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Amblers  - 4th January 2015 - Mark Pope

Although it was a grey, murky day it stayed dry and the Easterly wind didn't impact on the Amblers' ride as much as we'd thought it would.  We left Brackla with 7 Amblers' and headed through Coity and Parc Slip Nature Reserve towards Margam and Porthcawl. We then headed back via the A48 and around the Coast Road before hitting the lanes towards Llantwit Major and a cuppa at Cafe Velo. There were a huge amount of cyclists out today most of whom had obviously stopped at Cafe Velo, as they'd run out of milk and the till had broken down. After coffee and cake and unusually giving Jonathan time to drink his peppermint tea (it is becoming an Amblers' tradition to get up to leave as soon as Jonathan's tea arrives!) we set off for home bolstered by Tony and Tom who were waiting for us in the Cafe after arriving by slightly shorter routes.

We kept up a reasonable pace today, with Andrew Storrie and Neil 'the Beast' Bartlett sharing long turns on the front. The route back took us through Llandow, Pentre Meyrick, Ruthin, Pencoed and then back along the carriageway to Bridgend. The total distance was 54 miles from Brackla to Brackla, with 761 metres of climbing. The average speed was around 16.1 mph, not bad for an amble! Out today were:

Neil, Andrew Storrie, Andy Samuels, Richard B, Roy 1, Jonathan, Mark P, Tom - after Cafe Velo, Tony - after Cafe Velo

Despite the gloomy weather it was an enjoyable ride. See you next week.

Pacers  - 4th January 2015

Allan, Chris, Jason, Mark and I.  Ogmore, Llantwit, Rhoose, Culverhouse Cross.  Aroma in Cowbridge for coffee ( would recommend!). Then Pontyclun, Brynna, Heol -y - Cyw and back via Coity.  61 miles at a brisk average just short of 18mph. Mark and Jason both strong. Lots of cyclists out this morning! Steven M

Mark and Jason were indeed strong, but Mr Madeley was a revelation - a good advert for structured training. I always struggle at this time of year, and I was barely hanging on today.  I made average speed just over 18mph - felt like it should have been much higher. Good training, now for the other important bit - recovery Allan W

Amblers  - 18th January 2015

Four of us eventually set off at the later time of 10, me, Terry, Jonathan and Andy Samuels. The early icy conditions deterred a few riders and caused us to set off cautiously out of Brackla.

Laleston - Pyle - and down Harbour Way and on to Aberavon sea front for an early coffee stop. Then back through Port Talbot - Pyle and A48 into Bridgend and Ewenny where we dropped off Jon. Then Ogmore - St Brides - Wick - Landow - Pentre Meyrick and back into Bridgend. Thanks to Terry for the big turn on the front on the way home.

Spotted Tom on our way to Ogmore and Ben and Harpo - I think - on their way home just after St Brides.

Great to get out to day. More good miles for all. Richard Bowmer

Pacers - 18th January 2015

Met up with Andrew Storrie, Chris Reed, Haydn , Mark R and Ben at Talbot Green after a fairly dicey ride from the Vale. Mark R had already been on the deck once no harm done. Proceeded via Llantrisant St Fagans (where someone was being loaded into an ambulance ?cyclist) Barry and Rhoose to Cafe Velo. Back out of Llantwit not quite sure what happened as it was behind me but someone must have dreamt they were in Ben Hur. A fairly dramatic loud ticking sound of metal on metal. End result was Mark Rossers wheel had shredded spokes and he had to call out the team support vehicle.

Probably a day to stay in. Chris G

Ouch-my timidity seems justified for once.I met Andy S just outside Llantwit and we rode back along the main road to St Brides-fortunately neither of us came off in that distance! Tom B

2015 - Club Ride Reports and News

25’ers - 1st February 2015

Just Tim and me out yesterday, tested the tea again at Hannahs, did one lap of the RR1, very icy on the hill up to Wick, got off and walked. Rest of the course open and ready for next week. Ron B

Amblers  - 1st February 2015

Well, didn't it turn out nice today after all, if a tad chilly. After a tentative start due to the icy surface the Sun came out and we were able to ride at a steady pace around the Vale. By the time we reached the Ogmore Riviera it was a positively balmy 6 degrees. The following Amblers were out on the road this morning:  Andrew S, Paul, Roy 2, Richard B, Chris R, Wayne, Jonathan, Mark P

We also caught up with Terry, Tony & Carrie in Cafe Velo and we bumped into Tom blasting up the hill to Ogmore, no doubt venting his frustration at having decided to stay in and watch Andy Murray's defeat in the Australian Open. The total distance from Brackla to Brackla was just under 46 miles, due to me missing a turn near Pendoylan (I don't think anyone noticed!), although the bonus was the slightly cheeky hill up from Pendoylan to the A48. All in all a surprisingly good morning's ride. Mark P

Pacers - 1st February 2015

Didn't it turn out nice!

4 pacers set off from Brackls in sunshine but into a biting, cold wind. Picked up 2 waifs and strays in Ogmore and Barry.

Lovely day, good ride, got my butt kicked

See you for RR1 next Sunday.

Remember LATEST sign on is 15 minutes before your start time.

Will full details on the week Andy H

Mid week ride 6th January 2015

4 of us out this morning.Paul L ,Carrie,Mark C(looking lithe!)and myself.The rain stopped just in time,and we did the normal route.Carrie peeled off just before Flemingston to fulfil an appointment with a large Birthday cake and Paul and I enveigled Mark into making his first visit to Café Velo. Tom B

25’ers - 25th January 2015

Fine weather as promised today, waited around for a few minutes before heading East. Three riders turned up late, one at 9 38, after trying to explain where they could meet the Pacers, Amblers group, four of us headed to Miskin, Peterson and on to Hannahs café. Roy, Neil and Marshal out today, we will be doing the RR 1 in two weeks time.

Pacers  - 25th  January 2015

It would be true to say that the new RR1 course did get a good testing this morning. The new route through Corntown to Wick was brutal ( especially on lap 2).  Special mentions;

Jason ( The Terminator) Turvey for some punishing sessions early on.

Mark ( The Machine ) Rosser for riding off the front and then chasing back to get Coke from the Petrol Station.

Wayne ( The Hero ) Evans for riding pretty much the whole ride solo after finding himself in the no-man's land between the Pacers and Amblers groups.

The full Welsh breakfast afterwards was amazing, but it did impair my ability to ride above 15mph on the way back from the cafe… Steven M

25’ers - 15th March 2015

Good to see lots of new faces this morning, hope you had a good ride!

Look forward to seeing you on future 25ers, Amblers or Pacer rides. Andy H

Amblers / Pacers - 15th March 2015

8 out on a mixed amblers/pacers ride this morning.

Andrew S, Steve C, Wayne, Roy 2, Paul, Richard, Malcolm (newbie) and me.  Headed out via Tonna, Maesteg to Bryn. Andrew, Steve and Paul all climbing strongly with the rest of us providing a rearguard. Then on to Pontrhydyfen and the sharp climb up to Cimla. Regrouped at the summit and then the group split as we got to Neath, four heading for home and Paul, Wayne,Roy and myself heading for Seven Sisters. A long steady climb was made tougher by the constant headwind, mostly with Wayne on the front,  we were glad to get to Duffryn and start the rapid decent to Glynneath. A quick coffee stop in McDonald before a wind assisted blast down the Vale of Neath and then fighting the wind home.

69 miles @16.6mph  nearly 4000ft elevation gain.

Hope to see you again Malcolm and well done Roy for hanging in there today!! :D Andy H

That was mostly due to your, Wayne and Paul's assistance.  Thanks to you all for your help.  Legs now very tired! Roy2

25’ers - 15th February 2015

Just Roy, newbie Ross and Ron out today. Freezing down at Ogmore almost had to raise the speed to get warm, just did the mid week ride anticlockwise with a detour to Hannah's. Ron B

Amblers  - 15th February 2015

Yes I'm afraid it was all a bit too inclusive today, what with everyone pointing out potholes and obstructions in the road and riding at a steady pace (until natural selection took over on the climb up the Bwlch), it'll give the Club a bad name. We even stopped at red traffic lights (well mostly)! Tom chatting casually as we climbed the Bwlch ,whilst riding a Winter Bike that weighs slightly more than the average Combined Harvester also raised a few eyebrows. What will he be like in Majorca on a super light carbon steed??

It was a great turn-out today and it proved to be a perfect day to 'do' the Bwlch and Llangeinor. I counted 19 Oggies in the mixed Pacers/Amblers group and we stayed together until Cymmer when gravity started to play its part and split the group. We re-grouped at the non-existent tea wagon at the top of the climb before we split into two groups allowing the Pacers to put the hammer down on the way home. Most of us called in at the Cafe at Ewenny for a quick cuppa at the end of a really enjoyable ride. Here's hoping the weather is as kind to us next week.

The following Pacers/Amblers were out on the road today:   Steven, Steve Chapman, Jason, Will James, Paul Nicholas, Haydn, Chris Reed, Mark Rosser, Toestrap Steve, Roy '2' Richards, Wayne, Paul L, Richard B, Tom, Terry A, Tony M, Neil Bartlett, Mark P, Jonathan Mark P

8th February 2015 - RR1

See Reliability page for reporets and photos.

20th February 2015 - Mid Week Ride

Tom, Mark P and Ron out for the usual mid week trip, one day we will do a different route, "The Bridge at Ewenny" is still open, good title for a film. Young Tom talked most of the way, I blame it on the coffee.  Ron B

25’ers - 22nd February 2015

Just Ross and me out for a run down to Cowbridge, nice and cold with lots of ice on the sides of the road, sat in Costas when Ross informed me that my tyre had gone down, nice to have warm hands from holding a cuppa, to change the tube. Ron B

22nd February 2015 - RR2

See Reliability page for reports.

25’ers - 8th March 2015

Roy, Jon and Ross joined me for a tour in the rain, stopped at Velo for a warm up then usual route home. Not the best weather to ride in but not too cold. See next 2 weeks rides. Ron B

Great ride today Ron got my legs working again, I did ask Ross and we both said we will be riding next week so all welcome to join us if you can handle our 25ers pace, 39 miles for me today. Jon S

1st March 2015 - RR3

See Reliability page for reports.

25’ers - 29th  March 2015

Well cannot believe what I've just read surely all you amblers would have braved a little bit of rain your not made of sugar, :D well four of us 25ers out this morning Ron b Andrew Joe and myself 34.6 miles ave speed 12.63 mph ave cadence 73 rpm not to bad for this mornings weather, rain did stop and wind was a factor but not enough to put of us 25ers off. This name does not reflect our group and think we should be called the in betweeners. Jon S

Not the worst weather to cycle in, we took advantage of the wind to go to Miskin then through the lanes via Welsh St D to Costas then back in the lanes for a sheltered ride home. Had to keep alert to the side wind at the break in cover but not too bad, two "buckets" of coffee at Cowbridge and we had to sit on plastic bags because we were damp. Cyclists were doing a TT on the 3H today not for the faint hearted. Ron B

25’ers - 22nd  March 2015

Is anyone going out on Sunday for approx 20-25 miles? It would be my first time with 25ers, so not quite sure I could ride this distance or if I could keep up, but I have been training and would love to give it a go! Jane R

There was a good turn out for the 25ers last Sunday, so I would say come along and give it a go.

