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2016 - Club Ride Reports and News

Pacers - 3rd January 2016

Six riders out, all surprised to find others riders out!

Was wet and windy as forecast, water up to the cranks at times but good ride and decent pace!

Note to self 'avoid Park slip and New Rd, in the rain'. Andy H

It was, without question the wettest ride I've ever been on, with water regularly over the rims and sometimes over the bottom bracket.  Nevertheless, it did not slow us down with John, Haydn and Andy 'The Animal' Harries more than happy to share the pace.  A welcome stop at Cafe Velo and then I struggled all the more, even dropping my bottle at one point to slow us down.  57miles at 18+mph, memorable! Steven M

Amblers  - 3rd January 2016

I think you made the right decision today Tom. The four brave (mad) souls who set out on the Amblers' ride were drenched within 5 minutes of leaving Brackla. In fact we were so wet at one stage that when we had to carry our bikes through a foot of water on funnily enough Water Street it made no difference to our condition. However, despite the gloom and rain it was a surprisingly enjoyable ride taken at a steady pace. We stopped off at the Broomwagon in Porthcawl for tea and cake and had to change the route towards the end of the ride due to increasing flood waters near the Dipping Bridge, which had been dry 3 hours earlier. The distance today was 44 miles at an easy ambling pace of 15 mph average. Out today were:  Chris Reed, Craig, Andy's Dodgy Knees, Mark P

I'm away for the next two Sunday's so I'd be grateful if one of the old sweats could suggest a route. I'll be back out on the 24th of January. See you then Mark P

Amblers  - 10th January 2016

Just 3 of us at this morning, Mal, Chris Reed and me. I think we made the right decision heading west just got caught in some light rain both ways around Margam, Port Talbot and Baglan. Headed out to SA1 as planned but had to take a detour around Cimla due to a sink hole in the road which was disappointing as we didn't get to do the Cimla climb,  ;D. So through Briton Ferry to Neath and through Skewn and Llansamlet down to SA1. Good coffee stop at Starbucks in the Village Hotel but was a bit pricey and Chris was surprised at the £4-10 for his medium latte. Home along Fabian Way, Harbour Way and on to Bridgend.

Good winter miles for all today, 53 miles for me at 16mph. Richard Bowmer

54 for me Richard thanks for the company Mal J

Pacers  - 10th January 2016

Cold, bit wet and hilly ride this morning.

Seven riders out, Paul, Greg, TS Steve, Rich Jones, Dave W, myself and a cameo appearance from Haydn, who peeled off after Gilfach Goch!

Ride was a little bit stop/start today, we lost Paul after Penrhys, (found again) and Dave punctured going up the Bwlch and down Llangeinor. Everybody agreed that we'd done enough miles by the time we reached Aberkenfig and headed home.

Note to self: must get warmer overshoes, the combination of the wet and cold made things a bit uncomfortable today. Andy H

Well impressed to find everyone cycling halfway up Penrhys looking for me after my detour! Big thanks to everyone out today. Paul N

Pacers - 17th January 2016

Four of us set off from Brackla, this morning, at a brisk pace in cold, damp conditions! Out today were Haydn, Terry, Greg and myself. We headed out with a loop of the coast road, then headed down New Inn Road and on to Porthcawl, the four of us sharing the work and keeping the pace up until Terry punctured on Water St. Tyre went with a bang and turned out to be damaged, Haydn fashioning  a 'tyre boot' from a gel wrapper. Terry decided to make his way back home (assume you made it safely Terry).

Three of us cracked on at a pace for a coffee stop at Cresci's cafe in Skewen, excellent old fashioned cafe and good value! Especially as Haydn paid.   ;D

Pace was up to 20mph ave by the time we reached Bonymaen, where unfortunately I managed to snap a gear cable, rear mech stuck in the small cog meant an interesting ride home.  :(

Unfortunately things got worse when my cassette worked loose as  we were going along Fabian Way and seized up! Couldn't get a cassette tool in Halfords so had to limp home, stopping to hand tighten it every few miles. Big thanks to Haydn and Greg for hanging around for me and putting in extra miles going to Halfords.  :-[ Andy H

We all worked well together before the mishaps! Haydn L

Hi guys, thanks for your help today. Rode home slowly and no other mishaps .. well, for me at least. Reading the report I don't feel so singled out now  :P Terry A

Sounds like you had a mare this weekend. I think it's must be the time of year. After last weeks ride I had to change my front mech, stop my back brake seizing on, my free hub has decided to start screeching, and the rims like to collect water (thanks Mavic just what you need when it's chucking it down extra weight in the rims of your wheels!). How many blowouts have we had on club runs recently! Should be able to make next week. Just serviced the cyclocross, new bar tape then it's ready for snow! Paul N

Yes loads of blow-outs = most seem to be on Conti GP's?  A side wall issue? Steve C

25’ers - 17th January 2016

Just newbe Nick out today, we followed the Amblers to Llantwit then headed home, no Coffee stop, too cold, the weather not the coffee! Ron B

Amblers  - 17th January 2016

7 amblers ( Pacer chasers  :D ) started out. Coastal route to Southerndown, Llantwit Major ( Ron and new chap pealed off ) around the camp at St Athan, Rhoose around the airport then back along the main road to Llantwit for a coffee stop at café Velo. Well deserved after a chain gang effort all the way back from Rhoose to Llantwit. Definitely required to catch Malcolm after his break away.  :o

Out today were  Tony, Chris, Richard, Ron, Malcolm, Andy, and one new chap. sorry didn't catch your name.

Just over 50 miles for me and a good pace. Considering the damp misty conditions, it turned out to be an enjoyable ride. Tony M

Good ride Tony I only pressed on to llantwit because I thought I'd be dropped and I could smell the coffee - and thanks for that Tony my shout next week  Mal J

Little bit too much for me today after the Christmas colds, Nick is the missing link, he came back with me, his father was in PTW in the 70/80's, did TT's. Tom, just the rest of Wales to Tarmac now. Ron B

Hi, new chap here 😀 Thanks for the ride today guys, really enjoyed it and will definitely be back for more. Just hope I can stick with the pace a little longer next time and build from there. My Dad is called Colin Langley, some of the 'less young' chaps might have known him back in the day. Hopefully see you again next week Nick L

Midweek - 07.01.16

Tony,Terry Mal and I met up this morning and set off on the usual route but anti-clockwise for a change.I suggested a café stop at Costa in Cowbridge but Tony was loath to forego his toast in Llantwit so we split into 2 pairs passing in opposite directions a bit later as we went round the camp!Mal was disappointed with my performance on the brackla Harriers quiz questions he brought along but still bought the coffees.We avoided the worst of the flooded lanes and got back without mishap! Tom B

Amblers  - 31st  January 2016

A tough but surprisingly enjoyable ride today. No doubt due to the grim weather forecast and Australian Open Tennis final the turnout was less than usual. It wasn't really an 'Amble' today but a mixed Pacers/Amblers rehearsal for next week's Reliability Ride. The target was to complete the lumpy 50 mile route in 3 hours, (plus or minus 10 minutes), which we achieved. Although the rain held off today it was very murky, and the wind ranged from brisk during the first hour to a tree bending 45mph by the end of the ride. Luckily we had Paul Nicholas with us and he was happy (and strong enough) to sit on the front for mile after mile, a bit like a slimmed down Ian Stannard.

By the time we reached the official finish at Hannah's Diner we had covered the distance in around 2 hours 54 at an average speed of approximately 17.4 mph. That included a couple of short stops and the usual traffic lights. By easing up on the throttle slightly I think most of the Amblers group can achieve 3 hours next weekend. Out today were:  Steven, Andy H, Terry, Tony, Paul, - Guest rider, Nick Langley - Newbie - rode very strongly for one lap, Paul Nicholas, Mark P

I only just made the time. Big thanks to Andy for dragging me through the wind Tony M

Massive thanks to everyone today, think each one of you took a go at helping drag me back at some point! Safe to say I think I'll go for the 3.5 hours next week. Well done to you all for hitting the time Nick L

There's also a 4 hour option Nick!!I was surprised the Amblers selected the fastest possible! Tom B

The Amblers left me for dead on Primrose Hill !  Very able to complete the course inside 3 hrs…

PS Paul Nicholas is flying - we need to get him some races to ride.. Steven M

25’ers - 24th  January 2016

Roy H and Ross out today, nice pace along to the Velo, never seen so many outside the Café. lots of riders out practising for a charity ride. They had already been served so not too much of a panic. Back along the usual route weather very good. Ron B

Amblers  - 24th  January 2016

A good turnout for today's flat(ish) amble out to Aberavon Beach and back. Nine riders left Brackla although we were quickly joined by Toestrap Steve and Keith on the Tandem and Mal who met up with us on the road to Laleston. Our group included Sgt Major Harpo, so a flat route and Harpo's presence helped to gee the pace along just a tad. After riding around Porthcawl Seafront we headed out to the A48 and then had a real blast down Harbour Way to Aberavon Beach. We then eased off the gas before more of the same back down the carriageway. We took to the lanes after Margam for a steady ride to coffee at Parc Slip Nature Reserve before heading for home.

As it was dry and mild, and it was a fairly short ride we decided to head home across the Common via Heol-y-cyw. As ever, the Common gets everyone's blood up and we picked up the pace over this stretch. We enjoyed it even more when we overtook a 4 strong group from Forza who weren't hanging around themselves. Needless to say it made Harpo's day! ;D. Overall we covered 47 miles at an average speed of 17.4 mph. Not bad for an amble. An honourable mention to Tom who managed to hang on to the group despite riding his Massey Ferguson monster. Out today were:   Chris Reed, Harpo, Tom, Tony, Terry, Lee, Mal, Rich B, Paul Jenkins - Guest from Bush Health Care, Toestrap Steve, Keith, Mark P

Next week's amble will be a dry run for RR1. See you there. Mark P

Good ride and good report Mark.I won't be stopping for any comfort breaks if the quid pro quo is Harpo forcing me to sit on his wheel back to the group!Reminded me of my Time Trialling days! Tom B

Lovely outing on the bicycle made for two with Keith - (aside from my hand on the ground at Porthcawl and a bit of gear-shipping at Tythegston steps). Flat route (thanks Mark) made easy work for the tandem although the stop-start pace a bit tricky on a big machine that is no easier to re-start than a blast furnace!

Come on Dave W and Harpo - lets be havin' y'out on'tandem Steve C

Pacers - 14th February 2016

Paul, Mark, Harpo, Greg, Dave, TS Steve, Rich Jones and Steven.

Off into the headwind to Ponty sharing the work into the wind. TS turned back ( get that chain fixed!). On to Radyr, Culverhouse, Rhoose, where the ride was deneutralised to let everyone thrash each other on the ride to Cafe Velo where we met the Amblers who had kept the seats warm.  Easier ride back from the cafe.  59 miles.  Let's hope the wind is blowing in the opposite direction for RR2! Steven M

25’ers - 14th February 2016

Weather not to cold and DRY!!! yes dry roads and we had a glimpse of the sun on the coast. Andy Storey, Tom, Roy 1 and Ron out today. Pencoed , Miskin, A48, Bonvilston then on to the Velo for a change, then back along the coast. Should we change our group to the 26er's, nice pace today. Just one note about young Toms bike, your rear changer inner cable is very close to your chain, could slow you down if it catches between the block and the chain, nothing too technical Tom just bend it out. Lots of other groups out today must be the weather. Ron B

Amblers  - 14th February 2016

A surprisingly dry, sunny and pleasant day for a ride, as long as you didn't hang around in the chilly NE wind. There were 10 Amblers out this morning, 8 on the start line in Brackla, with Nick and Mal joining us just before the Common. We did a loop around the Vale, taking in Brynna, Talbot Green, Miskin and Pendoylan before hitting the cheeky little climb up from Gwern-y-Steeple to the A48 at Sycamore Cross. After a real scoot down Green Dragon Lane to Aberthaw we headed to Llantwit Major via St Athan for coffee and cake at Cafe Velo, where we met up with Ron's 25ers and the 'Men in Black', aka the Pacers. After the coffee stop we enjoyed the assistance of a tailwind back through the Lanes to St Brides before finishing around the Coast and into a tough headwind to Ewenny.

Today's ride was 46 miles from Brackla to Brackla, and depending on your GPS of choice we averaged around 17mph. Out today were:  Rich Bowler, Nick Langley, Mal, Terry, Tony M, Lee S, Neil BB Bartlett, Chris R, Roy 2, Mark P

Next week there is no Ambler's ride due to RR2. See you there. Mark P

Great ride today, great to get out in some decent weather. And thanks all for the tow round. Richard Bowmer

25’ers - 7th February 2016

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Amblers  - 7th February 2016

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Pacers  - 7th February 2016

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25’ers - 28th February 2016

No Ron today but the return of Neil Poulton on his first ride since October,did the normal mid-week ride with a cuppa at cafe velo. RoyH

Amblers  - 28th February 2016

A decent turnout today in great Winter conditions, albeit with a brisk Easterly breeze to make us do some work! There were 12 Amblers out today and we mostly managed to stay together. The ride took in the route of RR3, to give the Amblers the chance to decide on which time they'll try for next week. We had a coffee stop at a packed Cafe Velo, where we also met up with Carrie and Tom, and were caught up with by Terry and Andy Samuels who had bagged a few extra miles before chasing us down. A great effort by those two but perhaps a push too far for for Andy who we left slumped in a chair with the glazed eyed look of a punch drunk boxer! After Cafe Velo the group split to take alternative routes home, with 5 of us carrying on to complete the majority of RR3. Out today were:   Andy's dodgy knees, Mal, Terry, Tony M, Lee S, Andy Storrie, Dave Short - Guest, Chris Reed, Rich Bowmer, Nick Langley, Mark P, Roy 2,

Hopefully next week's Reliability Ride will be as Sunny and dry. MarkP

Taxi from Llantwit Major to Pentyrch please!        Thanks Terry for one hell of a beating              I struggled home,just about OK now         :-\

Next time I go on holiday need to take the bike,seems like 3 weeks between rides is inadvisable! Andy S

Fair play Andy, you did do the first 50+ miles at 17.5mph. That's shifting for a dodgy Ambler ;) Mark P

Yes Andy  you looked pretty good when I saw you and Terry in the lanes.

