie H,Nick H, Porn Star Nick, Terry, Tony, Mal (content - he got to see a real Palm Tree), Rich B, Rich (newbie, gusting old, sweat), Mike ( next year's hill champs will be interesting - climbs like Sherpa Tenzing on oxygen), Roy 2, Will John, Rick, Mark P

I'm away for the next two Sunday's but hopefully one of the old sweats will post a route. See you on the 5th of February. Mark P

Cheers Mark, I assume a recky of Reliability Ride 1 is a must in the next two weeks, would people prefer to do it on 22nd or 29th?  Nick L

Hi Mark, Thanks for a lovely ride today and thanks to all for the help & encouragement especially up the hills and against the wind.    Legs like jelly! Carrie H

Interesting mechanical on the return leg; taking the route via Treguff Carrie had a flat. Pumping up the new tube, the pump adapter became well and truly fixed on the valve and wouldn't come off. Had to dismantle the adapter in situ, and we limped home with a soft tyre and the pump adapter still attached.

Never had to change a tyre using a hacksaw before, but that's a job for tomorrow - along with buying a new pump! Nick H

Midweek - 10.01.17

I'd half expected to be on my own this morning so was pleasantly surprised to be joined by Steve,Simon and Carrie.I peeled off at Aberthin to prove my identity riding through the lanes to Llantwit where we met up again at the Café and were joined by Mal. A good time was had by all and we stayed dry-bumped into Mike on the way home who'd hoped to join us but got delayed. Next time for your mid-week debut Mike! Tom B

Chasers 08.01.17

We had a good turnout this morning with 10 Chasers on the start line at Brackla and 2 more joining us on route. We headed out to Talbot Green before taking on the cheeky little climb up to old Llantrisant and on to Beddau, Creigau, Groes Faen and through Cowbridge on the way to a coffee stop in Llantwit Major. Unfortunately the planned stop at Brambles Tea Rooms was a no go as it was closed for January and Cafe Velo was Packed to the rafters, so someone had the bright idea to go to the pub instead. So after a further 10 minute jaunt we pulled in to the Three Horseshoes in Marcross for a very pleasant 'coffee' stop. After the stop we decided to cut the ride slightly short and headed home via St Brides and Death Valley for a ride of around 43 miles.

Out today at various times were: Andy Storrie, Mal, Tony, Rich Bowmer, Leo (Newbie), Nick Langley (Late on parade), Chris Reed (late on parade), Jonathan Spinks, Rich 2, Roy 2, Mike (still riding his tractor so fast uphill we suspect electronic doping)!, Mark P

See you next week.

Well my Club Run today went exactly as predicted-on the bright side it might have rained on the way home I suppose! Tom B

Thanks all for making me feel welcome on my first club ride, hope to see you all again next week.............… Leo K

Always good when someone wants to come back the following week 😄 Richard B

Midweek - 24.01.17

I did go out-no problems with ice but as soon as I got to the roundabout I hit dense fog which lasted till I climbed back up to Brackla 2 1/2 hours later.Seriously if I had known it was that foggy I'd have given it a miss-take care on Chain Gang tonight Tom B

Midweek - 03.02.17

Carrie Chris and I were weighing up the viability of a ride this morning given the forecast.Carrie wisely opted for the gym but I met Chris at 9 thinking to myself we'll turn short if it gets really wet.My mistake of course was I forgot I was with Chris'No Surrender'Matthews and every time I suggested a short cut he said I was welcome to turn off but he wouldn't-talk about moral pressure!We did the normal mid-week route although Chris did agree to go Death Valley but was going to do an extra solo loop or he'd be too early for work.Thanks for the ride Chris but I'm glad to say when you're riding home from work tonight in the dark(and possibly wet)I'll be sitting in the warm!

Normal service resumes next week Tom B

Good to see you today in Forza Tom. Going to try out my new tyres in Sunday instead of the reliability ride. Ben N

Pacers  05.02.17 - RR1

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Chasers 05.02.17 - RR1

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Amblers  - 05.02.17 - RR1

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Pacers  19.02.17 - RR2

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Chasers 19.02.17 - RR2

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Amblers  - 19.02.17 - RR2

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Pacers  12.02.17

On today's ride there was Allan, Mark, Chris, Mike, Nigel, Greg and me. The weather was foul and we tried to keep out of the wind. My lack of endurance miles came back to bite me in the latter stages.

However, this ride will be remembered for the cafe stop at Duffryn Gardens.  Top class coffee, the best Tiffin I have ever had and heated toilets !  ( thanks to Chris for that one). Steven M

Thanks for the company today - good, smooth, well paced riding all the way round, every one taking their fair share of time in the wind (and a horrible Easterly it was). Great cafe stop - top espresso - I'll be back there. And the toilets were every bit as Chris said they would be  ;) Allan W


Chasers 12.02.17

Considering it was such a damp, bitterly cold day today I was pleasantly surprised by the turn-out. There were (at various times) 10 chasers on the road for a slightly shorter than advertised ride of around 47 miles. We headed out to Pencoed before turning back  with the wind towards Pentre Meyrick, Llysworney  and Llantwit Major and then following the TT course to Wick and St Brides and around the coast. Tony Mansell in particular and Chris Reed were like early spring lambs (admittedly very large, not very cuddly spring lambs) as they took it in turns to put the hammer down spreading out the group as we hit the coast. After Ewenny things calmed down a tadge and we decided to avoid the pain of Porthcawl's 3 Steps Hill and went straight through Stormy Down towards Pyle and then took the back lanes to the coffee stop at Parc Slip.

Andy's Dodgy Knees was unimpressed with our short cut, so  he added his own longer version of the route to the cafe, which considering he'd already ridden down from Scotland (well Pentyrch) to get to the start line was very impressive. After the break we decided to head home via Sarn, Bryncethin and the across the Common into the wind as punishment for wimping out of the full route. Chris Reed and Andy obviously had even more miles to push as they live further afield. Despite the bitter wind it was an enjoyable ride, although the lack of heated toilets at Parc Slip has definitely lost the cafe it's top cycling cafe stop on Trip Advisor ;D. Out today, if not all at the same time were:    Steve Curry, Leo K, Tony M, Chris R, Jonathan S, Mal, Mike B (with 12 kilo bike, flat bars and flat pedals), Andy's Dodgy Knees, Mark P

Great report mark my thanks to mike for helping me with my second puncture in 3 days  right at the start and on different bikes !!! not good weather for a flat either  Mal J

Yes well Mike should be an expert after all that practice a few months ago.