They will ride at the pace of the slowest rider, so nobody gets left behind! Andy H

Oh brilliant.  Thanks so much for replying. I shall give it a go!! Jane R

Well done today Jane, Garmin says 33 miles but forgot to turn in on when I stopped si I think its around 37 miles, nice to see some new faces joining us. Jon S

Thank you all so much for the amazing support today, i'm so grateful! !! I thought we did 27 miles - if we did more than that, let me know as I'll be even more chuffed with myself!

The support was fantastic, you maintained my bike, motivated me & picked me up when I fell off - thank you!!! Jane R

Amblers / Pacers  - 22nd  March 2015

Nine riders out this morning for a joint amblers/pacers jaunt down to Swansea marina.

Keith and myself on the tandem, Steve C, Ben, Wayne, Andy S, Roy, Lee (fresh from Mallorca) and Tony (fresh from last weeks 25ers!)

We set off at a good tempo out via Bryntirion and Porthcawl, the opening pace causing a few splits but we regrouped on a regular basis. The pace settled down a bit as we went via the new road around Port Talbot to Baglan, where Andy S turned for home.

Continued on via Skewen and Bonymaen to sit in the sunshine at Cafe Fresco on the Marina.

The tandem showed its paces up Fabian Way before Ben, Wayne and Steve blew us all away over Stormy Down

60 miles at a good pace, in sunshine, enjoyable riding today. Andy H

Yes good route again Andy, Kieth  and you were pushing the pace this morning on Kieth,s new machine.  Wayne E

Amblers  - 3rd May 2015

Six Amblers were out today. Despite the mist and rain it proved to be an enjoyable ride at a reasonable lick. We completed a loop around the Vale finishing up around Southerndown and Ogmore. A slightly shorter route than normal at around 44 miles, although a number of the group (well all except me actually) rode quite a bit further from home and back. It was a strong group so the average speed was slightly quicker than usual at a shade over 17mph. Out today were:

Paul Longthorn, Terry A, Wayne, Mark P, Chris Reed, Craig Macdonald - Newbie but looking very strong after riding the Paris-Roubaix sportive. Mark P

Bank Holiday ride - 4th May 2015

Four hardy souls left Brackla this morning, in damp conditions and hoping to pick up some vagrants en route, as I didn't fancy trying told Haydn's wheel for 100 miles.

Luckily Toestrap Steve, Steve Chapman and Jason were at L'Oreal roundabout and we picked up Andy Samuels on the way to Rhydlafar.

A healthy pace was set on the mostly flat route to the Tumble, 18+ mph to this point with Jason and Haydn doing a lot of the work, having to be occasionally reigned in by the two Steve's and myself, when the pace got too hot. After an hour or so of light rain things dried out by the time we reached Cardiff and we enjoyed a mostly dry ride up through Caerleon, Usk towards the Tumble, Natural selection occurred with Ts Steve leading the way, followed by Haydn, Jason and Steve C. Simon M (Ajax) stayed in touch with me, Richard and Andy providing the rearguard.

Coffee stop in an excellent cafe on Blaenavon high street, took a while to find but well worth and v. friendly. Rain reared its ugly head when we set off again but still not much more than a light shower. Speedy decent down the valley before grinding our way along the bypass to Y. Mynach and Caerphilly. Some tired legs by this point but all made it up Caerphilly mountain, just!!

Came home via Treforest ind est, where Andy turned off for a well deserved pint (did your wife come and pick you up?!!) and the rest of us fought the headwind home.

100+ miles and very enjoyable despite the weather.

Great riding all, see you next week. Andy H

Yes, good riding and a good route and navigation ~ Thanks Andy.       TS Steve looking good on the climbs as usual.

I think the award of the day goes to the random chap climbing The Tumble.... with Panniers and Two Children  :o  Jason T

Great route today - thanks Andy. And thanks to all whose wheel I rode on today. A tough day's cycling but still very enjoyable and first time up the Tumble for me. Richard B

Thanks Andy for organising a useful rehearsal for Velothon - navigated well (apart from the brief jaunt on the M4!). A lovely route/ride apart from a couple of unpleasant showers and a couple of very unpleasant hills. Hard to keep a mixed group together on such a ride but discipline imposed and order restored when gaps grew too big - good team effort and a 'grand day out' - thanks all. Steve C

25’ers - 19th  April 2015

Just Pete and Andy out with me today, we followed the 25er's to the New Harbour road in PT before retracing our route to Park Slip. Less than one hundred miles but successfully drank three coffees and Pete ate a Welsh cake. Met Sian on the way home she should be out and about soon. If all members turn up one week we are in trouble. Ron B

Thanks for having me tag along today. Thoroughly enjoyed it Pete W

You had a good strong ride Pete, most people wont be out next week but should be back to normal the week after. Jon S

Inbetweeners  - 19th April 2015

Excellent ride by all today,tondu rd aberkenfig to cenfig,margam,Port Talbot,Bwlch,little bwlch,Heol y cew,Pencoed, 56.4 miles average 15.08ph,ascent 4061.6 feet desent 4120.7 feet. A bit of confusion in the begin of the ride I hope all enjoyed, hope your tyre held out ross.not everyone went the full distance.ten out in total Royh,Ross,Clayton,Paul l,Dave,Joe 90,Andrew F,Pete,Dave I think and myself. Jon S

It was Marshal not Dave, good ride with good company again. RoyH

Bloody good ride I would say, but my legs are telling me different now!   That Bwlch is just never ending, however 'Clayton the Machine' made it look easy again, I just don't know how he does it!!! Paul L

First time out with OVW yesterday, really enjoyed, thanx for the ride guys, hope to join you again soon if thats ok. |Mike G

Top ride yesterday guys, certainly felt the climb up the bwlch this morning, once again good banter with good guys and even sunshine. Im  away for the next few weeks but i'll see you all shortly for some more of the same Surfy Dave

9th March 2015 - Mid Week Ride

6 out for a glorious sunny ride-Terry,Carrie,Neil Jonathan and Mark C(and me!)No sign of the elusive Ron! Tom B

Yes another lovely day for a ride well enjoyed it thanks to everyone, I hope I didn't slow you down too much. RoyH I won't be able to make chain gang tonight. Jon S

First ride on new tandem

Keith has now taken delivery of his new tandem, and after Andy gave it its maiden ride last night, today we gave it a full road test. It's fitted with 11 speed Di2 dual controls (pilot and stocker), though for me I leave Keith do 99% of the gear shifting as it gives me something to talk about :D. Its like driving an automatic car :D

The bike rides really well and if anyone is looking for a few strava sections on flat roads then this is the machine to do it on. I predict it will do really well on the club TT this year. It climbs well, not sure what cassette is on the back but the front chainrings are 52-36.

Anyway you can see the ride we done below all done at a comfortable pass and never really pushing hard, all made for a very enjoyable day out.

https://connect.garmin.com/modern/activity/723074808  Keith C

23rd March - Mid Week Ride

6 of us this morning Jonathan S,Terry ,Ron Steve C Carrie and Myself.A sunny easy ride to reacclimatise with the traditional coffee stop in Llantwit.Population of which almost reduced by one as the old lady who stepped on the zebra as I approached over-estimated my braking abilities.No harm done though and Carrie calmed her down! Tom B

25’ers - 12th April 2015

Excellent turn out this morning 8 25ers out, headed out to Maesteg over the Bryn down to Port Talbot coffee at the sea front home via margam, kenfig, portcawl dan-y-graig hill then back to Brackla for a few.

Royh,Andrew F,Clayton the machine,Paul L, Joe,Neil, Dave and myself. 43.9 miles Ave 15 mph I did forget to start the Garmin, Next week is over the bwlch from Port Talbot side with a few extras thrown in on the way, Jon S

hanks John it was a really good ride today and thoroughly enjoyed it, my legs are saying a different thing now mind!

Must say 'Clayton the Machine' just eats them hills like they are little slopes :(

Great bunch of lads and a good pace was kept by all, might be washing my hair next Sunday mind, not looking forward to the Bwich!!! Paul L

Paul the Bwlch isn't that bad, you seem to climb those little slops ok lol, just think of the  Velothon Caerphilly mountain and the tumble that's without the climb in Caeleon you will be glad to get these climbs under your belt and me, maybe all the 25ers doing this ride on June 14th should ride together a d share turns on the front. Jon S

Thanks all for a good ride out today, even if I did maybe curse somewhat at the bottom of the Bryn climb, nice route and good company, and again another good cake stop, legs feeling it a little now, but hope to be out next weekend, just need to check work diary, oh the Bwlch you say, suddenly I'm rather busy… (Surfy)Dave

Pacers - 12th April 2015

7 started the pacers ride this morning, TS Steve, Steve C, Paul, Jayson,Harpo, Malcolm and myself. Unfortunately Malcolm had intended riding with the Amblers so peeled off at Blackmill. (Wish I had too) it was a really tough day today, lots of climbing and the Mallorca 'brethren' in the form of harpo and Jayson keeping the tempo high on the flat! They both looked really strong today, both Steves were climbing  well and Paul was flying!   64 challenging miles        Andy H

Thanks Andy for a great ride, always somewhere different!          Keep telling Jason to slowdown but he wouldn't listen! ;)  Hayden

Oi…      Good ride today chaps, hell of a headwind back to my place and I think my average speed coming down nantgarw was 21mph ~ Glad I didn't have that back to Bridgend  ;D

Paul is just getting stronger-and-stronger by the looks of it. Jason T

25’ers - 5th April 2015

Excellent turn out this morning,35.8 miles average speed 15.13 mph max 31.8mph, Ron h, Ross, Clayton, Bleddyn, Paul L,Joe, myself not sure of other riders name I think it was Peter, Physics to corntown up the hill nice one Ron to St Athen. cafe velo then around the coast back.  Jon S

Really enjoyed today's ride guys, was at a nice pace too.

Thanks for the warm welcome and must say anybody looking for a relaxed club with friendly members should look at the Wheelers first Paul L

Thoroughly enjoyed myself today as a first timer, and made welcome by all. Apologies for hoqlding you all up. Good route and lovely weather to go with it. I'll try and get more miles in so I catch up  Bleddyn

Amblers  - 5th April 2015

A great ride today in perfect weather. We (mostly) followed the route of Reliability Ride 2 and headed out towards the Bwlch via the A48, Margam and Taibach before heading up the Afan Valley. We re-grouped at the top of the Bwlch before descending via Nantymoel and climbing over Llangeinor before blasting across the Common to Pencoed and home via the A473. The total distance was a shade under 50 miles at an average speed of around 16.5 mph. There were 9 Amblers out enjoying the balmy, Majorca like weather:

Steve Chapman (plus new De Rosa and bling wheels), Tom (plus 15kg monster bike), Tony M, Tony James (new member and v strong rider), Wayne, Richard B, Chris Reed, Mark P, Lee

A nice ride in shorts and short sleeves. The first this year! Mark P

Thanks to Mark for organising and to everyone else for waiting!I guess it's good for the ego after finding the climbs so easy in Mallorca a few weeks ago to come back to reality .Still I think that's enough ego-deflating for a while and I'll try one of my lighter bikes next week! Tom B

Pacers  - 5th April 2015

We decided to do something similar to the Amblers. The short cut via Parc Slip was longer and we had to overtake them again at Margam. PB up the Bwlch so pleased with my efforts.... 50 miles. Steven M

That's good Steven, as wouldn't have thought you'd of had any assistance from the wind today (which there normally is from margam). Possibly even a slight headwind. Rob J

Yes, slight headwind. The ride I beat was with a screaming tailwind! Steven M

you must have got the riding versus eating balance right in Majorca! Rob J

10th April - Mid Week Ride

Thank you Tom, Carrie and Terry for letting me tag along today, really enjoyed the ride, hope to see you all again soon.   