I guessed your eta at Café Velo pretty accurately Mark-sorry I didn't hang around but I'd come out in the opposite direction so as not too miss you-too nice a day not to carry on round the coast.3 hours and a bit for me but no idea how far or how fast-who cares!! Tom B

Managed 16 mph for 50 mls but completely knackered for the rest of the day so I'll be doing the 4 hr option next week  Mal J

Pacers - 28th February 2016

Today's 'Magnificent Seven' were;Haydn, Mark, Chris G, Allan, Dave W, Paul and me.  Off via Port Talbot (new road) Baglan, Resolven, Aberdare ( Coffee stop with a Macciato for Allan), Abercynon, Ponty and then a burn up to finish.  71miles at 18.4mph.

Not hanging around… Steven M

Good ride today, nice to see Allan and Chris out. Paul N

...just some hanging on. Great ride today - a badly needed workout for me had me teetering on the edge for a few sections. Coffee break essential - delighted to have helped extend the barista's repertoire as well. With his hipster beard it would have been more expected for Mark to have requested an exotic coffee.

Strong riding all round today - Paul's looking proper race-fit. Allan W

Was nice to be given guest of honour status!!!! Got to choose the route  :) Chris G

25’ers - 13th March 2016

Nice conditions for todays ride, sorry I could not post earlier, did not arrive home until 1 AM. Lucky no one turned up I think my mother would have been quicker. Good weather all week so I should get a few rides in. Ron B

Amblers  - 27th  March 2016 (&Pacers)

Well the weather turned out much better than forecast and this morning's intrepid Ambler's hardly saw any rain throughout the ride. Due to a combination of post Majorca lethargy, Easter Holiday laziness and the trauma of the clock's springing forward an hour, the small group of less than hardy souls who pitched up this morning did a very abbreviated version of the planned ride.  Four Amblers' set off from Brackla together with three Pacers to head off around the Coast and out towards Llantwit Major. A brisk South Westerly breeze helped us around Ogmore  and to St Brides where the two small groups split, with the Amblers deciding to do an easy jaunt to St Athan and back via coffee and toasted fruit loaf at Cafe Velo. The pace was a relatively sedate 16mph today, except for a bit of a sprint by Tony Mansell as the smell of toasted fruit loaf reached his nostrils about a mile from the Cafe.

The route home took in the lanes and the Coast Road once more and all was going swimmingly until I punctured quite appropriately outside the old Blind School in Southerndown where I proceeded to give a lesson in how not to repair a puncture quickly and efficiently at the roadside. However, 30 minutes, 3 inner tubes, 2 gas canisters and 3 different pumps later we were back on our merry way. Thanks to Tony (technical support), Tom (just passing by on his tractor and carrying a track pump) and Nick (sense of humour). Note to self, carry glasses, pump and change spare inner tubes at least one every decade! Still, overall a very pleasant ride that actually lived up (or down) to the ride name and was an old fashioned amble. Ambling around a small portion of the Vale today were:  

Tony Mansell, Nick Langley, Wayne Evans - Great to see you back buddy, Mark P,

The Pacers out with us for a while were:

Steven M, Mark R, Gregg B,

Next week, longer and higher ( but obviously still with a coffee stop) Mark P

Turned out to be a very enjoyable ride. Nice to be relaxed and social, oh and bonus points for early return. Tony M

I can tell you the Amblers have to be in real trouble if they turn to me for breakdown assistance! Tom B

Sounds  an interesting ride you need a sense of humour when out with the amblers  Mal J

25’ers - 20th  March 2016

Joined Andy S and Andy "DK" for a ride down the Vale, now there's a change, they were a little too quick for me so we parted company at the College. Nice weather if a little cold, passed Steve C on the way back so it must be summer? Ron B

25’ers - 3rd April 2016

Just Richard and I out today, Ogmore by sea, Llantwit, around St T, around Rhoose and back to the Cafe. Back along the coast. Nice ride at a decent pace. Ron B

Amblers  - 3rd April 2016

A slightly shorter ride than originally planed today at around 47 miles. Despite a very small group of 3 riders leaving Brackla, we were joined on route by 4 more Amblers, including new dad Craig who understandably hasn't been out for 6 months or so. The seven of us headed to Coity and across the Common to Brynna with a very strong looking Andy Storrie doing big turns on the front, initially ably assisted by Chris Reed doing his Belgian hard man impression in shorts and a short sleeved jersey. Unfortunately by the time we reached Pontyclun Chris was starting to look like a Woolly Mammoth that had spent 100,000 years under the ice at the North Pole and sensibly headed for home at Llanharry. After Chris's departure I think we were followed by a particularly determined Japanese sniper, as every time I looked behind we had lost another rider!

After leaving Cowbridge we put the after burners on  (well if a Ford Anglia had after burners), and overtook a possee of even older, balder, fatter cyclists on the climb to the Llantwit Road. Once on the flat we flew along the road from Llantwit to St Brides. I even managed a PB for that stretch, despite stopping to regroup at Wick and then hitting the lights a little further on. I think this may suggest I don't try hard enough! Andy Storrie managed an 11 minute segment for the same stretch which bodes well for this TT season. After Ewenny we headed out to Porthcawl and a coffee at the Broomwagon, although we did have another incident on route when the Japanese sniper, now driving a flat bed lorry tried to run Tom off the road. Once at the Broomwagon, the surviving Ambler's decided to cut the ride slightly short to head home for the usual Sunday chores. We stayed dry throughout and even saw the Sun once but that was over Cowbridge, which is owned by the Tories, and they've probably got the sunshine on a meter! All in all a good morning's ride. Mark P

Great report Mark and a good ride too.Hopefully be a bit warmer in a few weeks when I'm next out on a Sunday. Tom B

Where were the trophy twins then?? Haydn L

Tony's skiing but I'm not sure where Terry was. He had planned to ride with the Pacers. Out with the Amblers were:  Tom, Mal, Andy Storrie, Craig, Chris Reed, Roy Richards, Mark P

As Mark says - 50% of the Twins are on hols ... and the other 50% got up too early and then fell asleep in their computer chair and woke at 9.15 !!

My penance was 2 hours on the turbo as it was picking with rain and just didn't fancy going out. Longest 2 hours of my life !! Terry A

Good to be back on the road again yesterday, same old friendly faces! ;D

Suffered on the hills & seemed to have my whole years allocation of punctures, getting through 3 inner tubes!

I know I owe Chris Reed 1 tube...cant recall who else contributed to a tube to keep me going? Craig M

Pacers  - 3rd April 2016

Good to get out on the club run today, after a couple of weeks out of the saddle.

Four of us left Brackla, Paul, Haydn, Dave W and myself, aiming to meet Chris and Jason at Castell Mynach pub. My slight trepidation at a lack of fitness proved to be 'founded' as the pace was pretty hot at the start. We bumped into Paul Jenkins in Llanharan and he joined us for the ride. Pace settled slightly after joining up with Chris and Jason and we made decent progress through Cardiff, out onto the flats and through Newport. Welcome coffee stop in Machen before the last leg home. Rest didn't do me much good and I was struggling by the time we got to 'power station' hill and after 3 hours of hanging on grimly, I let the elastic go in Llantrisant. Started to cramp and just coasted home.  :-[

Everybody looked in good form and great to see Jason on the mend!  :) Andy H

It was good to get out for a group ride today, thanks everyone. Jason T

Midweek - 22.01.16

5 optimists at B&Q at 10.30(Paul L, Mark B, Terry &Tony plus me).Optimism vindicated as weather got better and better-I'd like to say the same about my riding but the others will probably be reading this! Met Mal and Carrie at Café Velo where Harpo was holding court(but like Carrie not cycling today).

Another day where the BBC got it right!   Tom B

Midweek - 02.02.16

We must be getting close to Mallorca-7 Balearic bound Oggies out this morning obviously in serious training now!-Mal,Mark P,Terry,Lee,Neil,Carrie&me.Normal route-at times as sunny as Mallorca but at no point was it as warm!

I can't get out this Friday-there may be others who can and will post here.

I am hoping to get out on Thursday morning if anyone else fancies a spin.  Tom B

Midweek - 05.02.16

Mark B, Tony M & myself off at 9.45 from B&Q on an amended (highly controversial stuff) mid week route to avoid the muck & potholes of the standard route. Enjoyable ride at a fair pace & joined in Cafe Velo by BB Bartle. Detour on return (to avoid a diesel spill in St Brides) which turned out to be exceptionally mucky. Still, no mishaps and a nice ride in the mild & dry - mostly.  Terry A

25’ers - 21st February 2016

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Amblers  - 21st  February 2016

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Pacers  - 21st February 2016

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Midweek - 23.02.16

Lots of signs of Spring today-plenty of daffs, the council mowing the grass but most reliably the first appearance on a mid-week ride this year of Steve 'sciatica' Chapman! If Steve's out the weather must be improving! He joined Mal, Lee Carrie and me. Everyone (else)  seems to be riding very strongly, I'm a bit worried about what may happen in Mallorca!

We're monitoring the weather for later in the week.  Tom B

Midweek - 26.02.16

Thanks to Carrie for her company on my trek into Cardiff today. One of us spent 20 minutes or so drinking coffee laced with rum and eating biscuits in Spillers Records whilst the other dedicated athlete got a few extra miles in before we rode back. I won't embarrass anyone by identifying the less committed cyclist.

We met Paul Longthorne on the way back getting in some serious pre-Mallorca miles. Tom B

25’ers - 6th March 2016

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Amblers  - 6th March 2016

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Pacers  - 6th March 2016

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Midweek - 03.03.16

Big turn out today-I think the weather rather than my birthday was the draw! Carrie,Mal,Neil,Steve C Paul and Terry as well as myself. We followed Carrie's suggestion, not a long ride but a few hills! We stopped at the posh(for us) Llanerch Vineyard-they let us in no problem!. Thanks to Mal for the coffee and to Steve for the cake! We made our way back to Aberthin after which  we gradually split up depending on what time people needed to get back(or in one case how much cake they'd eaten!)

I can't get out tomorrow but back to normal next week.  Tom B

Good ride today - nice to do an amended route (thanks Carrie) and good riding from the Birthday Boy. Tom - you are going to fly once you change from that beast of a bike of yours !Terry A

Midweek - 08.03.16

3 stalwarts out this morning-Mark, Paul & me. We did a reasonable pace but Paul showed again he's the Jason Kenney of the OVW, we don't see him for months then when the big day comes(Mallorca)he's riding at his best again.-Sorry we got split up around the Coast though Paul-Mark and I waited but assumed you'd gone Death Valley-hope you didn't have a mechanical. Mark was going to drive back that way just in case.

We had a dry ride till Llantwit then drizzle. Let's hope Cardiff v Leeds tonight is as enjoyable. Tom B

A good ride today, thanks Tom. Unfortunately Paul punctured near the Pelican Pub on the way back to Ewenny, which is why we didn't see him again. He got home Ok though. See you Sunday. Mark P

25’ers - 10th April 2016

Just me and Neil out today, where is everyone? Bit of the Tuesday ride, slightly longer through Hensol woods then down to Cowbridge for coffee, back through the lanes to finish. Ron B

Pacers - 10th April 2016

Rhosilli route saved for a better day!

Think 11 started this morning, mixture of Amblers and Pacers

3 Andys, Haydn, Lee, Greg, Dave W, Steve C, Terry, Tony and Mal.

We set off around the coast road and what an effort that was. I think today was the windiest day I've had out on the bike. Haydn setting the pace, rest of us suffering! Did settle down as we shared the work a bit out to Llantwit. Mal peeled off here, the rest off headed around St Athan and the airport. Group split here with six continuing to Duffryn for coffee then back home via PSE and St Fagans. Haydn turned it into a smashfest picking up KOMs as he went.

Good day out despite the wind and suffering! Andy H

25’ers - 17th  April 2016

Just Neil P, Alan, and myself out today, fantastic weather. Tried out the new path from Coychurch to Pencoed. H-Y-C, Bryn M then up the Ogmore cycle path over llan G and then a coffee in the sunshine at Garw Park. Very 25ish ride. Ron B

Amblers  - 17th  April 2016

11 Riders set off for Swansea. Sarn, Parkslip, Briton Ferry, Fabian Way to café stop on the water front. Steady pace both ways.

Out today were-   Tony, Andy x 2, Steve, Neil, Malcom, Chris, Lee, Richard, and new guys

Mat and James. I hope to see you again! Tony M

Thought we would be like a rudderless boat without our  leader but tony stepped up to the mark ( no pun intended)  and kept us together until it was hide and seek at the marina well done Tony Mal J

All cats safely returned to base! ;) Tony M

Pacers  - 17th  April 2016

Seven out for a Pacers hilly one. Dave, Steve C, Greg, Allan,Terry, Carl, (guest/new member?) and myself.

Fantastic day to be out on the bike, cool on the descents and in the shade but lovely in the sunshine.

Allan, in fine form set a good pace up Heol Spencer and to the base of the Bwlch. I was soon shelled out the back, being more handicapped than usual, thank you to Terry and Steve for the tow and in Steve's case the 'helping hand' up the Bwlch!

After climbing and descending the Rhigos I decided to head for home and the group split. Dave, Greg and Carl heading on to Devil's Elbow whilst the time challenged, injured and the 'muppet' wearing trainers decided to hit Aberdare for coffee and head home.

58 miles @ 17mph, not bad in trainers and a top 10 on strava   :-[ :- 8) :-[

ps In my defence I WAS meant to be running Llanelli marathon today!

pps Don't tell Chris Goodwin, as he gets to award the 'The Trophy' at the club dinner. Andy H

Great ride today - thanks for the company. Good blast on the way back from Aberdare, and for once the traffic lights were with us through Church Village. No sign of tan lines yet though  :( Allan W

Amblers  - 1st May 2016

There was a relatively small turnout at Physiques this morning, so we decided to ride the planned Ambler's route as one group. This made for an interesting introduction to club rides for newbie Steve, who has been riding for all of a fortnight and had hoped for a sedate 'coffee and cake' ride with the 25ers around the Vale.  However, he seemed to enjoy the experience, albeit clinging on for dear life up to Bettws and up and over Llangeinor Mountain. Our numbers were swelled by Tom's posse who ambushed us just before the Common and the Club desperado Harpo who joined us near Bettws, although we heard him a long time before we saw him!