Too cold for me at 9,decided to wait a bit and give you all a wave going the other way! Tom B

Pacers  05.03.17 - RR3

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Chasers 05.03.17 - RR3

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Amblers  - 05.03.17 - RR3

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Pacers  26.02.17

Wet and windy ride today, thanks all for the ride. Nigel W

Despite checking the start time I still managed to be late :-[

Tried to chase you with some cheeky shortcuts and looks like I passed you when you stopped for coffee while I battled on into the gower  :) Reece A

8 out, cut short and just did the Marina run, as the rain and wind came several hours earlier than forecast.

A steady early pace meant I managed to hold on to the group, just, on the way out but limped home solo from Margam.

Prefer to suffer on my own, when it gets that bad! :-[

Good efffort Reece! Andy H

Chasers 26.02.17

There were 12 Chasers out today for a shorter than advertised 'rehearsal' for Reliability Ride 3. As I had some cross border domestic chores to attend to later this the afternoon I proposed to just do the first 3/4 of next week's route, finishing at Cafe Velo, with a scamper back home via Wick and St Brides after coffee. There were one or two disappointed faces when I suggested cutting the ride short, but after slogging across the Common, climbing over Cefn Cribwr and riding around Porthcawl and up Danycraig Hill towards Bridgend in the damp, grey, windy weather the idea seemed to grow in popularity. We dropped off a few Chasers in Laleston and Ewenny before a group of 8 headed around the Coast road and on to Llantwit for coffee and toasted fruit loaf, before Steve Chapman and Terry were kind enough to give the rest of the pack a brisk tow home. Despite the shortcut we still managed a respectable 58 miles or so. Chasing each other around the lanes today were:    Lee Evans (Newbie), Ross, Terry, Tony, Steve C, Mal, Nick L, Rich B, Mike B, Paul L, Will J,

See you next week for the real thing! ;D  Mark P

Those not in Mallorca, Ride Pacers  19.03.17

I left Llantwit at 8am in the wet, cold and wind expecting a 2 banana, 5 pack of Haribo ride. Fought my way to Brackla and met up with NostrapsMike (the Tank engine) and Nige W. The Bwlch was a definate no-no in this weather as was Llangeinor. So we went on a mystery tour.

We went round the coast path through Ogmore then to St Brides Major and Wick. We turned off by the Star Inn at Wick and pootled to the top of Post Office hill and down through Lampfa. Kept on that road past Llandow. Skirted round St Mary church and on through Treguff (up the slippery slope - Keep your bum on the saddle) across and down into Penmark. Over past Fonmon, through Gileston, St Athan then coffee at Cafe Velo. I went home at this point as I was cold, wet and had a very muddy bum. I think it would have been cleaner to go Mountain Biking  ;D ;D

Introduced Nige to some new lanes and hills was a good ride despite the weather and road conditions. Only ate one pack of Haribo. Won't be long till it warms up :) Ben N

12.03.17 - watching Betty Pharaoh

Out today as the 'Oggie leftovers' were: Ron, Ben, Steve H, Mike B, Mal J (sounds like the Spice Girls now), Carl and moi.

Carl was chomping at the bit, Mike (no-straps) was looking strong on flat pedals while Steve (Toe-straps) was trying to have an easy ride. Stopped off to watch Betty Pharaoh RR and we were impressed as much by the classy field as the sun obliging our stop with a short appearance - shame Paul N didn't get a ride as OVW would benefit from some presence in local races....pics attached. Tea stop at Meadow Vale Garden Centre was the biggest challenge of the day:- if the loose stone track didn't get you, then either the wait for drinks or the long walk to the loo would! To be fair the staff were very nice but it'll have to be an 'average' on CycleTripAdvisor ;)  Mal J

Amblers  - 12.03.17

Excellent ride today, just a tad too fast for me after time off and I did not expect such high temperatures, 68 is very unusual but welcome at this time of year.  Ron B

Pacers  02.04.17

Cracking weather and a cracking ride today. The initial plan for a Devil's Elbow epic was altered for my favourite rout - Cwm Cadlan.

Lining up were Harpo, Nigel, Stephen Chapman, Carl, Jason T and me. We were joined at the start by Dylan Morgan who wouldn't have looked out of place in Flanders today - as well as looking like a pro, he went on to ride like one too. We were joined by Chris Goodwin for the Ogmore Valley as far as Treorchy, and Andy Harries from Rhigos descent. Lost Nigel to a double puncture at Bryncethin though - bad luck Nige.

Sunshine, no wind to speak of, and generally good road conditions made it a fast outward leg. Across Cwm Cadlan, road surface more dodgy, but made up for by the lack of traffic and the great scenery.

Coffee stop in Merthyr, and after that it was (for me anyway) a sufferfest at high pace down the Taff Valley. Strong turns from Dylan and Stephen particularly, but everyone was riding strongly. Fortunately for me the group ignored my invitation to drop me, and slowed up enough for me to take a tow. Legs screaming for me by Talbot Green, so gratefully peeled off and let the train continue at full pace to Bridgend.

Great ride from all. I think we'd all agree that a highlight was Harpo's description of what he has discovered he enjoys doing in the bath (shaving his legs). We have advised him to get some Nivea though, as they were peeling so much it was like riding through a snowstorm if you got caught behind him  ;)  Initially I thought it was dandruff....harpo with dandruff  :o ?

Good fun - hope to get out again next week. Allan W

good ride and conditions today and eveyone did a bit! just popping out to get some nivea cream! :) Haydn L

Glad you all had a great ride. Well the first puncture damaged the sidewall ( or it caused the blow out) that i didn't see on replacing with a new tube, only saw it on changing on second blow out some 20 meters after the first. Got the wife to pick me up went home and swapped a spare wheel in restocked on tubes and CO2 and went out for a solo ride. Had a nice ride and saw loads of bikes out today. On getting home gave the bike a good clean and will get a service done next week. Its done well riding all year round but the winter starting to take it toll now. Looks like I will be on the lapierre for chain gang so long as weather is good.

 Sorry for holding you up with the blow out but glad you all had a good ride. Nigel W

Chasers 02.04.17

OVW Bwllchfest today-The Amblers went over from Treorchy side,I believe the Pacers went from Nantymoel and 8 Chasers set off for Port Talbot and the Afan side.We were  Mal, Terry, Neil, Mike, Steve, me, Jonathan(I think apols if not!), and New rider Matty.