Also thank you Terry for the cuppa at Cafe Velo much appreciated. Paul L

Thanks Paul-good to have your company-keep an eye on the message board,we organise at least one mid-week ride most weeks! Tom BPaul L

13th  April - Mid Week Ride

Just me and Steve at B&Q but we met up with Carrie(with bad back)inLlantwit.After a coffee stop my chain caught between the front cogs and it transpired of the 3 of us I was the only one who doesn't carry a pair of disposable gloves to avoid getting oily hands.It makes me wonder how many other OVW's are equally fastidious?Thanks to Steve for tugging it free after it defeated me! Tom B

No fastidiousness here, that's what black shorts are for!  :) Andy H

25’ers - 17th May 2015

Good turnout at Physiques today, dazzling outfits on show, couple of new riders turning up and deciding which group their kit would suit best. Jonathan announced that he was stepping down to the Amblers group, I had spotted that he was wearing his new Hoy Aero socks, thought something was up. He'll be back and the good news so is Andrew W, just Claire and Sian missing. Andrew is back after 6 months off with Achilles trouble. Riders out today Andy, Andy, Andrew and guests Huw and Ian.So off we went through Troes to City where the friskies were sent left up the hill to re join Andrew and me at the Cowbridge junction, up to WStD then on to Hannahs by 2 different routes. Quiet refreshment at the café, chatted to young Ruby(OVW) who was waiting for her Gran. We split up after the cuppa, Huw and Ian went back to Llantwit and we returned back through the lanes. Total mileage today, less than the Pacers in three hours.  Ron B

Lol Ron I'm glad you liked my socks, I think its time I stepped down as you call it need a challenge with the Velo around the corner. Jon S

The way things are going we may need a 25.5er's group with a slightly longer quicker ride than the 25er's, but meeting up at some point. Answers on a post card. Ron B

Pacers - 17th May 2015

10 Pacers out this morning, for a loop of the Gower. Mostly the 'A' team, with Paul Nicholas, Jason T, Allan, Simon Bird, Chris G, Haydn, Mark Rosser, a guest appearance from Vince (injury rehab) and Keith and me on the tandem.

Ridden at a good tempo, one of the more disciplined club rides we've had, managing to ride in two pace lines, rotating off the front. Thanks to Vince and Chris G for persevering once they'd started to get it going.

Tandem held its own on the flat but as usual gravity was the winner, whenever the road kicked up.

85 miles for the tandem, 3,700 ft ascent and 18.0mph average. Happy with that and so was Keith! Andy H

Yes, pretty disciplined today ~ What's that all about  ;D

Seems good milage by all today and another good route thanks Andy Jason T

Good discipline today. Steven Madeley you would be proud.

Also made it into a really enjoyable ride today. Even enjoyed having my legs ripped apart at the end… Chris G

Best club run I've been on for a while. Legs shredded - but that means they'll recover stronger. Last 5 miles from Pencoed to home ridden on fumes. Some pretty strong riding out there today. Well done for organising the paceline Vince. Allan W

Thanks Andy, epic ride today, that chaingang formation seemed to work, only had one telling off! Haydn L

25’ers - 10th May 2015

Six out this morning for a stroll around the vale, Ron,  Andrew G,Joe, Ross, Peter,and My self, 53.9 miles ave 16.9mph. Joe pealed off to go to the cafe, Peter and Kate I think went took another route, myself and Ross soon found ourselves on our own. Andrew and Ron caught us at Cafe Velo. Jon S

Amblers  - 10th May 2015

I deputised for Mark today, only by virtue of being the one that suggested a route - will need to take more care in future.

11 amblers out today and Mark you'll be pleased to here I didn't lose anyone - all home safely including Mal :-), the amblers were

Me, Andy Storrie, Terry, Tony M, Anthony James, Mal, Neil, Andy Samuels, Wayne, Roy "2" Richards, Lee Stoneham

We followed the route as planned - 63 miles for me, up the Ogmore Valley and over the Bwlch, down to Treorchy, over the Rhigos fromTreherbert, down to Gynneath and down the old Neath Road to Neath, Briton Ferry, Baglan, Aberavon with a coffee stop at Café Remos, onto Pyle and home over Stormy Down. Strong turn on the front most of the way from Andy Storrie, ably assisted by Terry at times and later on. Andy Samuels paced himself home from Margam and Mal peeled off just short of Pyle.

Look forward to seeing Mark back next Sunday.. Richard B

Pacers  - 10th May 2015

Great riding with you again today, despite being 'fat guy off the back' whenever the road ramped up!

& pacers our were Haydn, Allan, Jason, TS Steve, Steve C, Paul and me.

Allan and I set a steady pace from Brackla, knowing that the Bedlinog Wall beckoned and would need all our energy, this was short lived however as Haydn wanted to check out his new hoops, for speed. Pace therefore a little faster than was good for me and we raced through Church Village, Pontypridd and Cilfynydd to the short climb over Whitehall. Largely uneventful but after the Trelewis crossroads the pace slackened as the climber took a rest. TS Steve and myself opened a gap that was to prove completely useless by the time we reached 'The Wall'!

Haydn started out fast as usual closely followed by Paul, who then distanced all of us on the lower slopes and opened a huge gap by the time we were on the common. He did however overestimate the challenge and had plenty left in the tank, which made Allan and the rest of us feel great!

Flew down the valley to Ystrad Mynacj and the old road to Caerphilly and a quick coffee stop in Tongwynlais.

Steve C then cheered us all up by 'dropping' Haydn at the bottom of Pentyrch hill and charging off, head wind most of the way home as the group broke off at various points.

Next week is a 'mystery tour' so I can ride on the front all day and the rest can follow!!  ;D See you next week. Andy H

Amblers  - 24th May 2015

Excellent ride today Steve well enjoyed it, looks like we were lucky with the weather. Jon S

Cheers John. Right, out today were: Lee (call of nature at Afan Argoed), Ross (what's in that rucksack?), John (strong turn up Afan valley, did he forget the Bwlch came next?)  Wayne (strong climbing and enough in the tank to tow us round Pencoed and back to B&Q - with the amount of gear in his back pockets, he'd probably been there already!), Rich (steady Eddie)B and Mark R (off at Port Talbot - "flat training for flat racing", or was it a hangover?).

We took on RR2 and despite the mixed group achieved 16.5mph average relishing the better-than-forecast conditions, so credit to our two 25-ers. Lee meanwhile must have been relishing better-than-forecast facilities at Parc Afan Argoed - we never saw him again! While we waited at the top of the Bwlch, we had to listen to the Rhondda's answer to Jeremy Clarkson bang on about cyclists in the fog w/o lights - we rose above the urge to tell him that overgrown boy-racers in their 'Carlos Fandango-ed' hatchbacks ought to drive according to the conditions - fortunately he hadn't run down Lee who'd returned via Bryn.

Coffee and cake at Ewenny - thanks for the company lads Steve C

Good report Steve. Thanks for the tow today at a good steady pace Wayne E

Nice report Steve. It looks like I missed a good ride :'(.  Mark P

Great report Steve with some fine analogies! Apologies for the unplanned pit-stop at Afan Argoed  Lee S

Good report Steve. And thanks for the strong pace seating on the front. Richard B

20th   April - Mid Week Ride

5 of us out this morning-Jonathon,Pete,Carrie and I set out from B&Q meeting up with Marshall en route.Glorious day,sat in the courtyard at Café Velo soaking up the sun.It's days like this that cycling is made for!       I also counted us all out and back-no-one lost!          Planning to get out at some point on Friday,will post in a day or 2. Tom B

Good ride today Tom at a good pace 15.96 mph for me took it steady after leaving everyone, should be back out on Friday. Jon S

27th    April - Mid Week Ride

Steve C,Lee and myself this morning.Had to dig out the Winter kit consigned to the back of the drawer a few weeks ago but sunny and bright.And Dave in Café Velo succeeded where many OVW members have failed, in discovering how to lock my phone.No excuse now for inadvertently ringing you while I'm out on the bike! Tom B

Amblers  - 31st May 2015

An enjoyable if quite tough ride today despite the weather. Although there were no big hills on the route, the first half included a lot of short sharp climbs, including Bryn Garw, Bettws, the Bryn and Ponthydfren across to Cimla. We had the benefit of a fresh tailwind on the way back from Briton Ferry so we decided to practice our slightly ragged chain gang technique along the new carriageway between Baglan and Margam. Apologies are probably due to Haydn for the very audible collective groan that we all let out when he turned up at 9am on the dot, just as we were discussing having a pleasant mixed group amble around the route. For those who don't know Haydn is a stranger to 'Ambling'!

We had coffee and cake at Sarn on the way back and finished up having ridden 50 miles at around 16.3 mph. Coasting around South Wales today were: Tom. Wayne, Terry, Tony, Neil B, Haydn, Mark P, Ross, Neville, Andy, Roy 1 Mark P

Yes a good ride despite everything Mark and as I said to Haydn I didn't know he could ride with such discipline-maybe his bad press is undeserved as he maintained.

Sorry about my 2 punctures-the first was bad luck but the 2nd was down to bad cycling.An experienced rider would just have caught up with Roy and sat on his wheel rather than going on the front to help out.If so Roy would have pointed out the enormous pothole rather than me riding straight into it.