At one time today we were up to 14 riders, not bad considering the grim forecast. However, the weather was quite kind to us and we had an enjoyable, mostly dry and wind free sprightly amble. We mostly stuck to the planned route and did just under 55 miles at around 16.3 mph average speed, with around 900 metres of climbing Out today were:

Mark R, Tom, Mal, Dean (Newbie), Steve (really, really newbie), Lee, Steve (I need a cwtch ) Chapman, Terry, Chris R, Paul (Bush Health Care), Harpo (No Health Care), Gregg, Mark P, Bugger - Forgotten One!!

Next week a jolly boy's outing to Caerphilly Mountain via the 'Black Route'. Be afraid!  :O Mark P

Thanks to all for my first club ride today. Hope I didn't slow you up too much.     Coffe and cake would have been appreciated!    If anyone is going near Blackmill could they possibly return my lungs to me! Steve H

Steve - Glad you managed to get out on a club run, albeit not quite what you were expecting. Teresa D

Thanks Teresa, really enjoyed. Need new legs! :) Steve H

Thanks for a good ride Mark-beat most of the rain! Steve-it'll get easier,and less hilly! Tom B

25’ers - 8th May 2016

Just Neil and myself out today, Miskin, up through the woods to St D's, Cowbridge, Colwinston and home, Neil had a puncture at the High Corner, so a little delayed at getting to the café. We will start doing some hills next week. Ron B

Amblers  - 8th May 2016

An enjoyable ride today in almost perfect weather ( a cheeky old breeze on the way out just tipped the scales away from perfect). 10 Ambler's set off at the relaxed time of 0900 to head out to Caerphilly Mountain via Wick and Llantwit Major where we were joined by Roy 2 fresh from his secret one man training camp in Majorca. After Radyr and Towngwynlais we took the scenic route up the mountain past Castell Coch (excuse my dodgy spelling - too much time spent over the Bridge) and up the Forest Road to the mountain cafe, which unsurprisingly was packed with people auditioning for the next edition of 'Fat Club'. After a speedy descent where Lee overtook some surprised looking chap on a 1000cc Honda, we headed home via Groes Faen , Talbot Green and Llanharan. We also tried out the new cycle path between Pencoed and Coychurch (nice and smooth) before heading back to Brackla.

I had a Strava faff today but I think we did around 54 miles at around 16.5 mph, with around 1000 mtrs of climbing. There were some strong turns on the front by newbie Carl and Lee who definitely looks ready to kick the Tumble's backside in a couple of week's time.

Out today were:    Tom, Terry, Tony, Carl, Lee, Mal, Neil, Chris R, Roy 2, Jonathan Spinks, Mark P

Yes thanks for organising today Mark, I'm glad I ignored my legs and came out! Tom B

Good route Mark hanging on the back but enjoyed it nice route up the mt  but really ARD Mal J

Pacers  - 8th May 2016

Has anyone got Gregs number to see how he is? Jason T

Im ok thanks nothing broken apart from my handlebar! My hip and ribs are hurting though, going to be awkward getting into bed tonight! Im gutted though as i usually take 6 weeks to recover from rib injuries in the past. Greg B

Glad it's nothing more serious, at least you'll have the summer to ride if all heals Ok. Jason T

Good to hear your OK(ish!) Greg Andy S

firstly glad your OK Greg...Many thanks to all today you got me through my first OVW ride and first ton up ride of the year. Well done to the guys on front.Hope I didnt slow you down too much. Had a puncture at the 100 mile point first in a long time!!!

Great ride relaxing in the garden with a beer now. See you Friday. :) Nige

Well done Nigel good riding. Glad you're not too badly injured Greg, I thought you did well to correct yourself after the slide on the manhole cover but it just positioned you badly for the corner. Gutted.

I had to turn off with Mark at Caerphilly as I was feeling a bit weird, as Mark pointed out even though I thought a Cliff Bar, Protein Flapjack, and a Gel constituted eating a load of food it's not really enough when you're riding 100 miles. After stuffing a costa cookie in my face and a bit of a delirious moment on the climb up to the bypass I felt almost human again. Rucksack full of bacon sandwiches for me in 2 weeks time, and hopefully the wind will get behind us at some point!

Thanks for organising Andy Paul N

Good ride today guys, well done. I'm glad to hear Gregg's OK and more importantly so is his bike!! ;D Mark P

Eight left Brackla, picking up 3 more on the way to Cardiff. Dave W double punctured before we go to Llandaff and decided it wasn't his day and went home. Steven left us soon after as he was time constrained, thanks for setting the pace. The good pace was maintained out to Cardiff flats with Jason and Paul N sitting on the front, making it look easy. Turned off after the docks for the fateful climb and decent of the Coldra. ( Glad to hear you're Ok Greg, take your time with the recovery )

Through Caerleon and the lovely part of the route up to Usk and Abergavenny. Enjoyed riding this as a compact group and would have been even even better if the sun had showed it's face.  8)

Stopped in Abergavenny to refuel, I may have been short on calories like you Paul. Had plenty of gels but maybe not enough for the effort we were making.

As soon as we hit the Tumble I realized my legs were shot and it made a tough climb even harder. Got up it eventually but decided to knock the 'British' on the head. Too much effort and not enough time.

3 of us also 'sacked' Caerphilly mountain, I won't name and shame except to say Andy Samuels looked remarkably fresh and I felt like sending him back!

Nigel punctured just as we hit the 100 mile mark, ( boy was I glad of a rest ) before we made it safely back to Pencoed/Brackla.

107 miles in just over 6 hours

Tired and in need of an ice bath!

p.s. well done Nigel looked perfectly at home in the Pacers! Andy H

25’ers - 15th May 2016

Nice weather and  a different route which was also nice. Three for company today "breakaway" Neil, Steve H for his first ride or experience as we prefer to call it and Alan Van Impe. Alan just loved the hills which there were about 25. We ended up in Parc Slip for a cuppa, as with all new routes had to do a few diversions but we got there in the end. Met some riders on route who were practicing with saddle bags for a trip to the Pyrenees. One of the riders had a set of wheels built by Alan Marks a while ago!! "being polite for once", so he may come up to club one night and bring the wheels All in all  nice morning out. Ron B

Thoroughly enjoyed. Looking forward to next weeks adventure! Steve H

Nice ride but less hills next week please Ron Alan B

Amblers  - 15th May 2016

Eleven Ambler's left Brackla this morning on what was 'officially' a perfect day for a bike ride. We headed out to Pencoed via Coychurch before crossing the Common and then heading up to Black mill and climbing over Llangeinor from the easy (ish) side. We then climbed up over Bettws and up to Maesteg to head up over the Bryn and a lovely descent to the Afan Valley. We were all impressed with Tom's new super light carbon Colnago (in club colours) but perplexed to see Tom actually changing gear for the first time in nearly a year. In fact rumours are circulating that he used the little ring when climbing the Bryn, which we suspect he did to save his lovely new bike not his own legs!

After a short leg up the Afan Valley we turned West at Pontrydyfen and enjoyed the cheeky little lumps that rear up on the road to Cimla. After a nice descent to Neath and Briton Ferry Andy Storrie came to the front and our average speed picked up just a tad! We took a quieter 'longcut' on the way back and gave it a bit of stick on the new road past Ta Ta Steel where we dragged our average speed up from Zimmer Frame to Ferrari like speeds. We mostly kept this up all the way to Porthcawl where we rewarded ourselves to coffee and cake, but sadly didn't catch up with mine host Paul Longhorn who is apparently away for the weekend chatting to his accountant in the Cayman Islands.

After coffee we headed home via 3 Steps Hill and Laleston. All told we did around 56 miles with just under 1000 metres of climbing. The average speed was a bit fuzzy depending on whether you were using a reliable Garmin or my dodgy Motorola phone, but I think it was about 16.5mph. Ambling around the various valleys today were:   Tom,Chris Reed, Tony M, Chris Matthews ( Guest), Lee ( climbing like Sherpa Tensing, on oxygen), Nick Langley, Richard B, Roy 2, Jonathan Slinks, Andrew Storrie, Mark P

Excellent ride today thanks Mark-yes I was trying not to mis-treat the bike-it won't last long.

By the way cycling is even less popular in our house now. I was picking the brains of 1 or 2 Amblers as to why we suddenly had no hot water. I had to call out the Gas Engineer who quickly established that all the cycling shoes and helmets placed in the airing cupboard to dry out had dislodged a wire which he reconnected in the 2 minutes he was here-at a call out fee of £50.

Needless to say all cycling paraphernalia has been unceremoniously banished from the airing cupboard sine die

(ps hope it isn't Ta Ta to steel at PT!) Tom B

Thanks to all today ,had a great day today with Marks tours , reminiscent of Majorca  , Tom has finally found the small ring , nice new bike Tom . Chris M

Great ride today guys, and awesome weather...really enjoyed it Nick L

Pacers - 15th May 2016

So six of us set off on Harpos Mystery Tour with Steve stopping for some fettling along the way, we went out via Sarn Services -> Fountain Rd -> Port Talbot -> Neat -> Glyneath -> Penderyn where we headed over the lane and down to Merthyr.

We stopped at Costa for people to admire the bikes except for Hapos, they didn't like it but apparently they really liked Steves Venge.

Off we wen't to Merthyr Vale (where Steves gilet came out of his back pocket and in to the rear cassette), Cilfynydd -> Treforest -> Tonteg where I peeled off and left them to it.

A good ride today and keep that up Nige, you'll just get stronger and stronger in the pacers group.

I expect a proper write up by Harpo later on. Jason T

Thanks all for getting me round.....would have been a bit easier had the front mech not kept dropping me off the big ring on its own and not letting me back on!!!!! adjusted the turn buckle made it a little better but spinning like mad when not on the big ring burnt the legs out a bit. Was OK yesterday so perhaps one of them bumbs moved it a bit.

Thanks Jase.... thats the idea to push myself and the 2 rides ive done with OVW have done that!!!!! Velothon next week hope the weather is same as today Nigel

25’ers - 22nd May 2016

That seaweed was only half an hour out, where can I get it re calibrated? Six riders left Physiques today, Tom thought there must be something else happening, so Jon, Andy, Chris, Tom, Steve and myself headed toward Miskin, Steve and I broke off at Pontyclun to take a slightly shorter and slightly slower ride to the Velo. Surprise surprise only two riders there, back to Tom's theory, did not see one rider on the way back either. Weather was improving during the ride with no rain, how did Chris manage in his Arctic bib tights, you really need to get some seaweed Chris. Ron B

25’ers - 29th May 2016

Just Steve H and I for a ride around the coast, a cuppa at cafe velo then back via cowbridge and the lanes, good ride in fantastic weather. RoyH

Amblers  - 29th May 2016

As Mark was away I took the initiative by saying it was such a nice day I was going over the Bwllch even if no-one else was! Seven riders on 6 bikes set off:

Steve C/Keith,  Steve Chapman,  Lee,  Jonathan,  Terry,  Me

We went through Porthcawl before it got too busy, Terry and Steve Chapman both turned back at the A48 as neither of them were feeling 10%.The rest of us pressed on  up the Afan Valley side of the Bwllch.There were a throng of disappointed cyclists at the top wondering where the ice-cream van had got to. Steve and Keith went straight on down the valley,the remaining 3 of us(including Lee who  also wasn't feeling 100% but persevered!) diverted over Llangeinor and home over the common. Approx 50 miles in approx. 3 hours wasn't too bad for the halt and the lame! Tom B

Various cycling fashions on display yesterday: Harpo's disco shoes, Terry's Mailot Jaune, Steve's 'complete Rapha' (might want to check your insurance cover?) and Mark's Aussie rules Castelli.

Lovely ride with the tandem over the Bwlch de Ogmore - recommend a try out with Keith for Dave and Harpo sometime soon?

Tom - the Vale high point is St Hilary radio masts at 134m, Wick a mere 100m Steve C

Thanks Sreve-shows how much credibility I should place on whatever my brother tells me! Tom B

Pacers - 29th May 2016

Six set off this morning with the idea to follow Andy's route and enjoy the views of Rhossili ~ Only three were to return.

It was a good pace from the get go with Mark and Harpo being very strong, they set a good pace through Morriston and off we went to the Gower.  At this point Harpo was like a man possessed, despite my shouting (I was far far away) and Mark suggesting they should stop at the pub Harpo was in "Smash It" mode and we had passed the junctions for Rhossilli.... when we finally regrouped we decided to wing it and take a different route and drop down to the Mumbles instead.

It was at the mumbles Harpo managed to breach the staff only fridge and started to pull out some chocolate cake, only for it to be quickly taken back off him (I think most of it ended up down his Rapha Bibshorts and Jersey).

We set off for home still at a good pace and dropped some people as we went through Margam and Stormy, luckily the guys gave me a tow home.

Hopefully everyone made it back Ok.

Good ride today and Harpo forgot to buy everyone ice cream. Jason T

25’ers - 5th June 2016

Just the two of us out today, me and Steve,Llantwit around St A then back to the café and home, 2 hours 30. It was pretty quite because of the D and the "other" event in the City. Next week the Bwlch. Ron B

Thoroughly enjoyed again Ron. Bring on the Bwlch, Gulp! Steve H

Amblers  - 5th June 2016

A really enjoyable ride today in great weather. We had 12 starters out today choosing to amble around the Afan Valley and the Heritage Coast for a distance of just under 50 lumpy miles. The pace was occasionally a tad above the true definition of ambling but with a strong group including a few 'resting' Pacers, everyone seemed to cope.  Following a different route from the Pacers SF detachment (mostly clad cunningly in club colours), we headed to Pencoed and across the Common to Sarn before heading up to Maesteg, where we deviated from our usual route and headed up to Careau via Duffryn and over the top of the valley to Cymmer. It's a long time since we've used this route, so the unexpected (to some) climb before dropping down to Cymmer was emotional!

I'd like to claim the credit for perfect timing, as we hit the Cymmer/Afan Valley Junction just as the dodgiest knees in NATO complete with club colours rode past up the Valley on his way to smashing every Strava segment on the Dragon Ride. He was met with a ragged cheer from his Oggie fan club before we enjoyed a swift descent to Port Talbot, Margam and on to coffee and cake in the Broomwagon in Porthcawl. We also managed to catch sight of Mal on the way down the Valley, as well as the Pacers who were steaming up towards the Bwllch with the aim of giving Andy's dodgy knees a bit of support.