Unfortunately Matty had the misfortune to puncture at Pyle when riding at the back with Steve.I went back and helped with technical stuff like pointing out the new tube wasn't inflating as the valve was closed. By the time we were sorted the others were long gone but the 3 of us did the planned route,passing the Amblers going the other way on the top.It wasn't till that point that I realised that Matty who'd only bought his nice carbon Boardman 2 days before was riding in trainers and shimano pedals(no cleats)-if you can ride up the Bwllch that well you'll fly with the proper shoes etc!

There was a Sportif over the Bwllch and 1 Oggie was climbing as we descended(possibly Andy??) and we all got back in plenty of time to watch Luke win the TdF.

Hope to see you again soon Matty! Tom B

Well done tom and sorry we lost you but glad you did the whole route we went over llangeinor and straight down main road to bryngarw  for coffee if matty gets shoes and mike brings his new road bike out I'm off to the amblers    mike was like a mountain goat on speed up the bwlch Neil and Terry were very strong Too with Jonathan just behind and me bringing up the rear ! Mal J

Amblers  - 02.04.17

The Seven Samurai (Myself, Ron, Nick H, Carrie H, Ross, Lee and newbie Paul) left Dimensions in some glorious weather for the time of year. Lovely sunshine and hardly any wind. Headed to Pontyclun, waiving to Nick's Mum as we passed, the onto the Smilog on our way to the Bwlch via Treorci. Ross had a couple of punctures on the way. One in his old Fella the other in his rear tyre. The 2nd one was the end of his ride as he has tubeless tyres and couldnt change it for a tube. Lee stayed with Ross. So the 5 left headed on over to the Bwlch where we met up with the Chasers coming from the Maesteg side. 5 minutes catch up and rest and we set off again down the Afan valley towards Port Talbot. Loads of riders out and about and with the road closure near the top it was more like riding a closed road even until we got to the turn off for Glyncorrwg. One of mine (and Ron's) favourite descents though. Then at Port Talbot we stopped at Margam, when Paul left the group with cramp, for coffee but it was packed so we took a different route to end up at Parc Slip cafe for much needs sustenance. By this point I was starting to cramp as well but food and coffee helped. We all headed back to Bridgend. There was a nasty looking accident by the Rugby club and they'd closed the road (hope the people involved are ok). I peeled off at the lights to try my luck on the train home but no such luck. So I tootled back through Death Valley and Wick to get home. All in all a great ride and my furthest ever at 75miles. Great to meet Paul and hope he's out again soon. Ben N

As for Ross's mishaps, look where you are aiming for the first mishap and carry a replacement in case of a puncture on the second mishap. We could see snow on the Rhigos from the Bwlch, but it might just have been Harpo's leg's. A long old ride today in very warm weather, to survive you have to drink lots and lots of the right mix, plain old water or squash will be ok for a short ride, but not for climbing in warm weather. Some nice person will possibly post a guide to eating and drinking on rides Ta!! Ron B

Chasers / Pacers 26.03.17

Today we had Allan, Mark, Richard B, Richard L, Steve C, Jason, Carl, Terry, Greg and me.  Terry got confused by the blue skies and turned up in his Mallorca kit!  Off to Pontypridd first, to at least try to follow the route.  We turned down to Radyr whilst Allan ( hardcore), went in search of hills. We decided to give the Tiffin at Duffryn a miss in favour of Cafe Velo and once we had the wind on our backs it turned into an almighty smashfest, resulting in a number of Strava top '10's!

No one was able to speak in the cafe for a while and so we took a more leisurely ride back through the lanes… Steven M

Amblers  - 26.03.17

Just three Amblers out braving the sunny weather today, I was joined by Nick and Carrie, both on new bikes, with strict instructions not to get the bikes dirty. A couple hours in the bright sunshine we arrived at the café. The Pacers/Chasers arrived just as we were leaving, alas no time to chat about the Mallorca trip or The Archers. Ron B

Pacers  16.04.17

12 out today for a ride down to the Gower, without the advertised loops!  :-[

10 riders plus the tandem. Out today were, Steven, Terry, Dave & Keith, Dylan, Craig, Mike, Carl, Jason, Steve C, Mike, Me

Steven and I led us out to Laleston at what seemed to be a decent base but compared to the rest of the ride, could only be called dawdling. Steven lit the blue touch paper by declaring a 'prime' on Roger's Lane and from that point on it livened up.

The tandem, Craig, Dylan and Mike took turns in inflicting pain on the group along Harbour way, which eventually saw me drop off and be 'rescued' by Jason and Steve. By the end of the ride I was wishing they'd left me.

The pack waited in Skewen, depleted by two as Steven and Terry headed straight for the Marina over Briton Ferry bridge. Headed for the Gower via Bonymaen and the Mumbles Road taking a right turn up the sneaky little climb of Mayals Road.

Onto the Fairwood and the fast boys gapped the group and as a result we missed the loop of the Gower but by this time I wasn't going to complain. Retraced our steps to the Marina cafe where Steve C consumed his bodyweight in cream cake, something he came to regret!

Quick blast along Fabian Way (which saw me take the Strava segment... for 55 to 64 year olds )

then the usual suffering through Port Talbot and Margam before myself and Steve C dropped off the group (he was warned about the cake) and ambled back to Brackla.

106km @30km/h is pretty quick for me, so I'm just glad Harpo wasn't there to make the suffering even worse.

Good ride and back in time for Amstel Gold (and chocolate eggs!!)  Andy H

I was out today,  good ride today but legs complained on following Craig up Crack hill. Nigel W

Sorry Nige, I can't count!!  :-[ Andy

Good ride today everyone, luck to miss most of the rain  :) Jason T

Chasers 16.04.17

There were 12 Chasers out today (at various times) for a short, if lumpy jaunt up and over the Ogmore, Lynfi and Afan Valleys before a short detour to Porthcawl for coffee and cake at the Broomwagon. After a frisky start to the ride, Chris ' the Pacemaker' Reed left us at Pencoed (after picking up his appearance money) leaving the rest of us to head across the Common into a stiff Westerly breeze before heading up to Blackmill and climbing over to Llangeinor from the easy (ish) side. We then headed over to Maesteg via Bettws and Shwt for everyone's favourite climb up to the Bryn, where we were all heartened to see Ron gurning his way over the hill from the tougher Afan Valley direction, followed by a red faced, panting Ben, obviously on at least their third lap of the Bwlch, Rhigos, Bryn amble, which is obviously good preparation for next week's Ambler's route over Kilimanjaro! ;D