I'll be very disappointed if it isn't 27 degrees plus next weekend as you've promised us! Tom B

Very undeserved Tom! :D Thou I got to admit I did spice it up abit on afan way, that was practise for the 4up with terry and mark, we might not get chance to ride together again

Thanks all for a good ride Haydn

Yes thanks all, good ride today despite the weather, cheers Haydn  for the good fun going down to margam although I will admit I was blowing a bit at the end so some work to do, great taster for what's to come in the 4 up, cheers guys 👍Neil B

Thanks all, good ride today enjoyed that, even the weather wasn't as bad as I expected, looking forward to next week. Roy H

Amblers  - 7th June 2015

A great turnout today with 15 Amblers and a mystery guest heading out on a flatish (well only 3000 feet of climbing ;D) route towards Cardif Bay. It turned out to be a really enjoyable ride, although due to a puncture and being twice caught out by the raised barage we were about 40 minutes later back than planned. It was a bit of a mystery tour for some of the boys as we don't often stray this far East or touch the badlands of Barry. Ambling around the Vale and City today were:  Tom, Terry, Tony M, Paul L, Neil Bartlett, Neil B, Chris Goodwin - up the road, Ben North _up the road, Ron, Jon Saunders, Jonathan Slinks, Lee S, Mark P, Mystery guest (Chris R) Craig. Mark P

Excellent route today Mark well enjoyed the ride. Excellent ride in prep for next weeks Velothon. Jon S

Yes thanks Mark-a good ride and a good call on the return route-avoiding that top road is always a good idea!Sorry I lost contact at the end-I went straight down the bypass-I'm guessing you went another way? Tom B

Great route today Mark. Thoroughly enjoyed riding the mystery tour!  :) Lee S

Perfect day for it today chaps!, great route I've not done before, got a pair of red arms and legs to boot !😂 suncream next time 👍 Neil B

Amblers  - 17th May 2015

There was a last minute rush for today's Club Run, with 19 Amblers (at various times) riding with the group. The group numbers are getting so large that it is now becoming a struggle to find a cafe that can accommodate the Oggie swarm. We set off from Brackla and headed out via Coity and Fountain towards the A48 at a very un-Amblers like lick before re-grouping at Kenfig and heading back through Porthcawl and up 3-Steps Hill towards the Coast Road. We followed the Lanes to Llantwit where David was waiting with pound signs glinting in his eyes at Cafe Velo at the sight of the plague of yellow clad locusts that had just arrived, but unfortunately we had been gazumped by Cardif Ajax who had arrived 2 minutes before us and took all the seats. We then decided to change the route slightly to search out a coffee and headed to Cowbridge for a quick break before the now shrinking group headed back to Brackla via Aberthin, City and Treose.

The average speed today was a brisk 17.5mph, which everyone seemed to cope with (well just about) and we were occasionally helped by a lively tailwind on the home leg.  It was good to see a couple of the 25ers stepping up and coping comfortably with the pace and distance (Clayton and Jonathan) and we also had a couple of Newbies out with us, (Andrew & Neil) who are both strong riders and will be joining the Club in the next day or so.

Out today were (here goes!):  Terry, Wayne, Carl, Andrew Storrie, Paul Longthorn, Andrew - Newbie, Jonathan Saunders, Clayton, Neil Bartlett, Neil P - Newbie, Lee, Marshall - Saxo-Tinkoff, Mal, Tony M, Tony J, Chris Reed, Roy 2, Mark P, Pete Phillips - a youngster, new to the sport and thinking of joining the Club! ;)

Phew, I think that's it. Mark P

Really enjoyed the step up to the amblers today, great route Mark will look forward to next week. Jon S

Thanks mark for making us feel welcome, great route and a good pace. I'm away next week but back with the amblers the following weekend!

And a great job remembering everyone's name!!!! Ha Clayton E

love reading your reports Mark nice  bit of humour I must admit I thought I was with the wrong group the way you all set off to pyle from fountain  think some have been watching the Giro too much . Thanks to Andy (I think) for giving me his wheel to following on first bit of coast road .Headed home from St Brides to Castle upon Alun as she who must be obeyed told me to be home by 12. Away next week but look forward to next ride. Mal J

Thanks Mark for a enjoyable ride. Good turn out today . Wayne E

Hi all! Thanks for making me feel so welcome, really enjoyed today, apologies if I got a bit frisky on times I'm not used to riding in groups but learnt a lot today, so glad we stopped for coffee thanks Chris!  I have my form filled out just need to hand it in, where shall I drop it? And where can I get the kit from?, again thanks guys for today and I definitely picked the right club Neil P(Rhys)


Amblers Step up ride - 15th June 2015

Due to the large number of Oggies taking part in the Velothon this Sunday, I thought it would be an ideal opportunity to arrange the first monthly Amblers' Step-Up Ride. This is aimed at 25ers looking to step up in pace and distance as well as the usual group of Amblers who want a less frenetic ride than usual . For this Sunday I propose a 40 mile route with a stop for coffee at Café Velo. The pace will be no more than an average of 16mph and there are no serious hills on the route. We will all stop if anyone punctures and re-group at various locations to ensure everyone remains together.

The start time is 9am and my proposed route is:

Bracka - Treoes - Llangan - City - Aberthin - Welsh St Donuts - Peterston Super Ely - Bonvilston - Llantrithyd - Flemingston - St Athan - Llantwit - the Lanes - Southerndown - Ogmore - Ewenny - Brackla

A pleasant ride around the Vale this morning with 11 riders setting out from Brackla. As advertised the ride was slightly shorter than usual at around 40 miles and we kept to a reasonably sensible pace (16-17mph ave depending on your speedo tool of choice). We were joined by a couple of Newbies today  (Jonny Jones and David Richards) who coped comfortably with the pace. We had a coffee at Cafe Velo, which was unusually quiet today, probably due to the Velothon, so we were able to all get a seat and were served very quickly. Ambling around the Vale and Coast today were:  Tom, Wayne, Chris Reed, David Richards, Jonny Jones, Mystery Guest (AKA the OVW Stig), Mark Pope, Clayton, Marshall, Andrew Storrie, Bugger, I've forgotten one! :O Mark P

Thanks Mark-another enjoyable&well organised ride-just with 14,989 fewer riders! Tom

Amblers  - 21st June 2015

A great turn-out today with 21 riders departing from Brackla for a mixed Amblers/25ers/Pacers jaunt around a mostly well trodden route, with the added bonus of a slight departure to take in the 'Hill of (almost) Certain Death' near Gwaelod-Y-Garth. We set off at a fair old lick taking in Ogmore, Southerndown and the Lanes to Llantwit before heading via Rhoose to Barry. It was nice to be met with a cheery 'welcome to Barry' by an agitated motorist who stopped to shout abuse at us despite the fact we were sitting in  Lay-by and he was traveling in the opposite direction. However, his ire became clear when someone recognised him from a previous Amblers Club Run, when he had been dropped on the first hill and turned round and went home!

After a quick stop for a re-fuel at St Fagans we headed out via Radyr and Taffs Well before we got to the climb at Gwaelod which starts from just outside the pub. The gradient of the climb has been known to make grown men cry, but spirits were raised when we saw the road closed sign at the bottom of the hill and a friendly local came out of the pub to tell us that the route was completely blocked, meaning we could take the easy way up the hill. However, just as a ragged cheer broke out from the assembled Oggies, a well meaning young lady came out onto the terrace of the pub to tell us that the road was now open and there was no reason at all to turn back! Never have a pretty girl's comments been so unwelcome!

So, after stopping to glance at an exhausted Nepalese Sherpa lying with his equally spent Yak at the bottom of the hill we set off up the track. The hill itself touches 35% on one hairpin and averages over 25% for nearly a km, so it was quite emotional for most of us. However, despite the heaving chests and grinding teeth we all managed to get to the top without putting a foot down. After reaching Pentyrch at the top of the climb we sped back to Brackla on flat (ish) roads via Groes Faen, Miskin and Pencoed. Despite the tortoise like pace up Gwaelod we still managed to average over 17mph for the ride as a whole, slightly faster than advertised but enjoyed by almost everyone. The following Oggies were out for today's ride:  Terry, Tony, Tom, Dave - Newbie, Dave Richards (a bit of a Newbie), Greig - Newbie, Clayton, Lee S, Paul Longthorn, Andrew Storrie, Neil Bartlett, Jonathan S, Chris Reed, Ron, Roy 1, Wayne, Jason T, Ben, Craig, Chris - Newbie, Mark P, I think that's it! ;D    See you next week. Mark P

A good write up there Mark and a good ride today, cheers all. Jason T

Yes thanks Mark-a good ride but an even better report!Impressed with your managing to list all who were out today!   May see you Tuesday but I'm away for the next month so far as Sunday rides go! Tom B

Great write up Mark, enjoyed the ride today.   Nice pace....although I was a little disappointed to be overtaken by a cat on the "cheeky wee hill at Gwaeloo-Y-Garth"  ;D Craig M

That cat that overtook you going up Gwaelod-Y-Garth was actually dead! Yes we were going that slowly! ;D Mark P

Amblers  - 28th June 2015

After an inauspicious start this morning when I managed to drive to Brackla from Penarth without my cycling shoes, we actually had an enjoyable if grey and very wet ride. Luckily Tony Mansell was able to lend me a pair of shoes that were the right size and with the right cleats. So after a swift detour to Mansell Manor in Ewenny we set off to follow the planned route but in the opposite direction. We took in Porthcawl, Margam, Sarn, the Common,Pencoed, Brynna and Cowbridge, where we had a quick coffee before returning via Llandow and over the ridge back to Ewenny.

Tony and Craig did some strong turns on the front and we bowled along at a wind assisted average of about 17mph. I think this year 17 is the new 16.... After last week' s record Amblers' attendance of 21 riders only 6 brave souls dragged themselves out of bed this morning. Out and about were:  Mal, Terry, Tony, Craig, Jonathan Slinks, Mark P,

Now writing this in Costa's and looking out at a perfect sunny day. Where was the Sun this morning? 8) Mark P

Good ride today. Especially as at 8.30 was in front of TV and settled for the morning☺ two pairs of shoes drying  in the sun, shame it wasn't out earlier.  Tony M

Good ride again thanks Mark.   Improvised route worked out very well,   Weather was relatively kind too :) wet and a little windy, just like Welsh summers should be!  Craig M

Great ride despite the rain thanks to Tony for helping me into cowbridge With that headwind .struggled a bit after coffee stop but rode up pottery hill  with Jonathan  then through town and home Mal J

Pacers  - Something different - 28th June 2015

Only 3 pacers for a summer excursion to the beautiful Gower, good pace, windy and I think it rained…........ a bit!  Andy H

Andy, Jason and I did a 77 mile Gower loop. I think it may have stopped raining at times but I can't remember when!  Two points,   The Gabba jacket is the best cycling innovation since Lycra. I wore this with only a thin vest top underneath and was comfortable.   Jason Turvey needs to enter some races… Steven M

Good ride today, a little grim at times and a need to pick some grit from between my teeth when I arrived home but it wasn't that bad at all.   Well done to Steven for venturing out on such a day when it's his birthday  ;D   Cheers Chaps. Jason T

Amblers  - 5th July  2015

Well that didn't go quite to plan! :o The first half of the ride went well with 15 riders leaving Brackla to head out for a 'lumpy' amble taking in a few of our regular and one or two less regular hills. For once the BBC Met forecast was spot on as we initially rode with clear skies, a light (ish) breeze and a comfortable temperature of around 18 degrees. The first challenge was the mountain road over Mynnedd -Y-Gaer. The Amblers' haven't ridden this little treat for a couple of years and no wonder! ;D. After a comfortable start the road rears up resembling the North Face of the Eiger and becomes a real handlebar chewing experience just before the top. I received a few interesting comments about my route selection as we neared the top, at least from those who could still talk. The politest comment was 'this is a brutal climb' just about summed it up, although it's a beautiful summit when you finally get there. Tony Mansell also asked me if I chose my routes from the 'Book of Bastard Routes', to which my answer would have been yes, if I had been able to speak.