After a short (OK, a leisurely) break we finished the ride by climbing everyone's favourite hill out of Porthcawl and headed home via Laleston. The total distance today was around 49 miles at a smidgin over 17mph.

Out today were:  Andy Storrie, Jon Saunders, Clayton, Terry, Tony, Lee, Rich B, Jonathan Spinks, Reece (newbie - first ride, but,  riding like a potential Pacer), Nige, Chris Reed, Mark P

Next week, longer, flatter and even more coffee and cake! Mark P

In case it's misunderstood, catching Andy's dodgy knees at the junction in Cymmer today was pure luck. If the Officer Corps heard rumours that one of their own could actually read a map and get to the right place at the right time with all the chaps, I would be sacked for unnecessary competence.  :-[ Mark P

Nice to see the yellow oggie train blasting down the Afan valley  I did the 100k dragon route which was plenty for me on a really hot day PS I'd forgotten how long the cimla hill was!!  Mal J

CARL ROACH 24.04.16

No club rides this Sunday due to the Carl Roach event

Midweek - 29.03.16

Much excitement on the mid-week ride this morning as we saw the long-awaited return of Chris Matthews to the mid-week group. Chris joined Mark and myself at B&Q and as expected injected a little extra pace. I had to warn him that Mark preferred to do all the work on the front himself and liked us to sprint past him just before the café after he'd done 5 or 6 uninterrupted miles of pace setting.

Mal joined us in Llantwit, his first outing since Mallorca and a chest infection. Chris paid for the coffees so we're hoping to see a lot more of him!

Tentative plans were laid for a jaunt on Friday-watch this space! Tom B

Midweek - 01.04.16

Good turn-out of 6 of us at B&Q this morning-Mark P,Chris G,Mal Terry and Andy S as well as me.Did usual route,Terry diverted to do a TT along Green Dragon lane and the concrete road(well it used to be)arriving at the Boverton traffic lights simultaneously with us. Met Tony at Café Velo.

A bit disappointed there weren't any April Fool pranks(or any I was aware of!) other than that good ride but we'd all like it to get a bit warmer! Tom B

The April fool was me waiting at the wrong lamp post.

Thanks for coffee Mark Pope. Chris G

No problem about the coffee Chris. However, standing by the wrong lamppost is a serious breach of mid-week club ride etiquette for which the punishment is usually swift and harsh! :-[  The last mid week rider to flout the unwritten lamp post rule is now teaching tennis in a girl's school in Heidelberg (the humiliation never ends......). Mark P

I'm cycling down to Waterton tomorrow to paint the correct lamp post with hi viz paint so there can be no excuses in future  Mal J

Midweek - 05.04.16

6 out this morning but the lamppost discipline has gone to pot! Anyway,Mark P,Roy 2,Steve C Mal,Carrie(somewhat bravely/recklessly wearing shorts)and me. Nice spin but still a bit chilly! C'mon Spring.

I won't be out mid-week now for 2 weeks-Tues 19th -but I'm sure there'll be plenty of mid-week ambles in the meantime! Tom B

Midweek - 19.04.16

This morning saw the reunion of Chris M and Steve C-I felt tired enough anyway without trying to keep up with them battling for the primes! I was hoping Mal's injury would slow him down but no such luck.

We got chatting to a young lad in the café who was asking us about the club as he's from Maesteg but at Uni in Swansea. I said he'd be welcome on a club run but he said it would be difficult for him as he's riding for a team based in Italy and racing on the Continent. Rhys Williams-he rode the Tour of the Reservoirs last weekend and is hoping to race full time from this Summer when he finishes his degree. Sounds like a marrow escape for the Pacers! Tom B

Midweek - 26.04.16

Steve C on his latest shiny new bike joined Mark and me this morning. Usual route, Carrie joined us at Café Velo to show off her impressive plaster-skiing not cycling this time! It might have been a pleasant day weather wise if it wasn't for the perishingly cold wind! At least it wasn't raining I suppose.Tom B

Midweek - 03.05.16

Mal, Steve C and Lee joined Mark and myself at B&Q this morning. Mal met friends who were staying in Aberthin and rode over to Llantwit with them meeting up with us again. Lee decided  to race us by taking the Green Dragon Lane variation but chose the wrong morning battling into a headwind whilst we were sheltered in the lanes. Carrie called at Café Velo to show us her new plaster and finally we saw Tim going the opposite way around the coast! We'll persuade you out on a Tuesday morning yet Tim! A tail wind up the valley made for some exciting high speed sheep evasion but all home safely!Tom B

Midweek - 17.05.16

4 of us out today,Mark P,Steve C me and Miguel Indurain(aka Lee).Saw Eloise at Café Velo(last seen on a mountain top in Mallorca)and Dave gave me another lesson in how to work my phone.

Managed to avoid (most of)the rain!

Hope to be out on Friday.Tom B

Pacers  - 5th June 2016

Note to self - it's one thing to see the map, but another to understand which direction they are going!  After some poor understanding on my part we joined the Dragon ride in Port Talbot and then there was a selection on the Bwlch.  A handful of use turned off and returned via Nantymoel, whilst the others went over the Rhigos to Aberdare.  Steven M

Good ride fellas - Paul, Mark & Hadyn looking in great shape for the forthcoming road race. Amazing to see how fit Jason is already! Even more amazing was seeing Dave W tackle the Bwlch like a Points Race! If you can put in bursts like that all the way up a hill like that, then you need a try-out at the track sometime soon! (but please keep a lid on those 'fast twitch' fibres in the 4-up!)   Steve C

Good ride today, well organised and fast paced group. Managed to stick together with the minimum amount of stopping after we got the Bwlch and Rhigos out of the way. Decent pace heading into Aberdare and after the coffee stop heading home through Treforest and Church Village. Paul N

Good ride today guys ;D          

The defonce boys were on fire on the way back..well what I saw of them      Just sorted the new noise on my bike..dime bar I hadn't tightened up the cassette enough Dave W

25’ers - 12th June 2016

Another nice ride today, Roy, Steve H and myself, as planned, tea at Afan Argoed then over the Bwlch. Weather not too bad, the sun came out briefly while we climbed. Just a bit windy in the Cirque going down, so preparations for the Rhigos next. Ron B

Thanks again Ron & Roy, although it may not have looked like it halfway up the Bwlch, I really did enjoy. Steve H

Amblers  - 12th June 2016

A good ride today in mostly dry (ish) conditions. A mixed group of 13 Amblers/Pacers set off from Brackla to be joined on route by 3 more Oggies, so a good sized group for what had been a grey, damp start to the day. We followed the planned Ambler's route, taking the Coast road around Ogmore and on towards Llantwit Major via the Lanes. The fresh tailwind and the presence of a few Pacers kept the speed at a reasonably good lick and all went well until newbie, Reece had a front tyre blow out near St Athan and Terry and Tony both ended up in the hedge in an effort to avoid Reece. Luckily no damage was done to their bikes and only superficial scrapes to skin, so we were able to crack on to the cake stop at Dyffryn Gardens.

After the coffee and cake stop we rode back into the wind towards Cowbridge, Llandow, Llantwit, Wick and home via Death Valley with some strong turns on the front by Reece, Rich and Nige. The Pacers were quite kind to us today, with Harpo even looking after the back markers when things got a bit tasty after Wick on the home leg (the rumours that he couldn't keep up with Rich's searing TT pace and was actually dropped by the Amblers are not true!). Today's distance was just over 50 miles at around 18mph. Out today were:   

Harpo, Steve Curry, Steve Chapman, Terry, Tony, Andy Storrie, Andy's dodgy knees, Chris Reed, Jonathan Spinks, Gregg, Rich B, Mark P, Nick L

Next week the plan is to ride out to Gilfach Goch to support Team Ogmore who will be riding day 2 of the Etape de la Defence road race. Mal Jones has his Devil's outfit (including Mankini) ready to run alongside the peleton as they crest the hill. It should be a blast. Mark P

Jason T, Reece, Nige

Amblers  - 19th  June 2016 (Etape de la Fonse)

Thanks for coming out. I pretty much had to work my way from the back of group over Glynogwr and was trying as hard as I could to catch up over the top and on the decent. On the approach to the Gilfach climb I was pretty spent and felt like I might start to drop back a bit on the climb. I was expecting a few of you to be out, but when I get there and everyone is on the side of the road cheering in the rain it was an amazing sight. With my legs in bits at this point I still managed to get a PR on Strava for that segment, goes to show how much of a difference the support of the club can make. Great to see the gold jerseys on the bridge at the finish line too. Paul N

 great turnout today to support the boys racing the Etape de la Defonce . Despite the grey skies and constant drizzle there were 20 Oggies out today(at various times) to cheer on the guys. Initially a group of 16 Pacers/Amblers and a stray 25er left Brackla as a group to head out to Coity and across the Common towards Talbot Green and the cheeky little climb over Smilog before heading up to Gilfach Goch to find a good pitch to watch the lads straining up and over the climb from Glynogwr. On route we were joined by Mal, Tom and Harpo, so we had a really good crowd on the road to greet the teams as they grovelled over the top of that well known local lung buster.

We then thrashed it back down from the Goch to Cowbridge in order to catch the boys at the finish. On the advice of the race organiser's, we watched the finish from the bridge over the carriageway by Hannah's Diner, which gave us a grandstand view of the finishing straight. I know we are a local club, but it was slightly surprising that there were very few supporters from other clubs out on the road, although we made enough noise to make up for it. I'd like to congratulate our team for having the testicles to give it a crack and for the obvious effort they put in. After the finish the group splintered a little, with some of the Guys heading straight home, whilst the more serious minded athletes amongst us headed to Costa's to rewardourselves for the strenuous exercise of watching other people race. After coffee and a few slices of cake we rolled back to Bridgend. For the non-racing Oggies today was a fairly short ride of around 39 miles. Out at various times today were:

Andy Harries ( rode to and from Penarth), Andy Storrie, Jason T ( back from his high altitude training camp in Nepal - well he's riding like he is)!, Tom, Mal, Paul Longhorn, Steve Curry, Harpo - special guest appearance - Mal went home when Harpo turned up!, Jonathan Spinks, Terry, Tony, Steve Chapman, Lee (newbie - hung on well), Matt (strong newbie), Reece, Mark Rosser, Rich Bowmer, Mark P, Chris Reed, Nick Langley

Phew, that's it I think. Oh, once again chapeau to the team: Paul Nicholas, Neil Poulton, Harpo & Mark Rosser. Mark P

Damn right I did Harpo was on his black stealth bomber and had a strange look in his eyes I passed Steve and later Tom in Hendre lane all looking for the quickest route home in the rain  Mal J

Amblers  - 26th June 2016

A surprisingly dry amble around the Vale today as we (mostly) missed the forecast rain. At around 44 miles it was a shorter route than of late but that seemed to suit most people as it allowed extra time for tea and toast at Cafe Velo and still got everyone home in time to watch the football, paint the shed, mow the lawn and generally earn a few domestic smartie points ahead of next week's potential mile muncher to the Wye Valley. There were 14 riders out today, including newbie Richard, who had turned up ready to meander round the Vale with the 25ers, but bravely hung on to the wheels of a fairly strong Ambler's group sprinkled with a couple of Pacers. Out today were:

Mark Rosser, Terry, Tony, Neil 'the Beast' Bartlett, Richard Bowmer, Chris Reed, Lee (semi-newbie), Richard (newbie - first ride), Mal, Nige, Steve Curry, Craig (was that a faint whiff of ammonia)?, Tom (joined us at Cafe Velo), Mark P

Although there is a big push out to Tintern next weekend, there will still be a shorter ride option for those club members who have only managed to get a half day's leave pass from the Officer Commanding the Home Front. See you next week. Mark P

Pacers - 26th June 2016

So it was Harpo, Dave W, his mate Mike (good effort), Jason, Stevie C and me. Off to Swansea Marina via Porthcawl.  Got tangled up in the Swansea Half Marathon but no shortage of effort despite the breeze. 57 miles at 20.5mph average. Steven M

Good ride today,  all  of us doing some work, even mr chapman! we had your job at the start thou, to try and control jasons power surges over every bump! back in the house before 12, bliss Haydn L

Good ride today ;D odd being back that early and we missed the rain 8) Dave W

It's good to have a bit of a smash fest one in a while  :) Jason T

Amblers  - 3rd July 2016

A great turnout today for a slightly shorter than usual Ambler's ride at around 48 miles. However,

it was not without incident as Andy Storrie came a cropper on the new cycle path near Coychurch,

with a nasty little fall that took off a few cms of skin and left him with a gashed forearm and a torn

jersey a la Contador. Fortunately his bike was ok ;D. Newbie Matt also had an impressive mechanical

with an escaping cassette and rear mech ( hope you got home OK Matt)? Aside from these two events

it was an enjoyable ride in perfect weather, taking in the Vale and Coast around Porthcawl. 15 Oggies

were out with Ambler's today enjoying the sunshine, the riding and the top quality cake at Parc  Slip.

On the road were:

Steven, Andy Storrie, Tony, Terry, Rich B, Lee, Lea, Tom, Matt, Chris R, Clayton, Roy R, Craig, Mark P,

Bugger - forgotten someone!

I'm away next week but hopefully one of the regulars will post a route. See you in a couple of weeks.

 Mark P

Got it! The 15th rider was Nick Langley. Sorry Nick, how could I forget you? :O Mark P

thanks Mark for organising the ride...and the weather!     enjoy your trip Craig McD

25’ers - 10th July 2016

Tim, Ross, Lee, Steve and me headed down to Llantwit for a coffee, Tim returned early the rest headed back through Cowbridge. Ron B

Amblers / Pacers - 10th July 2016

A smaller turnout today for a mixed Ambler's/Pacer's ride at around 57 miles. It was an enjoyable brisk ride in overcast and windy conditions, route through Coychurch, Pencoed, Talbot Green, Beddau, Tonteg, Power Station Hill, Treforest Ind Est, Radyr, St Fagans, Peterstone-Super-Ely, A48, Llantrithyd, Flemingston, Llantwit Major and back home along the coast. As we were departing Cafe Vélo from our coffee stop, perfect timing by Tom to turn up and join us for the remaining journey home. Mostly 7 Oggies were out today with Tom a belated addition at the end. On the road were:

Haydn, Stephen C, Toestrap Steve, Nige, Reece, Jonathan Spink, Lee S, Tom (for the last 12 miles from Cafe Vélo),

PS Harpo, the Annecy hotel is the Adagio Annecy Centre on booking.com and we used Budget car hire from Geneva Airport. Lee S

Good report Lee-you can be Mark's regular deputy.