After descending the Afan Valley we headed East with a very helpful tailwind before turning off for Water Street and Porthcawl, where Mal (OAP) Jones and his carer Tony Mansell left us to head back home (or to a home)!  ;)  After a brisk chase to the Broomwagon, ably led out by James 'Boy Band' Criddle (age 42), we had a well deserved hefty piece of cake and a coffee or two in the company of the much missed Wayne Evans who was joining his first club ride since November 2016 and only his second ride in a year. We then scooted home via 3 Steps Hill and Laleston, for a ride of around 47 miles with just over 850 metres of climbing. Out today were:

Chris 'the Pacemaker' Reed, Rich 'King of the Cobbles' Bowmer, Steve 'Hairiest legs in NATO', Hughes, Matt 'first day in cleats, yes he fell off'!, Mal 'OAP' Jones,

Tony Mansell (Mal's carer - a helluva job), Jonathan 'the Bike Whisperer' Spink, James 'Boy Band' Criddle - When he said he was only 20, he meant he was only 20 years younger than Mal!, Rich 'Criddle' - James' younger brother, Mike 'the Beast' Barker - pushing out more watts than a herd of bison, Wayne '8 days a week' Evans, Mark Pope (Retired (ish)!

See you next week when I may be riding with the Pacers because it's easier than the Amblers!  ;D Just joking Ben!! Well mostly! Mark P

Another great write up . I think I may be older than the pope and I don't mean that whippersnapper Mark Pope  Mal J

Yes another great write up Mark.

And thank you for all your efforts in organising the rides for us of the last few years. Big thanks. Richard Bowmer

Great write up Mark. You can join the Marathamblers any day ;-)

Ron was following me though ;-D Ben N

You saved the best ride report till last!  :) Tony M

Thanks for all the hard work you've put in Mark  Nick L

Amblers  - 16.04.17

Three left Physiques today. Myself, Ron and a visitor from the Pro-Vision Club in Stoke-on-Trent. Mate of mine (Alex) down and visiting. We didn't go for the super long route as it would have been a bit cold and windy at the top of the mountains. So we trundled over to Margam via Aberkenfig. Then we went up and over Bryn. Little dryer and warmer than last time I did it in the snow. Met the Chasers and Wayne coming the other way on their routes. We rode into Maesteg village. Stopped for coffee at, what seems to becoming our usual haunt, Parc Slip. Good coffee, conversation and cake. Then up and over Llangeinor and Alex and myself went up and over Gilfach Goch while Ron (recovering from friday) went back home. When we hit Llantrisant/Talbot Green the wind and drizzle got us. My legs got very cold very quickly and I started to struggle a little. Once I warmed up again I was ok. Was a good ride and some good hills though 53 miles for Alex and myself. Ben N

Pacers  09.04.17

7 pacers out today - Jason T, Mark R, Gregg, Dylan, Harpo, Steve C and me. Sunny, and the early chill soon wore off. The route was set by harpo - so it was more of a probability distribution which could only really be described by a wave-function - a familiar concept to those au fait with quantum physics, bus sadly that didn't apply to any of today's group, so there were lots of wrong turns, splits and re-groupings - but it added to the entertainment. It was good to note early on that Harpo had been applying the Nivea this week, as instructed, so his legs were pleasantly dandruff free.

Steady pace to Ponty, and then it was onto the golf course climb. It's 3 years since I last rode it. It will be at least 3 years until I ride it again. It was worse than I remembered - and I remembered it as impossibly hard and painful. Dylan declared it as the hardest climb he'd ever done. He also recovered from it remarkably well, and was still riding strongly for the rest of the ride. KOM to harpo quite comfortably. The descent to Abertridwr was a relief, although the surface would compete with the Arenberg Forest in places.

Next up, Caerphilly Mountain. Everyone looked pretty strong up here, especially Mark R who took the KOM. I remembered the only time I'd gone up Caerphilly and found it reasonable was when I rode it after the Ponty GC climb. Coffee stop at the summit to sharpen tan lines and recover. Good coffee, but a bit smelly today!

Gorgeous descent past Castle Coch, including a refreshing spray half way down from the water that is always on that road. There was then a bit of Fartlek through the lanes from Radyr to Cowbridge (chiefly instigated by Harpo and Steve - I'm assuming they'd taken a stimulant more powerful than caffeine at the coffee stop. There was a race up p hill, then hostilities were suspended until an unprecedented 2nd coffee stop at Caffe Nero. More tan line sharpening and quality coffee. Jason and I winded slowly back home - the rest were debating which hills to climb on the way back to Bridgend, with harpo complaining about a lack of miles.

Photos on Strava


Strava seems to have my PB up Caerphilly Mountain )which I'm very chuffed about) as a hidden segment.  ::)

Good ride guys - thanks for the company. Allan W

Thank you for the coffee Harpo & Allan and a good write up again. Jason T

Chasers 09.04.17

There were 12 Chaser's out today for a 'sprightly' ride around the Vale. The group included a couple of resting Pacers so the elastic was occasionally stretched a bit farther than usual. Although it was a fairly flat route there were enough lumps thrown in to get the legs burning and the pace on the flats, at least until the Barrybados coffee stop was brisk. Craig did some very strong turns on the front, chased bravely by Nige and James, who resembled a couple of Jack Russell terriers chasing a ball, whilst the rest of us kept our heads down, chewed the handlebars and followed. Andy Storrie left us at Welsh st Donats (we think  :-[) before we made our way to Dinas Powys and on to Coffee Cove in a very sunny Barrybados. After coffee we headed back towards Rhoose via Porthkerry Park, where we managed to lose newbie Matt, although we didn't realise until we reached Aberthaw, at which point the group split with the majority heading back home via Llantwit and the Coast while myself, Jonathan and Mike B rode back 5 miles to find Matt (we didn't  :-\). I hope you got home ok Matt??

After our failed Search and Rescue mission Mike, Jonathan and I rode home from Rhoose down the main road  through Llantwit, Wick and Ewenny into a surprisingly cheeky headwind with me sitting on the front the whole way as penance for losing the newbie. However, it was an enjoyable ride in fantastic (for April) weather conditions, even if the road surfaces made most of us weep in memory of smooth Majorcan tarmac.