On the positive side the mountain road made all the other hills on route seem easy, even if they came thick and fast. We then climbed over Glynogwr, Llangeinor, Bettws and the Bryn, all in pleasant riding conditions, before the heavens opened just before Taibach. Within 10 minutes the temperature had dropped by 10 degrees and we were hit with stair rod like rain. By this time the group were getting cold, wet and in one or two cases almost blind from the slashing rain, so it was decided to head straight home along the A48, missing out the leg through Porthcawl. From here on in it became a case of every man for himself as we mostly took the straightest route possible back home.

I decided to call in at Parc Slip Nature Reserve cafe for a morale boosting coffee and cake but sensibly most of the group rode straight home. Despite the poor weather for the second half of the ride, the first half was really enjoyable (Ok I was crying near the top of Mynnedd-Y-Gaer) but that aside the climbs and the views were fantastic.  We did lose one rider when climbing up Mynnedd-Y-Gaer but not only did we wait at the top, good old (well fit, young Mark Rosser) volunteered to ride back down and find our missing Ambler, before climbing back up the hill. Top man! So starting and mostly finishing today's ride were:  ark Rosser, Haydn, Steve Chapman (climbing like Quintana), Lee S, Paul Longthorn, Andrew Storrie, Chris Reed, Terry A, Tony M, Mal (Content), Clayton, Neil Bartlett, Mark P, Wayne, Bugger - Forgot one!

Next week longer but flatter! ;D  Mark P

Enjoyed the challenge of Mynydd y gear  but after sheltering for 20 mins in a bus stop near cwmavon  I was freezing so decided to push on to Margam where  I entered the Twelve Knights pub and saw a large sign latte, cappachino ,expresso etc  "can I have a large latte please"  no the machiine is broken !! by now i was  broken  so phoned the misses to pick me up as it was still hammering down . THANKS MARK !! see you next week with my rain jacket . Mal J

Apologies for the expletive Mark! 😊 it was actually good to go up that way as I hadn,t been that way before. After sheltering at the bus stop for a while we were all getting really cold so the general consensus was just go go go! Well we almost stayed together 😕 I think I managed a pb heading to Margam. ☺ Anyway good route all in all. Tony M

Thanks Mark, enjoyed riding with the guys. I've posted my application form as I can't make the Friday meeting this week, then I'm away for 2 weeks. Cheers. Greg B

Glad you enjoyed the ride Greg. You were riding well, particularly on the climbs. I'm sorry I missed you off the list. I think I mixed you up with Clayton. Nice to see you joining the Club too. I also missed Andy Samuels off the start list too. How could I forget the 'Doc'?

Oh, don't worry Tony, I wasn't offended by you swearing near the top of Mynnedd -Y- Gaer, most of us were! All in all, I was glad that we got the hills out of the way before the downpour. I wouldn't have fancied some of those descents in the wet. Next week sunny, dry and flat (ish) ;D! Mark P

Bank Holiday ride - 25th May 2015

Another great ride today guys and another day of suffering in the saddle, for me!!

Steve C, Haydn and I, were joined at Brackla by John Edwards, set off at a pace that seemed reasonable at the time but would wreck me by the end of the day. Picked up Jason and Chris Reed en route and headed out to Pontypridd where John peeled off to do his own route, good riding with you!

Headed up to Storey Arms keeping the tempo high, 18.5mph to Sennybridge where we enjoyed a much needed cafe stop. Excellent panini did little to boost the energy levels as we set off for the Devil's Elbow, great stretch of riding to the Elbow and fantastic decent to Ystradfellte, begs the question why they had to put the climb in between?  ;D :( ;D

By know I was pedaling squares so the climb out of Ystadfellte was relieved only by seeing Haydn unclip in the middle of a switchback with a van coming down the hill, he did recover quickly to shoot past, leaving me to suffer alone.

Not sure quite how I made over the Rhigos and Bwlch, (suppose being 30 miles from home helps) but thanks all for the tow home and Haydn for supplying spare fluid. Andy H

Yeah great ride today and thanks to Andy for another cracking route. Steve C

Thanks for the great route Andy and thanks for everyone's wheel!   Ps Quality Panini!Chris R

Good route and ride today, thanks everyone.  Now I've just gone and taken two tramadol as that decent of Rhigos annihilated me, lets see if I pass out soon  ??? Jason T

Yeah great route Andy, really enjoyed the decent from devils elbow, lucky there were no cars coming the other way!! Haydn

Thanks Andy,   Great riding with you guys. Gutted I did not have time for a long hilly one. That would have been just the ticket yesterday.   Hopefully do a full club run soon.  See you later for a few laps!  John E

Mid week ride - 26th May 2015

Excellent ride this morning well enjoyed 16.4 mph Ave 38 miles, look forward to Friday. Jon S

Yes a good ride with 4 of us out and one Oggie spotted out running!I'm still hoping to go out tomorrow but the forecast early on isn't very promising so I plan to leave it till the rain stops! Tom B

30th May 2015

Great ride today in the sunshine with Wayne, Harpo & Chris G over the Bwlch down through Afan Argoed and with a well earned coffee and cake stop along Porthcawl seafront, just under 50 miles. Thanks guys. Lee S

16th & 19th June 2015 - Mid Week Ride

16th - 6 of us out today including Brett-a Maesteg club guest rider!Nice sunny spin-talk of another ride on Friday-watch this space! Tom B

19th - Good turn out 7 in total,Terry&Tony,Paul L,Marshall,Carrie+myself joined at Llangeinor by Dave(Steve C obviously decided to give his marriage another chance and not join us today).Most of us did the planned route-1 or 2 diversions but we all came back together on the Bwllch) and enjoyed a nice coffee stop at Bryngarw,sitting in the sun.

Now to tackle that decking again!! Tom B

Thanks again Tom, was a good ride even though Carrie and I did the harder route lol. Nice company and glad it was only one of your little hilly rides!!!  Hope the painting goes well :) Paul

Thanks Tom. It was a bit like herding cats for you today  :) Tough route at times, but a good coffee and cake stop  ;D Tony M

Pacers - 12th July 2015

Four Pacers braving the wet weather this morning and boy was it wet.  Jason, TS Steve, Dave (stepping up from Amblers and looking very strong) and myself.   Not a day for the planned ride. Cut short by climbing over Llanwonno rather than Maerdy and straight back from Pontypridd.   Must also mention that the Rhondda is about as beautiful as the Gower was a couple of weeks ago on a similar day! Andy H

A little warmer than the Gower today  :)

Dave climbed Llanwonno very well and Toestrap Steve joined the TdF action this week and had an off on the grass verge... I didn't see it myself but not as spectacular as this weeks TdF crashes (I think it was low speed and he's Ok).   Let's hope for a dry one next weekend. Jason T

Good effort. I take it Andy means 'not very'. There were some dry spots in the region today. Not Cardiff or Newport by any means, but this morning at least it was fairly bright and mostly dry in parts of monmouthshire. You might even of had better weather further up the rhondda valley. Rob J

good run today, we must be due some sunshine for a club run. that was my first time up Llanwonno didn't know how steep it got :o

Saw Steve bouncing along on the grass verge couldn't work out if he overcooked the turn or was avoiding the car. Haven't been out in weather that wet for a long time. It's about time I stopped being a fair weather rider  ::) Dave W

Short and steep today - thanks all for a decent pace.

Just as the TdF Police motorcyclist discovered earlier this week, grass verge excursions are best left to the likes of Peter Sagan - the grass verge chosen was 'a bit BMX' and one bump too many saw me off - still a better option than the 'Garfield position' on the windscreen of the passing car!  Steve C

Amblers  - 12th July 2015

Just 6 hardy souls out today. Despite the constant rain and brisk North Westerly wind it was a (perversely) enjoyable ride. There were some big turns on the front by Terry, Wayne, Craig and Greg, with Tony and myself gritting our teeth and hanging on to the 4 man breakaway. Craig and Greg look like potential Pacers as they comfortably bowled along at 22-23 mph. We mostly stuck to the planned route, up over Cefn Cribwr, around Porthcawl, Ewenny and the Coast before a cuppa in Cafe Velo and home via Ruthin and Pencoed. The coast road was a tad emotional as we were well and truly battered by the wind and the soaking wet cattle grids nearly had a few of us off. Still all home safely in time for tea and medals. Out ambling today were:  Terry A, Tony M, Wayne, Greg, Craig, Mark P

Next week we're due to do a step-up ride, so a bit shorter, slower and flatter than today. Today's ride was just over 54 miles with just under 1000 feet of climbing. The average speed was around 17mph. Mark P

Mark, you are right - mostly, at least - in that the ride was largely enjoyable. Wasn't quite sure what happened after Laleston until I checked out Strava "Flyby". Tony & I stayed on the road to Ewenny roundabout before turning to Ogmore etc. but I see you guys went over the dipping bridge. Funny thing - you were all in front of us two but just out of sight all the way around the coast - have a look at the Flyby and see what I mean.

Anyway, good fun ... and we must be due for a dry one soon. Terry A

Amblers  - 19th July 2015 - Step up ride (25’ers to Amblers)

No 25ers stepped up today, although Ron rode with us for the first third of the ride. It was mostly the usual suspects out for today's Amble, with 10 in the group. After our now traditional grey, damp Sunday morning start, it brightened up into a nice, sunny morning with a fresh to strong breeze that mostly followed us. We had a relaxed coffee and cake stop at Dyffryn Gardens and came back to Brackla via the Lanes. We had a few mechanicals, which slowed us down to old fashioned Ambler's speed but all in all a good ride. Out today were:  Ross, Roy 2, Terry, Tony, Craig, Ron, Chris R, Mal, Jonathan Spinks, Mark P

We definitely have a few riders who could step-up. Perhaps it's time for another 'steady' joint Pacers/Amblers ride.

Pacers  - 19th July 2015 - Step up ride (Amberls to Pacers)

Nine Pacers departed Brackla in very damp conditions. No Amblers stepping up, unless you count Andy Samuel, whose ridden with us before. Only Haydn was dressed appropriately for the prevailing conditions,  he was to regret this when the sun came out later. The riders were Haydn, Jason, Paul, Dave, Mark, Steve C, Andy S and the tandem.

Rain didn't last long, v enjoyable ride, esp climb up to and decent from Rudry.   Cafe stop in Hapus ice cream parlour in Machen.   68 miles at 17.5mph (within target pace)

Just need some Amblers to join us next time! Andy H

Good ride today! Loved the decent from Rudy, and well done to Andy Samuels for hanging in there! Haydn L

Amblers  - 26th  July 2015

OK, the wet weather option for tomorrow is:

Brackla - Treose - Llangan - Pentre Meyrick - Llandow - Llantwit Major - the Lanes - St Brides - Southern down - Ogmore - Ewenny - A48 - A4106 - Porthcawl - Kenfig - Water Street - Margam - A48 - Hafodheulog - Ffordd-Gyfraith - Tondu - Sarn - the Common - Heol-Y-Cyw - Pencoed - Coychurch - Brackla

It's around 50 miles and includes a stop for coffee at the Broomwagon (if we can find it! - top of Station Hill in Porthcawl apparently). If the weather lives down to expectations there are a number of early escape routes. See you tomorrow Mark P

I knew I should have gone out yesterday!! Well the weather forecast accurately lived down to expectations today as it was very wet, wild and windy. Not surprisingly only 5 hardy souls set off from Brackla this morning for a shortened version of the planned route. Instead of taking in the Vale, we headed straight for the Broomwagon Cafe in Porthcawl and had the earliest coffee stop ever after only 35 minutes of riding. Tom had the best planned puncture ever, right outside a cycling themed cafe complete with track pump and inner tubes, before we carried on around Kenfig, Margam and back to Tondu through the lanes and across the common to Pencoed and home.