I think it would be a good idea if on all future Club Runs everyone else rode about 20 miles further than me to even things up a bit(or 30 for Harpo) Tom B

Amblers  - 17th July 2016

A grey, damp start to the day saw a mixed group of Pacers/Amblers head out to Coity and then on to Llangeinor to climb the little Bwlch before the groups split with the Amblers deciding to descend out of the gloom and head back down the Valley and out towards Cowbridge, whilst the Pacers stuck to the planned route and headed up and over the Bwlch. The Amblers took in a few short, sharp, moderately cheeky little climbs to make up for avoiding the big one. We stopped for coffee at Hannah's after climbing up the Col du Norman and then strayed from our usual route to take in one of Tom's favourite climbs out of Llanblethian. After that little lung burner we got onto flatter ground at Nash Point and headed home at a decent lick through Llantwit and around the Lanes and coast. The total distance was around 47 miles. Although it remained dry throughout the ride we hardly saw the Sun, which is ironic as I'm now sitting in my beach front Condo in Barrybados writing this report bathed in sunshine. Then again the Sun always shines in Barry! 8)

Out today at various times were:

Mark R, Jason T, Paul N, Dave W, Greg, Chris R, Craig, Steve Chapman, Tom, Mal, Tony, Nigel, Reece, Jonathan Spinks, Roy H (a one man 25er), Mark P

I think that's everyone! Mark P

Love Barrybados Mark!

I would like to add for Harpo's benefit that I made sure I brought up the rear around Southerndown/Ogmore(had little choice in reality)so chastened was I by his telling off for not waiting for slower riders last week.

BTW-still grim and grey in Bridgend-I may emigrate to Barrybados Tom B

For the record Mark - not going up the Bwlch was prob the safe option - came within a few feet of of being taken out by someone overtaking going up the Bwlch in 20m visibility fog. Luckily Afan Mtn bike cafe had replacement pants! Chris R

It was the fog that clinched it for me Chris. The rain was OK but I didn't fancy descending the Bwlch in poor visibility. Ironically today would have been a perfect day to ride that route. I'm glad you managed to get new pants after your close shave! Mark P

25’ers - 24th July 2016

Good turn out for this mornings 25er's ride, alas Ross failed to order the fine weather. A couple new riders having a try out, not the best weather but it could have been worse. I just did 20 miles today more next week. Ron B

Great ride today, really enjoyed it.

THANKS :) Carrie H

Very good turn out it was a shame the weather was a little wet. Ron had to leave early but it was nice to be out riding with you again hope you feel better for next week. Myself, Neil, Carrie, Nick, Steve, Lee & Ben headed down to cafe velo, which was over run with OVW riders by the time we Left I guess we all had the same idea. We then made our way through cowbridge and city homeward bound.

Thank you all for a good ride. Ross S

25’ers - 31st July 2016

Lots of riders out today for a Tour of the Vale, or Lost in the Vale as some might say. Roy, Neil, Tim, Ross, Lee, Ben, Carrie H, Nick, Reg, and Lee. Through Pencoed to Talbot Green, Reg turned back at this point, the bike and especially the seat were not up the 40 mile ride and the bumps in the Vale. We ended up after two hours at Brambles in Llantwit, nice coffee and nice cake so I'm told. Then back through the lanes to Ewenny. Slightly more hilly next week. Have I missed anyone out? Ron B

Thanks Ron,

A really nice ride, and great to find a few undiscovered lanes too. Looking forward to next week, especially if you can arrange similar weather!  Nick H

Pacers  - 31st July 2016

Depleted numbers for the pacers today - but it's all about the quality  ;)

Dave W and Keith on the tandem, Haydn, Jason and I on the circuit around Margam/Neath/Aberdare. The tandem duo basically pushed out about 600W the whole way round in an awesome display. The ride from Margam to Neath was pretty impressive - Strava PRs all the way despite a headwind. The rest of us did do turns on the front, but after a few minutes the tandem would swoosh past as though we were standing still. Haydn had it all under control though patrolling the peloton as always, and looked even fitter (after his Alpine excursion) than he was the last time I was out. Our anticipated record breaking descent into Aberdare was scuppered by roadworks. Coffee stop at the usual cafe in ABerdare, where we were joined by Rob Jones and Ioan Smallwood (Ajax) who were stopping off on their way to the TT at Rhigos (cycling up from Cardiff on their TT bikes like you do  :o ).

On the way back down the valley the groups separated (unintentionally), with Jason and I leading the way to Abercwmboi, and Harpo and the tandem I assume taking the main road. More road works a plenty, including an unadvertised road closure near Ynysybwl, but Jason and I set a good pace. We both agreed that it was a good job the groups had split, as there would have been no way Harpo could have kept up with us after the enormous slice of cake he'd eaten at the cafe.

Great weather, great ride, great company - and good to bump in to Rob Jones as well. Will be interested to see the times posted by him and Ioan in the TT bearing in mind their 30 mile warm up ride to the start. Allan W

Certainly a good ride today with an impressive display on the tandem, they need to work on the out-of-saddle position together as they seem to work well as a team. Jason T

Good ride today enjoyed that.did think it would be a struggle keeping up..got the tandem sussed and we did a few track stands..standing up on a climb is the next one to try..thanks guys ;D Dave W

yeah good ride today, the only ride I've been on where I was looking forward to a incline or hill to ease up on the power! Haydn L

Good ride today, really enjoyed it and thanks to Dave for piloting and Haydn for the cake. Keith B

25’ers - 7th August 2016

Thanks to Ron(plus Carrie,Steve&Nick)for letting me join you today. Having been away for a couple of weeks I thought I'd gently ease back into the cycling routine. After Smillog,Gilfach Goch,Blackmill and Llangeinor in quick succession I realised I may have taken the wrong option. Still at least Mark had a break from me suggesting route variations all ride-Ron took as much notice of me as you Mark! Tom B

Thanks Ron for a lovely ride today & thanks also to everyone (Ron,Tom,Steve,Malcolm & Nick) for encouragement & waiting for me on the hills. I really enjoyed it, bit tired now. Will get some jelly babies for next run out. Carrie H

I only like Wine gums Carrie, nice ride today, one of the youngsters complaining about the route and the orientation of the coffee cup handles. A few hills but one has to do them. Riders must keep their energy levels up by snacking and drinking regularly. Welsh 10 next Sunday so a break from me at lest. Mark how do you cope Ron B

Ha! How do I cope indeed Ron?? I usually wear ear defender's and then just smile sweetly at Tom every time he appears to be speaking to me (usually every 10 minutes or so). To be fair he does seem to know every back lane in South Wales, although they are never flat and rarely less than 20% gradients!! Tom does get to choose the route on Tuesday's though as well as the starting lamp post.  Mark P

Good ride today Ron nice few hills and good company nice to see Toms brother and sister at parc slip they have a lot to put up with !! Mal J

Amblers  - 7th August 2016

An enjoyable ride around the Vale today with a mixed Ambler's/Pacers group of 15 Oggies setting off from Brackla. I only just made it in time as for the second time in 4 years I managed to drive from Barry without my cycling shoes. However, as before I was saved from a wasted trip by Tony Mansell who kindly lent me his shoes, complete with the right cleats. In fact they were so comfortable I haven't returned them yet!

Today's ride took in Ewenny, Cowbridge, St Fagans, Dyffryn Gardens and the Lanes around Llantwit Major and despite the block headwind on the way home we kept to a distinctly un-Ambler's like pace. We stopped for coffee and cake at Dyffryn Gardens before cutting through the lanes to Llancarfan and Llancadle to avoid the worst of the wind before a straightforward thrash home. The nifty pace, considering the wind, had a few of the Ambler's chewing their handlebars but everyone seemed to (perversely) enjoy it, although we did manage to lose Nick and Rich somewhere near St A than, which wasn't the best birthday present for Rich Bowmer :-[. Today's ride was a shade under 50 miles, with around 2000 ft of ascent. Out today were:

Toestrap Steve, Steve 'bling bike' Chapman, Sergeant Major Harpo, Neil Poulton, Jason, Nice, Lead, Neil 'the beast' Bartlett, Andy's Dodgy Knees (plus go faster wheels), Rich Bowmer (51 today)!, Nick Langley, Craig, Dave W, Jonathan Spinks , Mark P

Phew, that's it (I think). Next week, the Mumbles (complete with a neutralised zone - Pacers, I'm bringing a gun Mark P

PS! 'Nice' and 'Lead' in the previous post were supposed to be Nige and Lea. Auto spell check is a curse. I'd switch it off if I knew how! Mark P

Thought I'd be a projected rider on my birthday  :'(       Lea?  And I think you missed out Matt?     Richard B

Amblers  - 14th August 2016

Another good turn-out for today's mixed Pacers/Ambler's ride, despite a large contingent from the club taking part in the Welsh CA 10 TT. Fifteen riders left Brackla for an amble around the Coast and Vale. However, it was anything but an amble as the pace averaged around 18mph up to the coffee stop which left a few of the regular Amblers on the rivet. Most of the guys seemed to enjoy it though, although we may need to reconsider the group's name and the info we put on the web site. I threw in a few back lanes through Hensol Forest today, which I thought might slow things down a tad but my cunning plan simply meant that the group just got faster on the more open roads!

After coffee in Cowbridge we headed home via Nash Point, Llandow, Wick and Death Valley. The total distance was around 55 miles, although my Strava app on my mobile phone packed up after 63 kms so I'm not exactly sure of the distance. Overall an enjoyable ride in overcast but pleasantly calm conditions. Out today were:

Reece (mechanical early on - I hope it's a cheap and easy fix), Jonathan, Terry, Tony, Harpo, Craig, Lee, Mal, Wayne (good to, see you back buddy), Neil B, Andy's Dodgy Knees - Mile muncher award today riding 161 kms, Nige , Chris R, Mark P, Dave, (the Punisher) W

Next week we've got a couple of newbies riding with us, so we'll need to ride easier and stay together!! Can we do it?? Mark P

Good ride today, I think we'll have to tempt Nige, Terry and Craig over to the Pacers for the Autumn.

I believe Andy is planning a long ride next Sunday so you should be free from a few trouble makers  ;) Jason T

Good ride today guys...I'll behave next time ;D Dave W

Thanks for waiting on the last leg home, I just lost all my steam all of a sudden! That's the problem with time away from the bike. :P Tony M

25’ers - 21st August 2016

Six 25er's out today, Jane,Anne,Carrie,Nick,Ben and myself, we headed to Ewenny, Wick rd to Wick, coffee stop at Meadowvale nursery then back via Cowbridge and the lanes.

I won't be about next Sunday so in the absence of Ron Nick has kindly volunteered to lead out the 25ers next week. RoyH

Thanks Roy, a very pleasant ride.

Before anyone makes definite plans for next weekend though, I'd forgotten that it's Carrie's birthday on the Sunday,  :-[ so I'm not certain we'll be out that day… Nick H

Roy, Nick, Carrie, Anne and Ben,

Just a note to say thank you so much for your patience with me.  I really enjoyed the ride and will work on the hills so I don't hold you back too much next time!! Hope to see you all soon. Jane R

Amblers  - 21st August 2016

There were 9 Amblers out today (at various times) , for a tour around some of our less travelled back lanes and up and down a few less frequented slightly cheeky hills. After leaving Brackla we headed out towards Llangeinor via the Common, before heading up to Bettws and down to Shwt. We then headed up the Lynfi Valley towards Maesteg, stopping short to tackle the sneaky little climb up to Llangwynyd (if a mile long hill can be called little). Once at the top we enjoyed a brief saunter along the ridge before an interesting descent to Ffordd y Gyfraith and the lane towards the A48 and the more routine route to Porthcawl. We stopped off at Paul's Broomwagon Cafe for a spot of tea and cake where we were joined by some of the Cardiff Ajax and Bynea boys. We headed home via Pyle and Cefn Cribwr (via the easy route) and across the Common and up and over Heol Las.

Although it wasn't a particularly long ride at around 50 miles, we packed in quite a bit of climbing, so I was quite pooped by the end, which I actually blame on Paul's kilo of Walnut Cake that I was forced to eat at the break, which weighed me down all the way home. Out today were:   Mal (content), Steven - slumming it with the fat boys, Richard - looking perky, Nick - the bike, breaker Langley (too much power through those pedals), Neil 'the beast' Bartlett, Steve 'the Governor' Chapman, Jonathan 'the, bike whisperer' Spinks, Lee ' too much climbing juice' , Mark P - hanging on!

I'm away next week but hopefully one of the old sweats will post a ride. Mark P

Good report Mark, enjoyed that. Struggled with the early climbing but somehow managed to find my legs for the second half of the ride Richard Bowmer

Great  report Mark I struggled on the hills but only had 11/25 on back so my winter bike needs a service I'm away next 2 Sundays Mal J

Pacers - 21st August 2016

Awesome ride and not a bad route if I say so myself. Thanks for dragging me around, properly wasted on climb from llangamerch wells over to U Chapel, desperately needed that feed in Brecon! Andy H

Re-hydrated (Red Stripe lager), re-fuelled, (curry) and re-lubed (bike), so time for a quick update on today's ride.

Seven of us left Brackla at 8:00, under grey skies with promise of a shower and rain later at 2:00pm. Mark R, Harpo, Greg, Dave W, Jason, Nigel and me. We started at a pretty rapid pace considering it was into a headwind, early in 130 ride and the ride was 'back loaded' with climbing. I was struggling to hold a wheel by the time we reached Stormy Down and it went on for another 8 hours. We made good time to Neath, Abercraf where Mark and Haydn split to take on the Devil's Elbow. We climbed along Bwlch Cerrig Duon with the early part of the River Tawe on our left, some stunning views on the quite roads. Then dropped on a fast decent through  Glasfynyydd forest before rolling in to Trecastle for a very civilized cake stop at the Trecastle tearooms.