Out today at various times were:  Andy Storrie, Nick, Langley, Lee S, Steve H, James, Nige, Craig, Jonathan, Mike B, Matt (Newbie), Mark P,Rich Mark P

Sorry not to see you Mark-had a hard ride yesterday and not back till 6.30 so went out later.Was Matt the same Matt/Matty who got left behind last week-his first outing with us?That one is a young guy from Krakow but lived in Bridgend 5 years. Tom B

Yep, it's the same Matt as last week. I hope he found his way home ok! Mark P

Hi Guys,

I am good  :) I had got punctured in Rhosse. Fortunetlly I had spare innertube. I was back in Bridgend around 15 past 1. Matt

Hi Matt-that's such bad luck-2 weeks in a row.I wasn't able to get out on Sunday but knew the other riders would make you welcome. We're hoping to go for a ride this Friday morning if you're not working-we haven't sorted the details yet but I will post on the mid-week rides thread under Club Runs Tom B

Amblers  - 09.04.17

Nice ride today with a cuppa at Porth Kerry Park. Ben, Lee, Carrie, Nick and myself wandered along part of the Tuesday route, then through Rhoose to the café. then back through St A, Llandow, Colwinston and home, 46 miles for me. Ron B

Thanks Ron. I was going to get round to the write up just got distracted. Was a great ride, great weather, great company. Good coffee and Ice-cream too :) Ben N

A good coffee stop.… Nick H

Lovely way to spend a sunny Sunday morning. 8) Carrie H

Pacers  30.04.17

Mallorca reunion today as Gareth joined Harpo and Dave W (still up for it despite yesterday's marathon effort). Also attending were Mark R, Tony and Richards B and L. A route was chosen which kept us out of the wind. I tried to keep Harpo off the front but eventually he fought his way through so I took a short cut to Cafe Velo whist others acquired a few top 10s. Sadly I did not finish my Bara Brith in time and had to partake in a brisk return via the lanes! Steven M

Thanks all. See you soon Gareth I

Amblers  - 30.04.17

6 of us left Physiques with the Amblers this morning. Myself, Tom, Ron, Nostraps Mike, Paul E (on his third ride with us - so I haven't scared him off with hills) and Graham on his first ride with us. We went over Coity Common towards Llanharan, then Miskin and over to the A48 where we joined the Tuesday ride. Up to Flemingston round St Athan. Where we had a puncture from Graham. That sorted we stopped at Cafe Velo for coffee and snacks. There we went to St Brides where I tootled off to Southerndown and Ignore andvthe others went through Death Valley. Stupidly (or is it sadistically) I decided to try Norton hill. After 50 miles that wasn't a good idea. Green it was home in an wandery route to Llantwit. Just over 60 miles for me. To break the 100 miles for the week. I averaged 16.5mph too so I'm pleased. Ben N

Yes thanks Ben,nice route and pace this morning.Well done Graham,maintaing the tradition of new riders puncturing on their first ride with us!I thought Harpo was joking when he said they were riding straight to the café and back but as they were long gone when we got there it was obviously true! Tom B

Thanks all, that was a good ride today, really enjoyed it. Need to work on my stamina and hill climbing plus a more comfortable saddle :o Paul E

Thanks again for today guys. Really enjoyed it. Looking forward to progressing in the sport. Graham H

Amblers  - 23.04.17

Four of us today. For a "never trust a garmin" ride. Yes we did get lost at one point. Myself and newcomer Paul E left Llantwit at 8 of the morning clock for a gentle ride to Physiques not expecting anyone to be there. But we met up with Carl and "No straps" Mike. Did a nice tour round the vale intending to follow the ride the Amblers did to Porthkerry a few weeks ago. But we got lost and ended up the other side of the M4 by Llanharry. No problems and we soon got back on route just before Watery lane. Was a great ride if a little chilly and quite quick. But I think all enjoyed it. Ben N

Pacers  14.05.17

8 Out this morning, with the weather looking like a mixed bag. Blue skies interspersed with aheavy showers. Windy

Made rapid progress out to Skewen, into the wind and on to Clydach and the climb that 'keeps on giving', over Bettws mountain. Rapid descent then up and over to Trap and Llandeilo for a coffee stop.

Rolling back road to Bethlehem led to the lower slopes of the Black Mountain, these were enough to slow me down big time and lead to cramps on the climb proper.  After

descending to Brynamman and Ystalafera I called it a day and came home via Swansea valley and retraced through Neath, Margam etc.

The others continued on to Glynneath and the route proper.

Enjoyed it as long as it lasted, weather OK, good roads and plenty of cimbing Andy H

Great route choice today Andy, loved those climbs but i was pooped after the bwlch at the end! Greg B

Should've added that Steve Chapman was flying, taunted Haydn up every climb! At least for the 60 miles I was with them  :-[ :-[

By the way thanks for the 'tows' at various points, Haydn.  ;D ;D  ;D Andy H

Another epic! Well done all!! Richard B

Chasers 14.05.17

8 chasers out this morning including guest Rob Hunt who was hoping to ride with Harpo but wasn't aware of the pacers early start, lucky escape.

We followed the suggested route, it was blustery all the way out to Resolven and back to Aberavon and it was only from Aberavon home we felt the benefit of the wind on our backs. Enjoyable ride, good company and good cafe stop at Cafe Remos and the traditional blast down Harbour Way. I was a little bit off with my estimate of the mileage and we finished off with a good 63 miles. Strong turns on the front from Rob and James.

Out today were;  Rob, Richard B, Richard L, James, Ross, Lee S, G (for Graham not Geraint), And Nick L Richard B

Cheers Richard, enjoyable route even if it was a tad windy 👍Lee S

Amblers  - 14.05.17

8 riders today. Biggest group I've seen for a while. Myself, Nick H, Carrie H, Mal, No straps Mike, Matty, Lee and Jonathon (who just missed the Chasers).

We went over to Pontyclun then over to Miskin. Up through Vale resort and joined up with the Tuesday midweek ride until turn off to Treguff. Treguff hill wasn't too bad today. All got up the sloppy slope with our any issues. Then we tootled over to Penmark. Back to Llantwit via St Athan and coffee at Cafe Velo. Back home via Llanmaes and Llampha. Jonathon and myself turned off towards Wick where I came back to Llantwit via the main road. Good distance and some great speed today as well. Weather held out for the most part (I got soaked leaving home though). Ben N

Amblers  / Chasers- 07.05.17

9 of us set out for a combined Amblers/Chasers ride this morning.Out today were  Ron, Roy, Lee S, Lee E, Richard L, Nick, Mike, Mal, Me

We set out on the usual Tuesday route(Ron turned off at Bonvilston) but diverted down Green Dragon Lane and turned off to Penmark.We followed several circuitous lanes although to Richard's disappointment there were 1 or 2 Farm Tracks we didn't take(next time Rich).We went round the camp and headed for Café Velo by special request of Nick who was suffering withdrawal symptoms from the fruit loaf.As we got closer to the café the pace picked up to Pacers schedule.