The ride was more enjoyable than looked likely at 9am and we did miss the monsoon that started just as I was getting home. Out today were:   Tom, Craig, Mal, Chris R, Mark P

We were all impressed with The Broomwagon Cafe, although we didn't get to try the cake as we hadn't ridden far enough to deserve any! Total distance today was 37 miles, mostly ridden at chatting speed. To complete the set I've booked sleet and snow for next Sunday. Mark P

Thanks for the kind write up Mark. Yes I knew I could put trust in Tom, getting a puncture so I could promote the complementary track pump.  Paul L

25’ers - 9th August 2015

Regardless of the impending storm five riders braved the conditions this morning, Roy, Andrew, Alan, Tony and me. Few snow drifts at St Brides but we battled on through to the Velo. Back through Cowbridge and City. Ron B

Amblers  - 9th August 2015

It was surprisingly dry and bright this morning for what turned into an enjoyable mixed Amblers/Pacers ride. I have to apologise for short changing everyone with a shorter than advertised ride at around 44 miles door to door (well my door anyway). However, we bowled along at a fair old lick and were averaging a distinctly un-Amblers like 30kmh when we reached the coffee and cake stop at Cafe Velo. I was hampered by gear index problems after the coffee stop and was stuck in 34/11 (little ring) so watched the Oggie swarm disappear into the distance as we headed towards the Coast Road. It was my first dry Club Run since June, so I still finished with a smile on my face.

Some strong turns on the front from Stephen and no surprise, Harpo but the King of the Mountain's prize at Gwern-Y- Steeple went to relative newbie Dave, who gave everyone the 'Lance Glance' before shooting off up the hill leaving us all behind. Stephen has now signed him up to the Pacers and prodded him in the direction of the Club TT. Out today were:      Stephen M, Stephen Chapman, Harpo (Ian Stannard), Chris Reed, Terry, Jonathan Spink, Jon Saunders, Lee S, Dave W, Craig, Mark P, Ross

See you next week for something a tad longer and slightly cheekier!Mark P

Excellent ride today Mark well enjoyed the joint ride with the Pacers, well enjoyed the train until we hit your cheeky little climbs. JonathanS

An enjoyable (just about!), mixed group ride today, great route and a fine analysis report, thanks Mark. Look forward to next weeks longer and cheekier jaunt weather permitting. Lee S

good ride today guys. though I'm still pouting after being told to drop a stone and half (retires to a corner to cry) ::) :o pmsl....

mechanical problems on the way gears not indexing, must have been that thrashing I gave it up the hill.  Root cause is bent chain link visit to the LBS this week

I'll give the time trailing a go could do with a new challenge

time to get the winter bike out  ;D Dave W

25’ers - 2nd August 2015

Nice to see some new faces out today, Tim, Andrew, Andy, Alan and Tony. I only went as far as Pencoed but the others head to Cowbridge for tea. Hope to see you all next week. I assume the all came back? Ron B

Thanks for the shepherding to Pencoed Ron. We counted them out and we counted them back ! All well with perfect weather. We will do it again next week with a varied route depending upon the direction of the wind.

It was a good steady ride with a few hills, only one coffee in Costa Cowbridge then a tootle back through City and Llangan. The boys saw me back to Treoes !

About 28 miles for me I think. In 3 hours ! I should have entered this Thursdays Handicap TT. Please note this time Norman.

It was not so much the 25'ers as the Laughing Group. Great company Tim R

Amblers  - 2nd August 2105

8 Amblers out today(fortunately for me as I have no chance of emulating Mark'Memory Man'and listing 20 or so riders).Out today were:  Jonathon, Lee, Roy 2, Terry, Ross, Jonathon Saunders, Neil B(slumming it as a bald tyre made him apprehensive of the Mid-Wales wilds), Me

We did the planned route over the Bwllch,setting off with the Pacers but only as far as Coity!The coffee stop was at the Broomwagon-a warm welcome from the chap behind the counter.5 of us came back via the lanes-Stormy Down etc,3 going the more direct but much busier 3 steps hill.

The weather was warm and sunny-the fact that this was the first club run Mark has missed for many weeks and also the first dry Sunday for an equally long time does cause one to wonder if there is a causal relationship there? Tom B

Excellent ride today after a month off the bike I was feeling the pain at the end of the ride the coffee stop couldn't of come quick enough. Not going to stay off the bike that long again, Jon S

Great ride today, good to be back with the club after a while out on holiday, charity ride and sportive, weather was fantastic apart from the breeze on the way back and of course the tyre held out thank the cycling gods! Neil Burns

Pacers  - 2nd August 2015

Nice starting all together today even thou it was only to bryncethin!        Riders on the pacers ride today was myself, Wayne, Steve c, Jason, Dave w and guest rob hunt.

First hurdle was the bwlch, which we climbed at nice gentle pace, then when on your way to rhigos we were told by 2 cyclists that the road was closed, so we then backtracked to climb over penrhys(which was tough) then mardy! Quick cuppa in aberdare when headed for penderyn where Steve c peeled off back down to glynneath. Wayne then peeled off just before storey arms.

Weather was excellent as we hit the dreaded ,devils elbow, which gets harder every time! Jason went back over penderyn and we headed back to glynneath!  enjoyable and hard ride today, thanks all Haydn L

Good ride today Hayden  with as Mark would put it a couple of Cheeky hill. I hdaded back to Pontypridd affter Penderyn moor. Computer not working so can't put on Strava. Only 82 miles for me not like you Rufty Tufffies. Wayne E

good run out today nice weather for it for a change. didn't expect to do that many miles  :o ::)            learnt something new about chain ganging it!!!      Here's my route from the last time I did the elbow 15 times  :o :o :o :o shut up legs           https://www.strava.com/activities/306286939 Dave W

25’ers - 16th  August 2015

Splendid outing just myself and Tony-  on target: Distance -25.1 miles Time - coffee stop time 2 minutes less than ride time ( not optimal - target  is coffee time 15 mins longer than ride to allow for extra cake(s) ! AndrewW

Amblers  - 16th August 2105

A great ride today in excellent conditions and once again taken at a fair old lick even without our star lead-out man Harpo ;D. We mostly stuck to the planned route, heading out to Ewenny and up Post Office Hill and across the ridge to Llandow and down to Cowbridge. We then headed across to St Fagans and through Wenvoe towards Penarth. I threw in a moderately cheeky hill in Dinas Powis just to bring the gallopers back to heel, before a brief tour of Penarth Marina and Custom House Hill. We had a pleasant stop for coffee and cake in Barry Island before hammering back home via Porthkerry Park, Rhoose and Llantwit Major. A few of us took the soft option of the reopened Death Valley sprint home, leaving ace mile muncher Terry Anthony to stick to the plan and ride around the Coast Road.

The total distance was just over 62 miles at around 17mph average speed. Out today were:  Kirsty Gower (new member, a very strong rider, gusting the Pacers), Mal, Tony J (hope your mech is sorted soon), Terry A, Tony M, Lee S, Wayne, Chris R, Jonathan Spink, Neil Bartlett, Mark P

One piece of sad news is that club stalwart, Wayne, may be leaving the Club in the next few weeks as he's emigrating to Merthyr Tydfil with his new job. I think we should club together to pay his bus fare to get down to Brackla for Sunday club runs. If he does go he'll be much missed.

See you next week Mark P

Was last sun ride a bit quicker than usual? Terry reckons the teterstorone had kicked in because we had a member of the opposite sex with us . See you next sun for some more punishment and move Kirsty up to pacers thanks mark  Mal J

Pacers  - 16th August 2015

Back in house at 12.30 after doing 75 miles can't be bad! Proper pacer ride , less talking more riding, all of this behind John Edwards wheel, nice change for me.

 we did a nice loop, which consisted of port Talbot, glyneath, aberdare, ponty and home. Out today were myself, Steve c, Gregg, Craig and the machine(john Edwards) over 20mph av Haydn

Thanks for the outing, legs needed another 10 miles in them! Craig M              Cheers guys, legs were weak towards the end enjoyed though! Greg B

Amblers  - 23rd August 2015

A good ride this morning despite the grim weather. It was another mixed Pacers/Amblers ride, so again the pace was slightly brisk by Amblers standards. We stuck to the planned route and headed out through the lanes via Treoes, Llangan, City and Aberthin to Cowbridge before heading out to Porthcawl and back via a coffee stop at Parc Slip. We then headed home across the Common and Coychurch for a round trip of 56 miles. We started with 12 riders today, which was a surprisingly good turnout considering the grey skies and ominous weather forecast (a very accurate forecast too)!

Out today were:  Tony J, Mark Rosser, Mal - hanging on bravely, Terry, Tony M, Steve Chapman, Jon Saunders, Craig, Neil Burns - riding well post, accident, Wayne, Chris Reed, Mark P

I'm away next week, so it's bound to be sunny and 30 degrees. However, I'll be back the following week when I'll plan a longer, slower (honest) ride to the seaside  8). Mark P

Good ride mark it would be nice if it was sunny for a change but it's forecasted for rain lol. Jsaunders

Thanks for another wet ride mark!! Hung on till porthcawl then headed back via court Coleman the cleat on my right shoe had managed to unscrew itself and was hanging on with one screw by time I got home and thxs to mark r for helping me into wick  Mal J

Pacers - 6th September 2015

Great ride today! Perfect weather, two mountains and a blast down the A470 to Pontypridd as promised.

10 pacers out, Harpo, Mark R, Jason, Dave W, John (until top of Bwlch), Neil B, Craig, TS Steve, Andy (guest) and me. Usual culprits looking strong on the hills and flat,       

Neil acquitting himself very well and the two Andys at the back, admiring the action!

Not around for next 3 Sundays, so see you in October when I guess the dress code will have changed  8) Andy H

Thanks Andy, great day today, really enjoyed the route, few climbs and banter to boot , look forward to next week with SGT Harpo😀 Neil B

Good ride today and awesome weather for a change!!!   8) ;D :D Dave W

25’ers - 6th  September 2015

Nice ride out today, the expected snow storm did not arrive, little cold at the start but it soon warmed up. Riders out today, Tim Neil, Alan, Tony and me, the route was as it says on the tin, ended up at Velo but no sun around the back, summer must be over. SLX wheels Wayne. Ron B

Amblers  - 6th September 2015

Well that was an interesting ride! One crash, two punctures and three missing persons. Eleven Amblers left Brackla this morning and were quickly joined by Mal & Chris Chick ( making a welcome return to Club Rides). The weather was fantastic, for the first time since about February, so we were set fair for a great ride taking in a few of the Afan & Llynfi Valley's hills. Unfortunately Terry and Jon Saunders had a bit of a tumble on the road to Black mill that caused some painful gravel rash and ruined club kit. However, Terry's morale was improved by a very kind, blonde nurse (a female ;D), who stopped to administer first aid.