Next on the ride was the climb from Llywel up to the military road, Jason, Dave and Greg chatting away like the Three Amigos while Nigel and me slogged away some distance behind. This is a great section, well surfaced, 'rolling' with fast, swooping bends on the way to Tirabad. After a sharp decent into Tirabad, we headed on to Llangamerch Wells, Upper Chapel, Lower Chapel and Brecon. The climb out of Llangamerch ells had me struggling, quite steep and into the headwind, a combination of tiredness and the need for food had me zig-zagging my way to the top and the climb wasn't that steep!  :-[

Managed to make it to Brecon where we refuelled before taking on the final challenge of the day the  Ponsticill climb, it had now started raining and we'd spent most of the previous hour or so 'psyching out' Nigel about the climb, so when he saw the 20% sign at the bottom I'm sure he let out an audible sigh, I was just too far behind to hear it,  fair-play he made it up without TOO much problem. The paced upped a bit from Cefn Coed to Merthyr and Pontypridd and it took a lot of concentration and last vestiges of energy to try and hold a wheel, be it Jason, Greg or Dave's. Kudos to Dave who was strong all day and had ridden in 10 miles and had 10 more to get home.

130 miles in 7:50 (moving time) 8000 ft of climbing, so not strictly speaking an 'Epic' (10,000ft per 10 miles) but an epic day out, thanks all.

Contrary to what I said today I won't be out on tandem next Sunday, as I've got Severn bridge half marathon. I am going out with Keith on Monday, so if anybody fancies an extra ride on weekend drop me txt or whats app message to arrange a meet time Andy H

Really good route & ride and good miles for everyone, Mark & Harpo really

missed out on those roads north of Trecastle. Jason T

Great ride today, thanks all, hope I didn't slow you down too much. Fare to say I

'm tired now .. Cleaning the bike can wait till Monday. Nige

Enjoyed today, missed the club runs. Nurofen and red wine for me tonight!🍷 Greg B

Good ride today by everyone

Nice cafe stop with the posh cups   Dave W

                                                                                                                                                    Photo by Dave W

Amblers  - 28th August 2016

Enjoyable ride today with a mixed group following the planned route, 102km and 1,366m of climbing for me. And mixed weather too with lots of rain and showers early on brightening up later. 7 of us set off from Physique;  RB. Toestrap Steve, Andy "Dodgy", Samuels, Jonathan Spink, Strong newbie Dylan Morgan, Ben, who usually rides with the 25ers, And Ben's mate Alex

Up the Ogmore Valley to the Bwlch where Ben and Alex turned left and went home down the Afan Valley. The rest of us continued to Treorchy and Treherbert and up over the Rhigos and down to Glynneath and onto Neath down the Neath Valley. Lots of strong turns on the front as usual from Steve and some strong turns from Dylan too. Coffee stop in McDonalds between Glynneath and Resolven.

We somehow managed to lose Steve in Neath when he peeled off to stop for some munchies. I have been in contact to apologise.

The rest of us continued on through Briton Ferry, Harbour Way, Margam, Pyle, Stormy Down and home through Laleston into Bridgend. Richard Bowmer

We still managed 69 miles. Descending the Bwlch in the driving rain at 40mph was fun though. Was great to ride with you. I'll be joining you more often when I get a bit faster. Ben N

Good miles Ben, well done, and good effort up he Bwlch. The more climbing you do the easier it will get for you. Richard Bowmer

Midweek - 12.06.16

Slightly cooler, breezier and more overcast than expected this morning; however, a very enjoyable ride with a nice long coffee stop at Cafe Velo mid ride. There were four of us out today: Lee, Steve C, Mal and myself. Another ride is planned for Friday, same time, same place, same route (probably). About 37 miles in all. Mark P

Midweek - 14.06.16

Paul and I managed a dry but very breezy ride this afternoon. Saw Carrie going the other way(twice!)and Keithx2 on the tandem also going with the wind(sensible people).If I hadn't decided to go into Bridgend to do a few chores I'd have got home in the dry! Hoping to get out again this week if the weather allows Tom B

Midweek - 21.06.16

Despite texting me to ask why there was no mid-week thread this week Chris Matthews managed to meet up with me Mal and Neil B for a spin this morning. Dave B has now painted the wall of the café(stairs)black as all the cyclists have been leaving grubby prints on it-now we can wipe the oil on our hands off.

Rain free today-may try and get out on Friday too Tom B

Thank you Tom , nice ride today and I was late for work  :o Chris M

Midweek - 28.06.16

Mal having taken his cue from the shadow cabinet and advised us he would not be participating in today's ride Mark,Paul and I  set out on the normal ride.We met Harpo in Café Velo-apparently he feels too intimidated to join the mid-week rides at the moment(he is rather a shrinking violet of course). We just about managed to get home before the heavens opened. Fortune favours the brave!Tom B

Midweek - 05.07.16

Former OVW member(in prehistorical times)Mark Cooke joined me and Steve this morning. If I hadn't made them vary the route to suit my shopping needs Neil B would have caught up with us long before Café Velo where we finally met up.

I found the degree of optimism for Wales prospects tomorrow surprising but encouraging!! Tom B

Midweek - 15.07.16

Discretion was the better part of Valour for me Mal&Chris this morning.We scrapped the Bwllch and had a wet but very sociable ride round the normal route. Actually the only place it wasn't raining was Llantwit-sun shines on the Righteous or something?!Tom B

Midweek - 09.08.16

5 of us out this morning-Steve C,Mark,Mal myself and Nick making his mid-week debut!Sunny morning and (in the main)a friendly pace. Bumped into 2 slightly lost riders in the lanes and guided them safely to Café Velo!(services there now include cleaning excess oil off your equipment)

Mark and I are thinking of a ride on Friday(or possibly Thursday depending on forecast)into Cardiff Bay via Peterston,over the Barrage,Dinas Powis(coffee)and back via St Lythans,Duffryn. I will post again about that in case anyone else is out. Tom B

A good ride Tom - and thanks all for the company. The pace was indeed (mostly) friendly; but it was my gritted teeth that made it look like I was smiling at the back as we went through Ogmore,   ;) Nick H

Good ride Tom I think I've found a clean yellow bidon for you PS got a niggle in my thigh so having a week off  Mal J

Ha-thanks Mal-hope you're recovered soon. Weather looks much of a muchness tomorrow and Friday so I think I'll stick to my intention to go out for a ride on Friday(see a few posts above).I'm flexible on leaving time but wondered about leaving here about 9. If you are still up for a ride Mark I could meet you en route-maybe Aberthin if it's better for you to park in Cowbridge?If you want to come Nick could see you in Craig Penlline? If another time is better let me know(and let me know if you will be out!!) Tom B

Midweek - 12.08.16

Well at 9 this morning I was thinking to myself that's strange-Lee's pretty reliable but no sign of him-I'd better go to meet Mark. Slight hitch was I was waiting at B&Q rather than the Triangle where I'd blithely said I'd see Lee who was wondering where on earth I was! I had more luck in meeting Mark and we rode through Peterston to the Taff Trail and on down to the Bay where Lo and Behold we saw Lee who had sensibly decided to ride the route in reverse. After the obvious recriminations and apologies Lee turned round and rode with us to Dinas Powis for a  coffee stop then back via St Lythans and the lanes to Cowbrige where Mark turned off. No garmin for me but 60ish miles with some nice climbs on the return route.

Apologies to Lee-I'll be paying extra attention to your posts in future! Tom B

25’ers - 4th September 2016

Thanks Ron for a very pleasant ride around the Vale. Some new lanes for us too.

FYI it was just over 60k, with a moving average of 13.4mph according to Strava (21.5km/h on my Garmin), - that was home-home for us. (Just right for Mrs H's hangover it seems). Nick H

Apologies for not being there. I woke up late :-( Then couldn't motivate myself. Ben N

Just the three of us today, but I'm afraid it's "lines" for Ben, " I must not sleep late". Ron B

Amblers  - 4th  September 2016

Eight 'Ambler's' crossed the start line today for a ride around the nether regions of the Vale. The weather as forecast was overcast but dry with a fresh Westerly breeze. However, we managed to avoid the worst of the wind by riding East for the first 33 miles and then heading home via my cunning 'long cut' through the lanes around Dinas Powis. We followed our favourite route around the Coast, through the lanes to Llantwit Major before heading to Barry and Penarth via a coffee stop at Cosmeston Lakes. We returned via St Andrews (near Wenvoe not Scotland) and Dyffryn and through Cowbridge and home via the ridge to Ewenny. The route was longer than advertised at just under 63 miles but was an enjoyable if brisk amble. Next week I'll use my garmin to check the distance not my memory! Out today were:   R

ich B, Terry, Lee , Neil, Craig, Roy R, Nick L, Mark P,

See you next week. :) Mark

25’ers - 11th September 2016

Lovely ride today Ron, Neil, Steve & Mr H.    great views from the ridge,

many thanks Carrie H

Amblers  - 11th September 2016

An enjoyable if tough and deceptively hilly ride in perfect weather today.  We headed out to Pencoed and across the Common to Bryncethin, before climbing up to Bettws and on towards Maesteg to climb over the Bryn to the Afan Valley. We then sampled the cheeky little hills between Pontrydyfen and Cimla before riding hard for home in order to get to Mansell Manor before Harpo's gang to ensure there was some of Tony and Louise's coffee and muffins left. Unfortunately Harpo had sneakily ridden straight to Tony's from Brackla, and after a full Welsh breakfast and a massage , settled down to polish off most of the muffins before we arrived! Luckily Tony and Louise outdid themselves and managed to still feed the famished Amblers. Out today were:

Mal, Tom, Rich, Jonathan, Lee, Craig, Reece, Andy's Dodgy Knees, Mark P

See you next week for another 'gentle' amble around the Vale. Mark P

Thanks mark for organising today's  ride, enjoyable day all round. Plenty of flat sections and a few cheeky climbs thrown in for good measure!

Big thanks to Tony for putting on a great spread (what was left after Harpo ;-) and a well needed cup of tea!   :D Craig M

Most enjoyable today.  Many thanks to Tony for coffee and cake. Even managed to organise the weather 😀Reece A

Great day out on the bike and top marks to Cafe Mansell    Thanks everyone Andy S

Pacers  - 11th September 2016

Good ride today legs a little tired. Mant thanks Tony for the tea and welsh cake. Nigel W

25’ers - 18th September 2016

Seven "Jelly Babies" left Brackla fairly quickly, on to Smylog, Tom's route through Coed Ely then on through Tony R, where Acme were holding their Hill climb, then on to Pontypandy, Dilys was out so we had a coffee in a very nice café in Treorci. Then over the Bwlch and home. Tim and Andrew left at Smylog, Nick, Carrie, Ben and tryout Richard joined me for the trip over the top. Max miles, more than 5, max speed about 40, I shut my eyes at 35. Nice coffee shop so will be visiting again! Ron B

Another lovely ride today Ron - Thanks; Only a couple of hills on this one too. C & I rode just over 80k today (slight detour for tea after we split up), 950m climbed. Today's max speed 62.3km/h. Nick H

That's where I always stop when I ride the Bwlch. I just wish I'd pressed start on my Garmin after coffee not 10miles later. That side of the Bwlch was a nice hill to ride. So was Smylog. The hill from Troes to the A48 wasn't. That was horrific. I started to cramp up half way up. At least it was only a short ride home from there. Ben N

Amblers  - 18th September 2016

An enjoyable amble today in fantastic weather. Eight Amblers set out from Brackla  to be joined a short while later by Mal and Tom. We popped over to the Garw Valley to climb over Bettws and Llangeinor before heading around the Vale of Glamorgan and coffee and cake at Cafe Velo in Llantwit Major. The pace was a tad slower this week, helped by a strategically placed tractor that popped up in front of us as we hit the Common and paced us all the way to Pencoed and magically reappeared just as we hit the TT course around St Athan going fast enough to keep us riding well but going too fast and being too wide to overtake. Terry and Steve C also did sweeping up duties at the rear to help keep the group together.

After coffee we followed the Lanes home via St Brides and Death Valley to finish the ride at just under 50 miles. At coffee we met John 'the Headmaster' Edwards who rode most of the way home with us and predictably nobody felt like throwing the gauntlet down and overtaking him! ;D which also kept the pace honest. Out today were:

Tom, Steve C, Terry, Lea W, Nick L, Lee S, Jonathan S, Craig, Mal, Mark P

thanks again for organizing Mark, great weather and an enjoyable route -was home in time for Sunday lunch!  ;D Craig M

Really enjoyed it Mark, the camaraderie, the sunshine, the cheeky hills and without doubt the best fruit loaf I've had. Thanks a lot, enjoy Gibraltar! See u for the hill climb Nick L

Glad you enjoyed the ride chaps. Less than 1mph average speed slower made a big difference to the tail end Charlie's. Home in time for Sunday lunch too, that's got to be worth a few domestic smartie points. You'd get even more if you were home early enough to cook it! ;D I'm away next Sunday but I'm sure one of the old sweats will suggest a route. I'll see you for the Club Hill Climb Champs at Llangeinor the following week. That should be a very easy amble to the start line, 5 minutes of lung burning pain, and then an easy amble to a cafe to discuss our exploits. See you there. Mark P

Pacers - 18th September 2016

Great ride again today, fast pace at times good work out can feel in in my legs a bit now lol. Thanks guys Nigel W

Good riding today Nige, it was certainly at a good pace and Dylan did very well. Jason T

25’ers - 25th September 2016

today we went up to Llangynwyd and along the ridge to Park Slip café. Riders today Richard for his second outing, Ross and Lee plus James. After coffee I went home, Richard and James went around Miskin, Ross and Lee headed for Port Talbot then over the Bwlch. Ron B

Pacers  - 25th September 2016

Good start to the beginning of the autumn/winter club runs, today.

Sincere apologies to Terry for not stopping when you punctured, nobody shouted or pointed out you'd stopped, sorry!

13 out today, would call it a joint Amblers/Pacers but every body who rode today should be riding with the Pacers, all looked strong enough.

Out today were:-   Greg, Terrry (briefly). Steven, Harpo, Dodgy, Nigel, Reece, Chris, Rob, Jason, Nick, Mark, and my good self.

Apologies if I've missed anyone.