We went home along the Coast-only about 45 miles today but a nice social ride with a bit of everything pacewise Tom B

Really enjoyed the ride today, particularly enjoyed the fruit loaf part 😀 Thanks all Nick L

Pacers  28.05.17

8 Pacers - with me were Carl, Steve, Harpo, Gregg, Jase, Reece and Nigel - Steve Curry joined us for a stretch to Ponty.

Weather brightened up quickly into a tan-lines kind of day. Brisk pace driven by all (and encouraged by Harpo) to Aberdare. Maerdy Mountain tested the legs, but rewarded them with a beautiful descent to Maerdy, but in no time at all it was Penrhys, and that forced us all (even me!) out of the saddle again. A couple of wrong turns on the way to the Bwlch (my fault) were rectified by Harpo's inbuilt sat nav negotiating the back alleys of Gelli. The Bwlch was neutralised by tacit agreement of the peloton, and then it was a fast ride down the Ogmore Valley. We decided Cowbridge would be heaving with the food & drink revellers, so my planned macchiato at Caffe Nero was changed to an invitation for all for instant coffee chez Wardhaugh.

Don't know what happened after that, but I'd guess there was some racing through the lanes back to Bridgend with Harpo buzzing up and down the line nipping heads  ;)

Good ride - strong riding by all out today and a pretty good pace considering the amount of climbing. Allan W

Cheers enjoyed today, very hot going up Maerdy 😅Greg B

Good ride today everyone, thanks for the coffee and write-up  :) Jason T

Good ride and thanks for the water and tea Alan. Nigel W

Chasers 28.05.17

So for the record 10 of us set off from Physique picking up Tom and Neil en route as planned and then headed across to Llangeinor and over to the Ogmore valley making our way up to the Bwlch through Wyndham. At the top there was some discussion around the proposed route and there were a number who did not fancy the route as proposed going over to Maesteg and Bryan so the decision was made to go on straight down the Afan Valley, bar Tom who stuck to the planned route. Well done Tom for the extra miles and climbing.The rest of us then headed through to Taiback and Margam. At the turning to Water St, Nick, Paul and Tony want straight on and the rest off us headed to Porthcawl. We lost Terry to a puncture on the way in to Porthcawl and made the planned coffee stop at the Broomwagon. And then Dan Y Graig, Lalleston and home. Strong riding on the front as expected from Craig today, good to have him out with us. 50 miles for me.

Out today were Tom, Richard B, Paul, Tony, Terry, Lee S, Neil, Jonathan, Craig, James, Nick, Richard L

I think that's everyone.

At the Broomwagon we discussed next week's ride which will be out to Caerphilly Mountain and back through Pentyrch. Lee will post the exact route going into next weekend. Richard B

Amblers  - 28.05.17

3 of us out today. Myself, Mike and Graham (on his 3rd ride). Over the common towards Llanharan and Pontyclun. Up to Miskin and Tredodridge. Then we did a little of the Tuesday route but turned off towards St Hilary's back onto the Tuesday route to St Athan and down past Happy Jakes campsite. Stopping at Cafe Velo for coffee and some fruit toast. Where Mike made a new friend outside the White Hart. I left to come home then while Graham and Mike took the Wick road home. Great pace today and I did just over 41miles altogether.  Ben N

Pacers  11.06.17

Chasers 11.06.17

Amblers  - 11.06.17

Chasers 04.06.17

5 hardy soles turned up for a soaking this morning to brave the wet and windy miserable conditions. As we headed out towards Caerphilly Mountain along the planned route a coffee stop at the Mountain Snack Bar was well deserved after a cheeky little mountain climb! (thanks Andy for the refreshment, my turn next time!) Strong turns on the front again from James doing most of the donkey work with Richard L close behind. There was no let up with the showery intervals on the return leg until about 2 miles from home as we approached Ewenny but an enjoyable route all the same at just over 49 miles and slightly under the advertised 55 miles, shame about the weather :(

Out today were :-James Criddle, Richard Lewis, Richard  Bowmer, Lee Stoneham, Andy Samuels (guest appearance - good to see you back!)

A few of the chasers are unlikely to be out next Sunday but Richard B will post a route for the following Sunday (18th June)  Lee S

Thanks Lee, enjoyed today's route.

Richard L, not Richard B, to post the route for 18 June. Richard B

Amblers  - 04.06.17

4 brave Scuba divers left Brackla today. It was dry and sunny when I left the house by the time I got to Llanmaes it was starting to rain. Glad I bought my coat. There was myself, Ron, Tom and Graham out for the Amblers. Ron bravely turned up in short sleeves and no coat, Graham no coat either.

My original plan was to go up Afan valley to the Bwlch then back down through Nant-y-Moel and over Llangeinor. But because of the weather we opted to go round Miskin and an extended version of the Tuesday ride. With the rain gently spitting at us we tootled over Brynna and over to Miskin then to Llanerch. The rain continued to fall on us while we waited for Tom who stopped for his regular comfort break. Instead of going past the Vale resort we opted to go the longer way round, due to the possibility of the Wendyballers (I mean footballers) staying at the Vale Resort. Then over to Pendoylan, still the rain continued to haunt us. When we got to Gwern-y-steeple we turned right instead of the route to Cardiff up over Sycamore Hill (a Tom special he thought would help me on the Bwlch next weekend). The rain stopped at this point. Once we got to the traffic lights on the A48 we went off towards Bonvilston and turned by the Old Post to join the Tuesday ride. The rain still held off but we nearly got wiped out by a moron in a yellow Van who thought he was Michael Schumacher. Carrying on towards the Flemingston turn off the sky had finally decided enough was enough and promptly dropped a deluge on us. I stopped to put my jacket on and continued. Down through St Athan and into Llantwit. Ron turned off by the Library to go back towards home along the main road, Graham and Tom carried on with me. Tom stopped at the toilet in Llantwit for another comfort break. Graham carried on due to rain and other commitments. I went to Cafe Velo (I did the miles I deserved my fruit toast) Tom chased after Graham. After I came out of the cafe I was warmed and slightly dryer plus as a bonus the sky stopped leaking on us. So I went home for a shower cos I wasn't quite wet enough. All in all it was a great ride despite the weather. id I mention it rained on us?Ben N