After climbing over Llangeinor and up to Bettws we headed up to Maesteg to head over the Bryn. After navigating the Kamikaze traffic lights at Cwmafan, poor old Jon had a puncture to add to his woes, before we set off for Porthcawl at such a lick that we didn't notice we'd left Mal, Terry and Tom behind who were fixing another puncture. We didn't see them again despite sending out a search party. We then rode through Porthcawl's crowds along what was today a glorious seafront and headed home without the scheduled tea stop. However, Tony Mansell had phoned ahead to arrange a very welcome free tea/coffee and cake stop in his back garden in Corn town. Top job and many thanks to Louise for the excellent refreshments and comfy chairs in their very sunny back garden.

Terry finally caught up with us after helping Mal with his puncture and Tom later rang to say he had got home safely (so we think did Mal). I think Napoleon returned from Moscow with more men!!

Out today at various points were: Gary, Chris Reed, Chris Chick, Mal, Tom, Terry A, Tony M, Neil Bartlett, Wayne, Paul Long - riding well, Jon Saunders, Lee S, Mark P  Mark P

Good report again Mark. Great weather and excellent coffee stop. Wayne E

Yes an eventful club ride today cheers mark cannot wait to see what next week is like. Jon S

Thanks Mark for a great ride today, it's the Amblers all the way for me now! Paul L

I did get home thanks to Tom and Terry it took 3 tubes to finally fix my puncture then the three of us headed off to porthcawl before tom suddenly disappeared up a lane and then there were two - bit like an agatha christie novel see you next week .thanks again T &T Mal J

Really enjoyed the ride, great to be back out with the group. Legs are a bit dull this morning though. Chris C

25’ers - 30th  August 2015

Tim, Alan, Tony and Ron, Cowbridge and the garden centre at Llantwit for tea, little bit wet coming back. Ron B

Amblers  - 30th  August 2015

So a whole bunch of us (excuse the un-Mark like inexactness) went for a ride on some hills,

I knew Harpo was there as he constantly cried about going over the Bryn - between the usual business of ripping our legs off.

When Harpo eased off Neil took it up a notch too. Git, but grudging good effort :-)

I also knew Wayne was there as he took a tumble and showed us all his kneecap (yes no skin) but just sore ribs, he carried on for about 10 more miles accepting - it did hurt a bit. Nails.

Craig did a perfect demonstration of how not to crash when your front tube explodes @ 40MPH (8" gash apparently)

There was also a new guy who was a bit good, but didn't get his name. Welcome!

Jonathan also was on form and Terry did some good counting. Mark R as ever the cycling gentleman.

If I've forgotten you then tough you either were too far up the hill (which was basically everyone) for me to see or didn't fall off in an entertaining enough way.

Oh yeah it rained on us going down the Afan Valley - but it's Wales and its summer - what do you expect.

Mark can have this job back next week - it's too much like hard work and he does it better.        Chapeau all. Chris R

Excellent combined ride today well enjoyed, Jonathan S

Chris,I feel that what may be lacking in precision is amply compensated by style-good report! Tom B

Top route Chris! Well enjoyed even if we did get a tad damp! You can pick the route every week #loveaclimb sorry if I was a bit eager up front, blame Harpo ! He's usually the scapegoat 😅, although I will concede he's created a monster in me lol Neil B

Pacers  - 30th  August 2015

Lining up for the Pacers today were: Dave, Paul, Greg and Toestrap Steve for a 63mile 'four valleys'.
Paul dragged us up the two major climbs maintaining fairly good grouping and better-than expected meteorological conditions.
That was all to evaporate faster than one can say 'look its not raining' and the group negotiated the 'waterfalls region' with water falling in ever greater volumes.
We were treated to two of Wales' most spectacular views - the summits of the Brecon Beacons in clear skies from the top of the Rhigos and Port Talbot steelworks and associated housing estates in the rain - its not just our weather that offers so much variety is it?
Great effort Greg to (mainly) stay with this small bunch over about 63miles at approximately 17mph  Steve Curry

Amblers  - 13th September 2015

It was an enjoyable, slightly lumpy and surprisingly dry and sunny Ambler's ride today. As planned we headed out to City before climbing up and over Bettws before ascending Llangeinor from the Garw Valley. We then dropped down to Black mill before crossing the Common to Brynna, Talbot Green and Miskin, with Big Chris doing some solid turns on the front. We then climbed a cheeky little back lane up to Hensol Forest and Welsh St Donuts before heading back to Cowbridge. At this stage, I for once weakened and let Tom take us on a short cut back to LlantwitMajor. Now Tom usually suggests a route change at least once every 30 minutes, and knowing that Tom's deviations normally involve a 25% hill and someone's back garden, I usually resist. However, fair play, today's suggestion was scenic, involved a legally adopted road and yes, a 22% climb, and got us quickly back on track.

After a coffee at Cafe Velo we met up with the Pacers and ambled back through the Lanes with them to St Brides at a leisurely 25 mph! We finished off with a more sedate ride around the Coast Road. The total distance was around 50 miles at just over 16mph average speed. Out today were:

Tom, Mal, Will J, Chris R, Mark P, Lee S, Shaun (newbie and a strong rider)

See you all next week.  Mark P

Strange ride today Mark-no rain.Excellent ride though I must admit I missed the City bit Tom B

I missed 'City' too! I meant Coity but my mobile phone has the dreaded auto spell check that causes havoc, especially with place names Mark P

25th July 2015 - Saturday Ride

Good ride today with good weather! Met up with Wayne, Jason, Dave w and lee s and picked up Neil Bartlett in bryncethin and headed to the bwlch, with Jason and Dave doing all the work! (little to quick for some I think). Lee turned back then we went up rhigos, where at the top Neil the beast ,had second wind and we tried to chase him down, Jason then peeled off! Then downhill at a fair lick to the broomwagon for well deserved coffee!! Haydn

Good Ride today Harpo, you done a lot of the work down the Neath Valley  and towards Porthcawl. We had a good welcome at the Broomwagon. Cake looked nice . Thanks to all the lads today for a enjoyable ride. Wayne E

Good ride yesterday...good call after seeing the weather this morning..not much fun out in is. :O Dave W

30th  July 2015 - Mid Week Ride

Steve C,Lee and I went up the Bwllch from Ogmore side this morning,spurning Bryngarw in favour of The Broomwagon café where Lee sampled the Victoria sponge and chocolate milksake!Didn't seem to slow him down!50 or so sociable miles on a (mainly)sunny morning(freezing coming down the Bwllch mind)

Lee and Steve are on holiday this week so possibly getting out tomorrow with Ron(not sure yet if I can make that) Tom B

28th July 2015 - Mid Week Ride

4 of us out on what passes for a good day(weather-wise)this Summer.Warm enough for us to sit outside at Café Velo anyway-Ron,Steve C &Lee joined me.    We're hoping to get out again this week,Thursday and/or Friday-more info to follow here(the plan is to make the Broonwagon our café stop on the next ride!) Tom B

Nice ride out today, dry but windy, pins were still tired after yesterdays stint. Ron B

6th August 2015 - Mid Week Ride

Fabulous day out in Monmouthshire with Mark&Lee today.Started with nice climb of Belmont Hill then over the Wentwood to Usk up to Chainbridge/Abergavenny and Crickhowell for lunch.We then made our way through the lanes to Usk and back to Caerleon/Newport.Only about 70 miles but the distance wasn't the point.

Highlights included Lee jumping onto the 1Pro Team Train just after Chainbridge to tell them he'd seen them In Mallorca then telling me&Mark how easy the pace was &he only dropped off to wait for us to tell him the way,Mark having cake for his main course at lunch then different cake for afters and all of us having a long conversation with a 91 year old lady about the Tour/cycling generally.

Mark&Lee redeemed themelves by ignoring my suggestion that as we were ahead of schedule we could do an extra 15 mile loop including a 2 or 3 mile climb of Gwehelog opting instead to sit in the sun and eat home-made ice-cream.

We're hoping to do it(or similar)again in a week or 2. Tom B

Pacers  - 13th September 2015

What a ride today.

Steven M, Jason T, Haydn, Mark R, Craig (I think - may have misheard name), me,.......oh, and I nearly forgot John Edwards  ;)

Mark R and John Edwards set a fast pace out towards Llantrisant - and John essentially stayed on the front for the rest of the route, and the pace changed from fast to blistering. I've never been on a club run where one rider set and maintained a pace like that-  it was like having Ian Stannard on the front. Continued up to Abercynon (where Steven sneaked off) then via Nelson to Ystrad Mynach and down to Caerphilly. Nobody even mentioned the mountain - we continued down to Nantgarw, Power Station Hill and Church Village bypass before heading via Cowbridge to Cafe Velo in Llantwit. The sound of elastic snapping could be heard on the Church Village by pass, Brynsadler Hill and Ystradowen, although Haydn's stayed in tact as he managed to hold John's wheel. Came back together in Cowbridge before some more twanging elastic on the climb to Nash. Haydn treated everyone to coffee and cake at the cafe, at which point Jason and I had a leisurely spin back home, and the others headed off round the coast road.

Fantastic pace today - about 21mph I think - great training, and really good riding from all, but totally incredible riding from John Edwards. Thanks gents - much enjoyed. Allan W

What a ride! Still buzzing now!! Haydn L

Still buzzing.... get those bibshorts in the wash, that was just wrong.

Great day, need more rides like that where I'm pushed.

Epic tow by John today and thanks for the coffee stop Harpo  :) Jason T

I behaved impeccably on the ride(thats cause I was shattered holding on to a wheel) now its the state of my kit! Can't win!;) Haydn L

Thanks for the ride today guys.           That write up is like a science fiction novel.           It has made me out to be like some kind of super hero.       We all rode well and looked out for each other, which is the most important part of any club run.

I was happy to ride at that tempo and it was great we were able to have an  enjoyable  morning doing what we love.     And thanks Haydn for the coffee and cake we, were all in need of a top up . It  always taste nicer when someone else pays !!        Until the next one…  John E

Harpo Just make sure your shirt is pressed and the bow tie is respectable for next saturdays ride.   And a good write up there Allan.  Jason T

27th August 2015 - Mid Week Ride

Nice ride today with good company Mark & Terry, experienced my first puncture, with a school boy error of no pump or gas canister.

Quick lesson in changing the tube from Mark (much appreciated) and the use of his gas inflator, quick as a flash back on the road again, lesson learnt! Thanks Mark.  Paul Long

Pacers - 20th  September 2015

Four pacers out today, but despite a small group it fairly clicked along. Craig, Dave, Steve and I started out with the large amblers group, but separated after the Fountain climb (although it was Steve Chapman riding with the Amblers who was fastest up that little ramp) and we headed off to the Afan Valley and Bwlch.

Everyone riding strongly and taking their turns on the front. After riding with Craig last week I knew he was strong. I hadn't ridden with Steve for a while, and he was going really well - especially on the Bwlch where he put a minute or two into the rest of us. Dave I've not ridden with before, but was really strong on the front, and had me struggling to hold the wheel at times  :P . My legs are certainly telling me they've had a good stretch today. It was PRs all the way up the Valley and the climb for me thanks to the group.