Steady pace was set out to Neath, which helped keep the group together until the steady climb up to Seven Sisters were some gaps started to appear and we settled into two groups. Over the top and just before the descent to Glynneath Andy S hit a pothole and had a nasty 'off'. Damaged his shoulder and had to be taken to A&E, thanks to a kind passing motorist! We continued on to a timely cafe stop in McDonalds where we avoided a very heavy shower. Called in to Neath Port Talbot hospital to check up on Andy but he'd gone to Morriston, will hope to get an update on his condition later. Pace quickened along Harbour Way before Mark, Jason and Greg had a bit of a 'mash up' and dropped the rest of the group. Made our own way back to Brackla in various small groups to cover 111 km in 3:40.

Apologies for not having bike ready for winter. Consensus among the group is that we should all have mudguards installed from niow on.

Minor point I would like to make about smashing it up the last few miles from home, is to remember it is a group ride and if it breaks up so obviously then faster rides should wait and regroup, if only to inflict more pain on the rest and to make sure nobody is tailed off and left alone.

Please don't take this the wrong way I think its fine to have an increase in pace toward the end of a ride but also mindful of the ethos of a group ride.

Unfortunately I can't make the hill climb or club runnext week, as I'm doing the 'diff half.

Normal service to resume on October 9th Andy H

Sorry, got to push it sometimes to get home... just got out of the shower and it's nearly 15:30.    Good riding today by everyone, I didn't even know Terry was with us  :-[

Any news on Andy S then please post. Jason T

Good ride today thanks guys, did manage to catch Mark,Greg and Jason but then got dropped at Stormy down. Did a loop around Ogmore against wind.... silly boy. Hope Andy is OK. Nigel

Well,what a weekend!

I have toured the A&E departments of South Wales,top marks yesterday to RGH for a prompt CT scan for my Ffion,fell off her horse,all OK

And today nice coffee in Morriston with a good road rash scrubdown just to add to my pain,they said have some Entonox,I said no,he started,I said OK then but just a little bit mind cos I'm hard as nails see,why is that he asks,Rule 5 I quipped,puzzled looks all round,I laughed and my shoulder said see who's tough now then

Thanks boys,  See you soon, ps the knees are in full working order so I can ride,but don't tell Karen!(maybe turbo would be allowed!) Andy S

2nd October 2016 - Hill Climb

Midweek - 16.08.16

Full marks to our Captain Mark today for concours d'elegance! Not only a new bike(electric gears and all)but full OVW kit even down to matching(new)shoes. We are not worthy Mark.

Although my 'Colnago' is only  a few months old it was the oldest bike out today as Steve C was also showing off his latest!

Café Velo closed so stopped at the café on the corner and sat in the sun!Tom B

Good ride today Tom, thanks. My slipping seat post is now sorted so my bling bike is fully up and running. Enjoy the Green Man festival and see you in a couple of weeks. Mark P

Midweek - 23.08.16

Neil B,Steve and myself this morning. Fairly strong Easterly but given the Summer we've had it would be churlish to complain about that!

I will be out later in the week,probably ride into Cardiff on shopping bike on Thursday! Tom B

25’ers - 9th October 2016

Turned up after all, but only for a slow un, me and Andrew headed around the coast for a 35 miler at a reasonable pace and no one got lost or dropped, must be a 25er's thing? Ron B

Amblers  - 9th October 2016

Thanks for organising today mark.

Lost you guys somewhere after the bwlch, one minute nick was on my wheel- the next none was to be seen. must have taken a wrong turn! Craig M

Sorry we lost you today. Nick did try to chase you down when you flew past the turn for Llangeinor, but you were going so fast you disappeared through a hole in the space-time continuum! :o We did catch a glimpse of you later as you rode through Bryncethin but we got held up at the junction so couldn't catch you up.

A great ride today in perfect weather and an ideal day to scamper over the Bwlch. The pace was much steadier than of late, which made it a lot more social, although obviously we were able to give it a bit of a dig on the upper slopes of the Bwlch and climbing over Llangeinor.  Full marks to the Oggies for their impromptu litter sweep in the lay-by at the top of the Bwlch which was covered in chip papers, McDonalds cartons and other assorted rubbish (Team Sky TUE slips :-[). It was good to see former Club Captain Paul Longthorn back in the saddle (to add to his list of cryptic ride titles on Strava) as well as Newbie Richard, who returned full of vim and vigour despite last week's sound flogging ;D. Out today were:   Paul L, Richard, Tom, Terry, Neil, Craig, Jonathan, Nick L, Lea, Mark P   See you next week.

25’ers - 16th   October 2016

Just the three of us today, Nick and Carrie joined me for a ride to Port Talbot along the new harbour road, then back via Park Slip, weather turned out to be very good and we had "TWO" coffees, its a Bing Thing. Ron B

Amblers  - 16th  October 2016

Today's weather turned out to be surprisingly sunny and mild, with a fresh breeze that seemed to want to follow us all the way around the route. Initially 9 Amblers left Brackla but with various comings and goings we ended up having 11 riders join the group, with one more (Terry) trying to catch up with us in the lanes around Llantwit Major but being caught out by our change of route, caused by the road works and detour around Llantwit. Today's ride took in Coychurch, Pencoed, Pentre Meyrick and the TT course from Llantwit to St Brides before heading around the Coast and on to Porthcawl for coffee and cake, before heading home via Margam, Tondu and up and over Coity Common. All in we did 54 miles and around 800 metres of climbing, all at a steady (ish) Ambler's pace. Out today were:

Nick L, Colin (Nick's Dad), Mal, Mark R (initially until his back gave way), Mark Bryant (chased us down and caught us in, Porthcawl), Lea, Lee S (late starter - caught us in Margam), James, Richard, Jonathan, Mark P

See you next week

Both me and Col really enjoyed with a lot better weather than was forecast. Strong riding from everyone especailly James, Lea and Richard. Just really gutted that the coffee and walnut cake got snapped up before me and I had to settle for the toasted tea cake...you know who you are!!  ;) Nick L

Very enjoyable ride at a pace I can just about maintain for 50 odd miles . Nick I needed that cake more than you !! Mal J

Pacers - 16th  October 2016

good ride to day, set off with a good pace to meet Jason by castell mynach then onward to Cardiff bay barrage,, we decided to change route from the coast road and headed for the lanes from stfagans to llantwit, then had coffee in café velo! we all did our bit on the front, well done to reece on his first pacer ride. out today were

Harpo, dave w, Jason, craig, reece, Nige Hayden

25’ers - 23rd  October 2016

Thanks Ross for an enjoyable ride today, to Swansea marina for coffee and back via Cefn Cribw.

Lovely sunny and dry, bit windy in parts.

Also out were Nick & Lee.

I'm a bit tired now! :) Carrie H

Amblers  - 23rd  October 2016

An enjoyable ride today albeit accompanied by a bitter, brisk Easterly wind. However, once again, for the umpteenth time in succession it was a dry and mostly bright morning, which after last Summer and Autumn's constant deluge is a real bonus. Six Amblers left Brackla for a spin out to Cefn Cribwr (via the easy route from Laleston) before heading back towards the Vale of Glamorgan via the Common, Talbot Green and Miskin, before heading to Llantwit for a coffee at Cafe Velo. However, when we arrived at  Cafe Velo we found there were more cyclists in and around Dave's place than there are refugees in the Jungle at Calais! Luckily, as Tom has a Season Ticket, we managed to blag a few seats and after a quick (ish) refuel, we cycled home via the lanes and coast.

The ride along the estuary from Ogmore was slightly emotional due to the brisk (OK brick wall) wind, which made riding down hill to Ewenny feel like riding up the Bwlch in the big ring. Still, the sun shone, we stayed dry and we got a few miles in, so what's not to like? Out today were:

Mal, Tom, Richard, James, Lee, Mark P,      See you next week. Mark P

Even with the wind i think we all enjoyed. Nice pace all grouped together. Lea W

Nice route and good ride today Mark. Sorry to see my prognostication about riding up the valley was correct-sorry to be a wimp!! Tom B

I didn't fancy the coast with that wind I knew it would be a slog from ogmore to ewenny  good ride though Mark Mal J

Pacers  - 23rd  October 2016

What a lovely day for a bike ride!

11 Pacers out this morning:-  Steven, Greg, Mark, Jason, Chris, Craig, Terry, Nick, Leigh, Keith and me on the tandem.

Headed out via the lanes, for bit of protection from bitterly cold wind to St. Fagans and then north Cardiff before the lanes to Rudry. Turned out not to be as tandem friendly as I hoped but a good workout.  Coffee stop in Caerphilly before heading for home via Church Village and LLantrisant where the tandem ran out of steam as the pace seemed to pickup a tad!

89.5km in 3:20 for the tandem Andy H

Well done tandem duo today that was a tough first half route for you guys. Greg B

Yeh, felt it on the way home, made the effort to catch you in Llantrisant but was then shot!! Andy H

Good ride for the tandem duo...I'll give it a go next and we can do the aberdare loop and smash it :o Dave W

Amblers - 30th    October 2016

Six riders out today with the EX 25er's group, Tom, Paul L, Andy S joined EX 25er's, Ron, Carrie and Nick for a 40 mile tour of the Vale. So I suppose our group should now be called the 40/25er's, but that would be a silly name. I go away for a week and someone, not even a regular 25er has decided to change our name. Anyway, back to today Tom led us on a very nice ride along many lanes and paths and we ended up in Cowbridge Costa for a coffee. Ron B

Chasers & Pacers - 30th   October 2016

Thanks Andy, that was an enjoyable mixed ride today with the 'Chasers' hanging on to the coat tails of the Pacers down to Swansea Marina and back. The legs are feeling it now after the slightly brisk pace. I won't write up a Chaser's report but if it helps I counted 17 of us out today, as follows:

Steven,  Steve C, Andy H, Keith, Neil B, Terry, Lea, Nick (the Power) Langley, Steve Landeg, Rich B, Richard, Jason, Roy Richards, Craig, Paul Nicholas, Mark P

Oops, forgot Reece! :o Sorry matey. Mark P

No probs. Must have been the black camouflage 😀 Reece

Is that similar to Phil (The Power) Taylor...I.e. Some fat bloke that loves boozing!? ...sounds pretty spot on  Nick L

Good riding today, thought groups managed to stay together pretty well and regrouped when necessary.

As usual tandem strugggled a bit in the hills once the pace started picking up on the way home. We were happy to 'mop up' the stragglers at the rear! Andy H

Reece deserves another mention, he was strong today! Steven M

I'll second that Steven, looks like a seasoned pacer...as was Paul Nicholas after months of Strava inactivity Nick L

My thanks to the other members of yesterday's grupetto (Steve L, Andy & Keith) for their back wheels Roy2

Midweek - 06.09.16

Just me and Steve this morning(and Steve only came out because he thought it would be sunny!)WE did see the Maesteg in the café but showed them a clean pair of heels as Steve pushed for home so as not to be late for work! Tom B

08.09.16 - Tour Of Britain 2016 Aberdare Stage

Five of us left Pencoed this morning, Mark, Richard, Greg, Wayne and myself. The weather looked like it was brightening up after the early showers and we were all keen to get going as the advertised presentation and sign on was 10am and 11am start. It wasn't long before the heavens opened and a good old soaking. The route I planed on the garmin was doing a good job until Pontypridd and I couldn't make out where it wanted me to go! Luckily Greg came to the rescue and we were soon back on track. Nice stretch of road from Ponty all the way to Aberdare but it didn't look that lumpy on the route planner. We arrived in Aberdare bang on schedule in time to watch the presentation and take a few pictures outside the team buses, the start was now 10:45 so we couldn't get back into town to watch the race come through but we did watch them come out of Aberdare park. Took the opportunity to follow the back of the team team cars for a bit ( always a favourite for me ) being cheered on by spectators unsure if we were part of the race or not. First coffee stop of the day then at Bradley's in Aberdare, ( going there again )    We must of had all the weather seasons in the space of 10mins but a nice outside seating area and good coffee. Wayne decided to come straight back as he hasn't done much riding, Refuelled the rest of us headed for the Rhigos! strong wind and rain made the climb interesting, and descending even more so. Second coffee stop of the day in Treorchy and everyone going for the bacon option except me thinking about the climb to come. After eventually getting served we were off again, the wind still blowing but at least it wasn't raining, over the Bwlch and Llangeinor I started to regret not eating and could feel the hunger Knock coming on. Mark done a massive effort on the front all the way into Bridgend dropping Greg and Richard off, Mark and me continued on around the coast ( Mark still on the front ) for some extra miles. Mark turned off for home and I went solo to Cafe Velo for all I could eat.

Great day out, Thanks for the company guys, always one of my favourite rides of the year! Steve C

Good day out i enjoyed, cheers. Greg B

Yes great day out! And thanks Steve for sorting the route, enjoyed the stretch from Pontypridd to Aberdare. Richard Bowmer

Thanks again Steve for a good day out. Wayne E

Steve et al, good route & good company. First time I've been to the start of a stage & really enjoyed it. Thanks all. Mark B

Mid week - 15.09.16 -

Everything you'd want from a day's cycling today.Lots of sun ,quiet roads,some stiff climbs a few punctures and ice-cream. Thanks to Mark and Mal for the company and for waiting for me to go the dentist then waiting again for me to eat cake(of course).

When I had the first puncture Mal and I thought we'd be lucky to catch the train we'd booked,when I punctured again a few miles later it seemed hopeless but Mal produced some magic jelly babies and  a flat out 7 miles or so on a slowly deflating back tyre saw us on the train with approx. 30 seconds to spare!Perfect day in all respects. Tom B

Great day out Tom still can't believe we managed to catch the 5 o clock train !big thanks to you and mark for navigating me though some. Lovely rural areas Mal J

Mid week - 22.09.16 -

Another sunny Thursday spent on the bike. Chris M joined me and Carrie who it transpired didn't need to go into Cardiff so we did a large loop of the Vale calling in at Dyfryn Gardens for coffee in the sun(a first visit for Chris!). I generously gave Chris 2 opportunities to hone his tyre changing skills(2 front wheel punctures this week just for variety). You'll have to look at Carrie's Strava if you want to know how far we went but it was a very pleasant ride with a few hills here and there and,of course good company.