After all it is summer time, are we all getting soft, did have to wash a little bit more than usual after all the road spray. My Ebay leg is working a little better each week. Did the Chasers really do that ride, or did they nip into Greggs when they were pretending that one of them had a puncture after 100 meters. The smell of cooking bacon is very tempting when we leave Physiques. Ron B

Pacers  25.06.17

Pacers  18.06.17

Chasers 18.06.17

Amblers  - 18.06.17

Midweek - 07.02.17

6 of us out this morning but not all at the same time!Mark(bronzed from the ski slopes),Mal and me(pale and interesting)and Chris M(like a piece of old teak) were joined by Mike making his mid-week debut.Normal route to the café where Chris pressed on to go to work but we were joined by Harpo who'd spurned the conventional ride to that point in  search of something more manly.

We all commented on what a nice morning it was how Spring is on the way etc and of course soon after the clouds rolled in and we got soaked-still a good ride though.  Tom B

Midweek - 14.02.17

Just me and Carrie this morning-I knew all the other regulars were busy with Valentines Day so wasn't surprised.Thanks to Carrie for varying the route to let me call at HSBC! We spotted Chris G out running-obviously chain gang alone isn't enough exercise for one day if you're super-fit. Tom B

Midweek - 10.03.17

Good turn out but a bit of a chaotic ride with losing each other a few times-all worked out in the end though as Mark,Mal Mike Chris and I met up in Costa but as we'd done a longer ride we were too late to see Carrie(though I saw Carrie H in the High Street) saw Ron going the other way!-we do the Tuesday route on TUESDAY Ron!Roy was also out but turned short, and we spotted Tim in the lanes and on my solo spell I saw(I think)Tony Terry and Neil.More OVW's out than on a Sunday! Tom B

Interesting route Tom it took me half hour to clean my bike ! PS Chris M punctured in cowbridge just to make the ride even more eventful Mal J

Midweek - 28.03.17

Lots of Oggies out today. Chris,Steve and I met up at B&Q and picked up Nick&Carrie at Craig Penlline. We passed Carrie(W)and I think her pal Sarah going the other way then met Harpo,Neil and Mal at the Cafe. Carrie and Sarah arrived just as we left.Managed to avoid the rain too-what's not to like? Tom B

Sorry we missed you at Café Velo - we were trying to get a longer ride in readiness for Mallorca - and yes we did get caught in the rain at the 55 mile stage! Carrie W

Midweek - 11.04.17

Mark,Steve, indefatigable Chris M  and I were joined by Nigel making jis Tuesday debut.A bit to our surprise we arrived at Café Velo 8 minutes earlier than normal-assuming their clock isn't slow-must be Nige-nothing to do with me!

Several people have mentioned they hope to be out on Friday-will post later in week when forecast more reliable Tom B

Good ride today, thanks for the company and conversation looking forward to Friday,hope the weather is kind. Mark sent you PM Nigel W

Midweek - 14.04.17

3rd time lucky for Matty today as he joined Steve Ron and me for a spin around the advertised route-Llantrisant etc.Lucky because it was his first OVW ride when he didn't puncture.We showed Ron a couple of lanes that were new to him and just managed to get a table in a packed Costa.Chilly but dry! Tom B

Midweek - 09.05.07

Mark,Steve,Ben,Mal and me at B&Q this morning.Mal was suffering with his hip and turned back at Tair Onen and Ben went straight home when we got to Llantwit-he only had about 6 hours left to prepare for his daughter's 7th Birthday party.We three had coffee-paid for by Mark(thanks Mark!)and pottered home via Deadth Valley.

I'm away till the end of next week but I know Chris M is looking for company on Friday morning! Tom B

Midweek - 23.05.17

Well as Paul Simon once said 'The Weatherman Lied'-nevertheless Mark Chris and I braved the murk.It wasn't cold but that's about all you can say.Distinct lack of cyclists in the café(with the notable exception of John Edwards).Still our Monmouthshire jaunt is still on with forecast temperatures of mid-20's(fingers crossed the weatherman is more reliable) Tom B

Midweek - 31.05.17

Ben Mike and I met at B&Q at 9 and set off for Cardiff Bay.At 9.01 it started to rain.Fortunately I was able to call on the old cyclists trick of stopping to put my coat on-it stopped almost immediately.We followed Ben's route(in the main)but when we got to Pontcanna he had a text from his wife who was having breakfast in Harvester in case he wanted to join her-he did.

Mika and I went to the Bay-floating Pitch disappointing-it's 5 a side size-but replica Champion's Trophy impressive-about the size of my house.After I'd been reprimanded for (innocently)riding in a push only zone-the security guy was extremely polite but built like the sort of man I certainly wouldn't be arguing with we rode over the Barrage and stopped for tea and cake in Dinas P.Back through some slightly muddy lanes which I thoughtlessly took Mike through on his brand new bike-sorry Mike,I'll come round and wash it next time-we got back about 1.30.Good ride and good company! Tom B

I enjoyed it. Great ride. Breakfast wasn't great but gave me the food to get home again so I went back the way we came. Got home about same time as you actually.  Ben N

Midweek -

Midweek - 04.04.17

Paul,Mal,Steve and myself today.Carrie&Sarah spotted en route to Bwllch.Harpo unusually not in café-otherwise uneventful.

Mystery rider ascending Bwllch on Sunday was Paul!(almost wrote The Walrus was Paul) Tom B

Due to the current heatwave, Carrie, Nick and I decided to try out a possible "Ben type" Amblers route. Smylog, Trebanog Maerdy, a very nice coffee at the bottom in Aberdare, place was called Bradley's. Over the Rhigos and back down the Rhondda. 55 miles with 1500 meters of climbing. met young Harpo en route, thought he said he was off to Hamerfest, back in time to watch Cardiff in the playoffs Ron B

Midweek -

Chasers 25.06.17

Amblers  - 25.06.17

Midweek - 23.03.17

My mid-week ride was great. Only 27 miles but some good hills. At the top of the mountain it was freezing, so much so my bosses Garmin switched off from the cold, snow on the hills around us. But spectacular views.  Ben N

Midweek - 25.04.17

Mark,Nick.Ben Steve and I set out at 9.45 this morning.Neil set out about 9.49 and caught us by Flemingstone!Ben on his Tuesday debut very generously followed Mal's precedent of last week by paying for us all at the Café but I don't think Ben was celebrating his 65th!Much appreciated Ben and you'll have to come out for several Tuesdays just so we can re-pay you.Neil on his Harpo bargain bike-apparently it was squeaking so it had to go-if I sold my squeaky bikes I'd have none left,not to mention my knees!

Hope to get out again later in the week-will post Tom B

Was a great ride today. Really enjoyed it. Got loads of PB's on Strava too  ;D Ben N

Midweek - 02.05.17

Steve,Mark Lee and I set out,meeting Neil after a few hundred yards.Did the normal route to the café where as promised Mal joined us.I hadn't planned to go round the coast today but on auto-pilot followed Neil anyway.Weather got better as day went on-maybe we'll be sitting in the courtyard next week??

ps saw ex-oggie Shirley Howell in café and met Joe Beech's mechanical team outside(Liz his Mum and Neil with his TT bike)if you're a top sportsman you obviously get a support team Joe! Tom B

Pacers  21.05.17

10 Pacers out this morning.

Allan, Steve C, Jason, Haydn, Nigel,  Carl, Reece, Mark, Greg and myself

Couple of cheeky climbs as promised and a few lanes, new to some of the group. Tiffin excellent at Duffryn gardens, weather treated us well, morning well spent.

I'm not around the next two weekends so please post routes you want to ride. Andy H

Thanks Andy - good route and nice to discover some new roads. If I'd known your second coffee stop was Caffe Nero I wouldn't have peeled off when I did - although I'd have skipped the Tiffin this time. Strong rides by all today. Allan W

Chasers 21.05.17

7 of us out today with the route agreed democratically at about 8-55 this morning.

Coychurch, Pencoed, Brynna, Miskin, Groesfaen and down to St Fagans. Over Culverhouse Cross to Wenvoe and then we picked up the St Lythan's Road to 5 mile lane. Over 5 mile lane and onto Llancarfan where we picked up Green Dragon Lane down to Aberthaw. Round the back of St Athan and onto Llantwit and the cafe stop in Cafe Velo. Lanes back on to the Wick Road and round the coast through Southerndown, Ogmore and home. Good pace today, just under 50 miles, James strong again today.

Out today were:  Richard B, Tom, James, Richard L, Lee S, Tony, Jonathan

We agreed that in future we will take it turns posting a route. As the weather is good next weekend we will do the Bwlch Rhigos and Neath Valley loop, I'll post the exact route at the end of the week. And at next week's coffeee stop someone will agree to sort for the following week. Richard B

Thanks Richard-nice ride and route today although I was overheating at the end-still dressed for Winter! Tom B

Amblers  - 21.05.17

6 Amblers out today. Myself, Paul E, Nostraps Mike, Lee, returning member Andy and newcomer Julian.

We left Physiques and ride over to MacArthur Glen. Down the little road to the left and over to Fountains lane. We took a left towards Wigglies but turned right up the hill to Llangynwd. Thaat was a silly idea no one mentioned the horrendous strapless of the climb. First time in a long time I've felt sick at the top of a hill from pushing. But we all made it up. Julian took a little tumble there while telling me about a sheep he tried to pass on that road. Over to Maesteg then and up the Bryn. It seems to be steeper coming down than going up. From Bryn we went to Port Talbot and Margam. We split there Lee, Andy and Julian carrying on while myself, Mike and Paul went to Porthcawl. A quick coffee shop at Greggs  (coffee was horrible according to Paul) and we continued. Mike disappeared on the hill out of Porthcawl. Quick section on the A48 before Paul and me turned off at Merthyr Mawr and Death Valley and Wick home. I pushed on at Llantwit round St Athan to get the 100km for the day and the Strava badge. All in all a great ride and some very strong rides from all. Especially on that first hill. I'm considering renaming it to TW*& B@*$+%£D hill. :-) Ben N

Sounds like an excellent ride Ben-sorry to abandon you at the start with my last minute change of mind-I don't think there's that much difference between the 2 groups actually. See you next week! Tom B

I've been up that  beast of a hill to llan it's a hell of a climb Ben well done to you all I'd struggle to getup there at the moment. Treguf wasbad enough last week  Mal J

Newcomers Ride - 20.05.17.

Newcomer to cycling or just getting back into it after a layoff?

Not sure if you have the speed or fitness for our Sunday club runs?

This is a session aimed at you!

Come along for an easy paced ride as well as coaching on group riding. Build your fitness with the aim of joining our mid-week and regular Sunday rides.

All new riders welcome, men, ladies and juniors (14-17) (Parental consent required or accompanied by a parent)

The first ride will start from Physique gym, Brackla CF31 2LL at 1:00pm Saturday 20th May

Cycle down to Bridgend Industrial estate for a short coacing session on group riding and to assess ability. Followed by a ride of around 90 minutes.

I intend running these session once a month over the summer with the aim of encouraging new riders to join the club and our club runs.

You do not need to be a club member to come on these runs. (applies to 3 rides for insurance purposes)

For further information contact Andy Harries

acharries@aol.com  txt 07504436270

Please bring your bike in good working order and whilst I am happy to help change a puncture you will need to bring your own inner tubes or means to repair a puncture.

Helmets are compulsory as there is a coaching component that requires it. Andy H

Well done Andy with the pace of the Amblers at the moment this is just what is needed a know 1 or 2 of the Brackla harriers ladies are thinking of doing their first tristhalon so this would be ideal I'll pass it on  Mal J

Great initiative Andy. Go easy on Mal though, a few laps of the industrial estate might be a bit much for him! ;D. Mark P

I've got a friend from Brackla harriers coming along on Saturday so I'll be there with her Andy  MaI've got a friend from Brackla harriers coming along on Saturday so I'll be there with her Andy Mal J

Great, see you there. Forecast looks decent! Andy H

Nice little amble today and the rain stayed away. Good enjoyable ride that all enjoyed. Nigel W

Two new riders out today Andrea and Adrian. Both very capable and comfortable riding in a group. Hope to see you both out on Sunday or mid-week club runs.

Thanks to Nigel and Mal for coming along and helping out.

Ride just under 40km in windy but dry weather

Treoes,  Llangan, Brynna, Pontyclun, Llanharry, City and Graig Penllyn. Andy H