I'm away the next couple of weeks-normal service will resume week of 10th Oct!Tom B

Great social ride today with Tom and Carrie with a good cafe stop  , Carrie was in charge but Tom did insist on trying to change the route but fair play Carrie wasn't having any of it , many of the roads today I have never rode before, just goes to prove every club ride doesn't have to be  a suffer fest . A great ride with good company . Oh and Tom I can give you lessons on tyre changing if you wish.  Chris M

Mid week - 12.10.16

Lee joined me and Mal for the usual amble round the Vale this morning. We were privileged to be joined by Ron at Café Velo. Lanes weren't too bad for the time of year.

Planning to get out on Friday with Carrie and Chris M-will post precise details later!!Tom B

Mid week - 18.10.16

Chris M,Mark,Carrie and myself on what we are thinking of re-naming The Amblers ride today. If it wasn't for the fact he's no longer a Club Member I'd suspect Chris was trying to gain votes in the clubman(person)of the year by paying for coffee(and cake)for all today. In fact he's just a very generous chap!

We're hoping to get out on Friday too-that depends in my case on the weather being good enough for me to finish treating my decking on Thursday-further progress reports to follow.!Tom B

If I knew Chris was buying the coffee I'd have made more of an effort I hope to be out fri Mal J

Well Tom you are tooooo kind , its was in way a thank you for the patience you all have  showed when Kelly came with me , she is new to it but very determined , last Friday was proof of that with Tom and Carrie to encourage her , thank you Chris M

Mid week - 21.10.16

Superb ride today. Chris,Carrie and I met in Aberthin then at Carrie's suggestion  rode  To Welsh St Donats, Bonvilston,Penmark,Rhoose,Rhoose Point(excellent new cycle track)Fonmon,St Athan,Cowbridge-coffee in Costa where Carrie and I(Chris had gone to work)pretended we didn't notice G in the corner(true in Carrie's case)with Owen Doull(??).Such a nice day we extended the ride through the lanes back to Bridgend. Great route by Carrie-lots of quiet lanes ,good views and good surfaces-one to repeat again soon. Tom B

Ambers - 6th November 2016

Only Nick and Ben keeping me company today, Carrie seems to have chipped some nail varnish on her gear changing finger, it will be entered in the Big Book of Excuses, 3rd Addition. So of we went in bright sunlight over Llan g then up the Bwlch and back the same way via Bryn Garw for a slowly made cup of coffee. Last of the dry fine weather probably so get ready for winter, about 35 miles for me today with a little more for Nick and Ben. Ron B

54 miles for me Ron. Once I went and got some chocolate and a drink my cramp went. Still hated riding up from Troes to the A48 though. But got a pb too   :o

Next time I'll be better, stronger, faster and changing my name to Steve Austin. Ben N

 Hi Ron, It must have been that cheap nail varnish that you lent me last week  ;D,

 I'll give it back to you next time.

 Shame I missed out on a nice ride today ! Carrie H

He's got some of mine now Carrie. I leant him a pot of Humbrol Red Arrows Red. Ben N

Chasers  - 6th November 2016

A great turnout today with 16 Chasers heading out from Brackla for a ride around some of the Vale's back lanes. Despite the nippy weather and brisk breeze it was dry and sunny throughout the ride and due to the lumpy route and occasional bursts of enthusiasm from the domestiques on the front of the Oggie peloton we rarely felt the cold. Out today were:

Si (the Beast Master) Bird - Definitely a Pacer in waiting, Terry (Just cruising), Tony ( welcome back buddy ), Craig, (Super domestique), Lee Stoneham (flying - but then he is only 50 kilos)!, Steve Chapman (Hologram, courtesy of the Disney Channel), Tom ( Sponsored by Massey Ferguson), Mal - Special guest appearance., Jonathan Slinks ( the Bike Whisperer), Neil ' the Beast' Bartlett, Rich (I've got Becky James' mobile number), Bowmer, Rich (James Criddle's bike dad), Roy Richards ( James Criddle's bike grandad), James Criddle ( Pacer by, Xmas), Will John (the Earl of Ogmore), Mark P

Technical advice - Harpo via satellite!

See you next week. Mark P

Good report 😄

Enjoyable ride and great to see so many out and a very disciplined peloton for most of the ride too. Richard Bowmer

Good ride today with the elder statesmen of the OVW.  ;D Simon B

Amblers - 13th November 2016

The new amblers are so much friendlier than the old bunch!! I kept Roy H and newbie Mike ( riding well) company as we headed over the smilog and then then up to Gilfach (another of Marks cheeky hills) down to blackmill over mini bwlch ( Roy in training for Mallorca) then onto parc slip for coffee and cake . What a great day- no wind and great views over Llangeinor mountain total about 35 miles Mal J

I guess you guys got to Parc Slip and left before we did 😩 Nick L

Just missed you Nick lots of port talbot wheelers on there with us Mal J

Chasers  - 13th November 2016

A great day for a Remembrance Sunday ride today, with sunshine, light winds and mild temperatures for this time of the year (and any time of year for the Rhondda). Nine of us set out from Brackla to head out towards the Rhondda via Talbot Green and the climb through the forest at Smilog. We then climbed up along the Western edge of the valley towards Ton Pentre before heading up the Bwlch from arguably the easiest side. The views from the top were fantastic and it was a great place to observe the 2 minutes silence before the descent down the Afan Valley. It made a nice change to be shooting down the valley, as we normally slog our way up to the Bwlch from Taibach.

We then headed home along the A48 past Margam Parc, hanging on for dear life to Neil 'the Beast' Bartlett's back wheel. After coffee and some doorstep sized cake at Parc Slip we rolled home via Fountain and Bridgend. The total distance today was around 54 miles and we mostly stuck to the advertised pace. Out today were:  

Neil B, Paul L, Nige W, Tony M, Nick L, Jonathan S, Lea W, Rich B, Mark P

Cheers Mark, great route today ��Nick L

Thanks Nick, glad you enjoyed it. Mark P

Yes great route, we must do it again. Richard Bowmer

Pacers - 13th November 2016

A group of 14 Pacers out this morning, some strong riding from several people including Dave and Keith on the tandem. Too strong for me, after a 25mph+ blast along the flats, by the time the pace increased again, in the latter stages, thro' Church Village my legs were shot!

Out today were:-  Haydn, Mark, Chris G, Steven, Dave and Keith, Jason, Greg, Reece, Terry, Adrian, Owain, Mike, and me

First time I've ridden with Owain, Adrian and Mike, all looked more than comfortable in the group, hope we see you again. Andy H

Great riding by Keith and Dave on the tandem, looking very strong now that they are riding out of the saddle. Jason T

Ambers - 20th  November 2016

Seven riders out today, Tom, Roy, Nick, Carrie H, Ben, Mike a newbe and Me. Laleston, Kenfig Hill, Port Talbot, over the Bryn to a coffee stop at Parc Slip. Nice weather, maybe a little cold. An ex 25er Claire was making the coffee at PS, so Roy and I did a little catching up with her. Claire always turned up for a ride a few years ago, still has a couple of bikes so maybe she will make a return. There was the remains of last nights snow on the Bryn and the Amazon river has been redirected and is now flowing down the hillside and past Parc Slip entrance, that did not make the Western Mail? Ron B

yes thanks for letting me make a guest appearance with you today Ron.Next time I will try and adhere to the Amblers sartorial riposte to the men in black and get a luminous yellow jacket so I fit in.

Considering the amount of snow on Bryn-Maesteg road I'm glad we gave the Bwllch a miss. Tom B

Chasers  - 20th  November 2016

Considering the damp, chilly weather there was an impressive mêlée of 26 Oggies clustered around Physiques Gym car park this morning waiting for the off at 0900. Nine of the group headed out with the Chasers for a mixture of cyclo-cross, swimming and occasionally road riding around the Vale. As we hit the Coast road after Ewenny the extent of last night's flooding was apparent, with the river levels being higher than any of us could remember. As a special treat we took in the cheeky and very slippy hill up to Norton, before heading a round the lanes to Llantwit and through a series of rivers posing as roads between Llanmaes and Bonvilston. The roads got slightly drier after Sycamore Cross and we headed back to Cowbridge via Gross Faen for coffee and cake, or in Nick (Helium Legs) Langley's case a 3 course Sunday Lunch mashed into a single giant Costa's cup.

We headed home via Nash Point, Llysworney, Ruthin and Pencoed for a ride of just under 50 miles. By the end of the ride we all looked as if we'd spent a shift grave digging after 'enjoying' the Vale's soaked lanes but we were mystified by the immaculate boys from Forza who we bumped into in Costa's who looked cleaner than the dead dude from Randall and Hopkirk (Deceased), despite having ridden the same lanes as us. Obviously class tells in more ways than just speed! It was slightly scary to see Nick Langley floating past me up Norton Hill, clearly his TUE for Asthma consisting of Super Size Me cream covered cakes and coffee is starting to take effect! ;D Out today were:

Chris Goodwin, Will J, Tony M, Nick 'Helium Legs' Langley, Jonathan S, Mal , James, Wayne Evans (good to see you back buddy), Mark P

Nick's a Pacer, he just needs to accept the fact!  ;D Andy H

Pacers  - 20th   November 2016

Interesting ride to say the least. Water up over the bottom bracket in places, amazing amounts of stone and debris washed into the road, fallen leaves and branches, quite amazed we only had two punctures. Both at the same time, with Reece a clear winner over Greg in the repairing stakes.

All a bit stop start, early on because of the road conditions (and waiting for me ) but a better rhythm after Cowbridge and a bit of 'speed play' from Kenfig to Porthcawl.

10 out Allan, Lee, Reece, Greg, Terry, Jason, Mark, Haydn, Nigel and me.

Can't get much wetter than we did today considering it didn't actually rain! Andy H

Amblers - 27th November 2016

Preferred a bike ride rather than getting my hair done today !

Dry & sunny in parts but chilly head wind. Coffee at velo.    Nice morning out.    :) Carrie H

Head wind can only be one way Carrie. Steve H back from his gap months, kept fit enough for the bit of fun to Llantwit. Nick ,Carrie, Mike, Steve H and me started out. Around the coast to St B then along the main TT course, I had to return home early so missed the full ride around Cardiff International Airport and back through the lanes with a brief stop at café Velo for the "Fix". Very cold and a brisk wind in our faces on the way out. Ron B

Chasers  - 27th November 2016

A short if lumpy ride today taking in Llangeinor, Glynogwr, Gilfach Goch, Smilog and Gwern-y-Steeple and on to Llantwit Major for coffee and cake, before heading home via Wick and Ewenny. Although it was only around 48 miles the climbing was front loaded, so there were a few rubbery legs well before halfway. There were nine Chasers out today including a couple of 'resting' Pacers, as follows:

Rich Bowmer, Terry, Tony, Lea W, Lee S, Roy R, Richard, Steve Chapman (yes, really)!, Mark P,

Next week something longer but flatter! Mark P

Pacers - 27th November 2016

Cold early start for me, this morning! Decided to do the Glyncorrwg, Penrhifer, Pontypridd route which was the hillier option but on a selfish note allowed me to peel off and head for home after the first section of Pen-y-Coedcae!  :-[

10 out today:-   Dave W, Mark R, Jason, Haydn, Simon, Nigel, Steven, Chris G, Mike, Me!

Cold but dry and not a bad day to be out. (despite the wind) Andy H

Thanks for today Gents. Enjoyed it.

Just need to try and keep at the pace on the front. Mike H

Ambers - 4th December 2016

Chasers  - 4th December 2016

Pacers  - 4th December 2016

Amblers - 11th December 2016

Chasers  - 11th December 2016

Pacers - 11th December 2016

Ambers - 18th December 2016

Chasers  - 18th December 2016

Pacers  - 18th December 2016

Mid week - 01.11.16

Our luck with sunny Tuesdays continues to hold. 6 out this morning,Mark,Roy(2),Paul Mal (to Llantwit)me and possibly making his mid-week debut(neither he nor I were 100% sure) Simon(Bird).Usual route,Mal caught the bus back but we proved it's faster by bike(it may have been the 2 coffees Paul had). Talking of Paul he has some new-fangled bit of IT kit which -well I can't describe it-have a look at this https://www.relive.cc/view/762521741

I plan to get out Thursday, flexible as to time and route in case anyone else is free-let me know here!Tom B

Norman had one of those in the 70's. Ron B

Mid week - 08.11.16

Nice DRY spin for me Mal,Mark and Paul this morning. Failed to rendezvous with Carrie at Café Velo probably because we were so fast and got there early(not).

I'm away next Tuesday and won't be out but planning to get out on Thursday(this week)provided we're not all snowed in.Tom B

You must have left exactly at 0945. Got there for 0947 and no sign!! Did the same route as last week but no sign of anybody. Got to Cafe velo at 1200 and left at 1225!! Did you guys do the normal route or something different? Simon B

Oh Simon that's a shame!I don't think we left early and we did the same route. We were in Café Velo at about 11.10-you'd have gone faster than us so must have done an extra loop somewhere. If I'd known you were out we'd have waited.

I won't be out next Tuesday but I expect others might-hopefully see you sometime in the next week or 2 Tom B

Mid week - 23.11.16

Mark,Mal,Chris M and I braved the floods this morning. In fact the worst place was in Troes a couple of minutes after we started. Those of us who appreciated that a full pedal rotation whilst passing through the water significantly increases your risk of a wet foot kept fairly dry(not all of us in that category).

There was considerable enthusiasm for a ride on Friday-watch this space! Tom B

Mid week - 25.11.16

8 out today for a sunny spin around Carrie's Penmark route. Enjoying the ride were: Mark, Mal, Carrie W, Carrie H(mid week debut), Nick, Steve C(pre birthday celebration ride), Chris M

Saw Mark B in the café doing a more serious but not more enjoyable ride. Hopefully the sunshine will last into next week. Tom B

Mid week - 30.11.16

An enjoyable ride yesterday in glorious sunshine 8). The lanes were dry and mostly free of debris so we stuck to the usual mid-week route around the Vale with a coffee in Café Velo. That said it would probably take a Zombie Apocalypse to make us change the mid-week route, though due to the age of most of the group we wouldn't notice anyway (and no self respecting Zombie would bother us)! Out yesterday were:  Tom, Roy Richards, Mal, Si Bird (Pacers beware), Steve (Zorro) Chapman, Mark P

Tom should be back online soon, so he will post the next weekday ride. Mark P