It was a brisk descent to Treorchy, then we coasted down the Rhondda to Talbot Green where I peeled off.

Very enjoyable ride lads - hope for more of the same over the Autumn and Winter if I can get a few more club runs fitted in. The pacers rides feel like they're going up a notch - I'll need to do some secret training so I can stay with them  ;) Allan W

Good ride today.the pace is getting quicker :o   Thanks guys Dave W

Thanks chaps - good ride, decent pace and perfect weather. Fairly 'together' with good pulls by all (Craig saving his Tony Martin impression for the final leg). Had plenty of practice on the Bwlch recently but amuses me that I can climb it faster this I can ride the club ten! Steve C

Amblers  - 20th  September 2015

It was an enjoyable if slightly disjointed ride today, mainly due to a double puncture on Cefn  Cribwr and a few minor mechanicals. We started out with 18 riders, which included a sprinkling of Pacers and headed out towards Cefn Cribwr at a fair old lick. At the top of Cefn Cribwr natural selection and a couple of punctures split the group into the usual Amblers/Pacers subgroups and 13 Amblers carried on to complete the planned route and unplanned but very welcome free coffee at the Broomwagon in Porthcawl ( thanks Paul)!

After coffee we headed back to Bridgend and out on the Coast Road towards Llantwit Major. Probably due to the impending Wales v Uruguay rugby match a lot of the guys chose to cut today's ride short, leaving 7 of us to complete the majority of the planned ride. The overall distance was 51 miles at a little over 17mph average speed. Out today were:  Paul Longhorn, Andy Storrie, Tom, Lee S, Mal, Terry, Tony, Steve Chapman (plus bling bike)!, Paul L, Pete Phillips, Neil Bartlett, Andy' s dodgy knees!

I'm also sure I saw Jonathan Saunders at the start of the ride and assumed he'd shot off with the Pacers, although he's not mentioned in Alan's report. Was that you on the start line Jon??    See you next week. Mark P

Wasn't me Mark wish it was but after yesterdays ride to the mumbles my legs needed a rest, will be back out next week. Jon S

Thanks for the coffee Paul.  Cafe looks really good. Sorry about the puncture on the fountain. See you next week.

 Oh thanks to Andy for the extra inner tube  Tony M

Glad you're OK Jonathan. I'm not surprised you had a day off after yesterday. Haydn's birthday ride to the Mumbles looked like a right old tear up. Although it's flat, every time I've headed out that way the return leg has been flat out all the way home. Mark P

Yes mark it was a fair old tear up on the way back but was well looked after, I've never road to the mumbles before and must say we should do that on a club run one Sunday. At least I know what pain I will endure if I ever get fit enough to step up to the pacers.  Jon S

Sorry you didn't hear me shout I was heading back from llandow via the lanes Mark really enjoyed the ride PS JUST BOOKED MY FLIGHTS  Mal J

No problem Mal. I did come back for you but soon realised that you'd taken the shortcut at Llandow. Pleased to see that you've signed up for the OVW Tour of Majorca stage race (only joking - it's a holiday with bikes)!  ;D Mark P

Amblers  - 27th  September 2015

Despite last night's victory celebrations, there was a good turnout for today's amble around the Rhondda Valley. Twelve riders including a couple of 'resting' Pacers and Steven and Keith on the tandem set off from Brackla to head out around the Coast , through Cowbridge and out towards Smilog (and one or two other hills) before climbing the Bwlch from the Treorchy side of the mountain, something we haven't done for a while. The weather was the best we've seen for a few months and the views from the tops were fantastic. The pace was pleasantly brisk  ;D, except when climbing the Bwlch!

After descending the Bwlch we stopped for tea and cake in Black mill, much to Harpo's disgust, as there were no table cloths, no flowers on the table , no waiters , and the cafe didn't take American Express. Apparently all a minimum requirement for a Pacers coffee stop!! We then cruised home via Bryncethin and Coity having ridden around 53 miles at around 16.3 mph average speed. Overall a really good ride in perfect conditions. Out today were:  Sgt Major Harpo, Steven & Keith on the tandem, Terry, Tony, Neil (back to his beating best), Mal, Steve C, Andy Storrie, Lee S, Roy 2, Mark P

Next week it's the Club Hill Climb Champs at Llangeinor and it would be great to beat last year's record participation. See you there. Mark P

Pacers -4th October 2015 (pre and post hill climb)

Sorry to miss the club run after the hill climb today - my legs struggled to get me back across Heol-y-Cyw common, so there's no way I'd have managed the Ponty Zoncolan. Allan W

It was a tough morning. By the time we got to the top of Caerphilly mountain the average speed was 12.9mph! We'd only done just over 20 miles but it felt more like 50.

Managed to push on after Tongwynlais to get the average up to 15.5mph

Surprising what you can pack into a couple of hours.

7 starters, Mark, Haydn, Jason, Dave W, Paul, Greg and me. Haydn and Mark cut short at Tonyrefsil while 5 of us completed the sufferfest! Andy H

25’ers - 11th  October 2015

Just two hardy riders out today braving the harsh autumn weather, Tim and I went via Miskin, Llancarfan, Aberthaw, Velo and back through the lane via St D, about three hours in total. Tried the coffee and walnut cake, very nice. Weather looks good for a few days so more rides this week. Ron B

Amblers  - 11th  October 2015

There were 9 Amblers out today for a brisk trot around the Vale and Coast. We headed out via Treoes, Llangan, Pentre Meyrick and Llantwit before turning West towards Ogmore and Porthcawl assisted by a fresh Easterly breeze, hence a very un-Amblers like average speed of 18mph when we reached the Broomwagon for tea and cake. After the break we returned home via Kenfig, Hafodheulog, Tondu and across the Common before a mini chain gang from Pencoed to Coychurch to finish the ride. The total distance today was around 54 miles at an average speed of 17.5mph, although we were helped by a generous tailwind and flat (ish) route ( well it felt flat but I've just noticed it included 700 mtrs of ascent) ;). Out today were: Tom, Neil Bartlett, Tony M, Terry, Mal, Jonathan Spink, Andy's dodgy knees, Mark P, Roy 2,  See you next week.  Mark P

Really enjoyed the ride mark but nearly ran out of gas going over common had just enough to get me over the hill and into coity  Mal J

Glad you enjoyed it Mal. You looked pretty frisky with some strong turns on the front. You'll be giving us all a good kicking by the time we head off for Majorca.  Mark P

Good pace guys  8) think you should all step up next week to the pacers. Dave W

Pacers  - 11th  October 2015

Myself Mark Jason Dave and Steve went out. Managed to persuade everyone to take the right at Resolven and go over the bank to Aberdare where a most welcome slice of red velvet cake was waiting. I was feeling pretty flat by that point as this was my first real ride for two months. Cruised downhill through Ponty past the uni and home. 76 miles at 18mph. Chris G

Good run yesterday. Thanks for the tow 1/2 way round wasn't fully awake until I hit the hill. felt like I could have done another 50miles :o

Nice day for it fingers crossed it stays like that for a while ::) Dave W

Pacers - 18th  October 2015

8 started out on today's Pacers ride:- Allan, Jason, TS Steve, Chris G, Paul, Dave W, Mark and me.

I won't bore you with who peeled off where but it was a well disciplined ride with some strong climbing from the usual suspects, while Mark (bad back and Strongbowitis) and Chris G (runner's legs) kept me company at the back. Cafe stop at Hapus ice cream parlour in Machen.

71 miles 5000ft of ascent. Andy H

Good ride today and indeed it was a pretty disciplined ride, that'll go out the window when Harpo returns  ;) Jason T

Good run today... I think Jason's bike needs testing for an electric power source or the vegan diet is kicking in :o Dave W

Be there next week, can't wait, try and get the mph up a bit from this week!;) Haydn L

Winter/Autumn pace! Andy H

25’ers - 18th  October 2015

Just Alan and me out today, attempted a Smylog, Blackmill, Llan g circuit but Alan ran out of steam early on so it was Old Llantrsant for a cuppa and back on the flat lands. We really do need more riders in this group or it will fold. Ron B

Amblers  - 18th  October 2015

A good turnout on a grey, murky but dry day with 13 Amblers setting out from Brackla. It was planned to be a step-up ride at a steady pace and for the first half of the ride we did roll along at a comfortable lick. We were joined today by Ellie, who was riding with the Club for the first time and probably found the pace a tad brisk as she was riding with flat rather than clipless pedals. However, it was good to see the good old Oggie, gentlemanly spirit rearing its head and Ellie was well looked after throughout the ride ;D. Today's route took us around the Coast, through the Lanes and out to Barry Island for coffee and cake, before returning via 5 Mile Lane, Hensol Forest, Cowbridge and back to Bridgend via the ridge to Ewenny. The total distance door to door was around 54 miles and we actually managed to ride at our advertised pace, I.e between 15-16 mph average depending on your speedo of choice. Out today were:  Ellie, Tom, Clayton, Lee S, Mal, Chris Reed, Tony M, Terry, Neil Bartlett, Jonathan Spinks, Roy 2, Richard B, Mark P

We were also joined on the return leg by Neil Hodge, a long time cyclist from Cardiff and an old school friend of Tom & Richard Beech.  Mark P

Thanks Mark-Ellie and I ambled back and I saw her safely back to her car.I was sorry I turned off before you met Neil-he wasn't in school with us but the Hodges (like the Beeches)are an ancient S Wales cycling family!Haven't seen Neil since his Dad's funeral.Hopefully see you Tuesday! Tom B

Another very enjoyable ride today Mark, great route and company. Try and enjoy your time away ( dont forget your bike ) see you in a cpl of weeks Clayton

25’ers - 25th  October 2015

Good turn put today, Tim, Tony, Will, Jane, Dan, Andy and Ron, weather was as good as the coffee. Ron B

Thanks Ron

At last we are getting a good group going. It was a bit slow for some and a bit fast for others but - hey it's a club run.

I look forward to many more of these this winter

Mudguards next week. Uhgg ! If it's dry then I will be out without ! Tim R

Amblers  - 25th  October 2015

Thanks Mark, we had an enjoyable ride today. There were 9 Amblers and 1 Pacer who was doing most of the hard donkey work at the front. We headed out through Coychurch, Pencoed, Llantrisant, Church Village and down Power Station Hill. Through Treforest Ind Est, Taffs Well and the majority of us decided to skip the loop around Caerphilly Castle and headed onto Radyr, where we passed a fresh faced Team Sky rider - Geraint Thomas cycling in the opposite direction, fresh from his honeymoon in Hawaii. The route took us through Peterstone-Super-Ely, Pendoylan and onto Costa Coffee in Cowbridge for tea and cake. After the break it was nice of G Thomas to ride with us even if it as for only 10 yards from the back of Costa to the main road junction! We returned home via Llantwit Major, St Donats, St Brides, Southerndown & Ogmore-by-Sea. The total distance today was around 54 miles at an average speed of just under 17mph with only a slight breeze in places. Out today were: Craig McDonald, Neil Bartlett, Tony M, Terry, Steve Chapman, Mal (turned off at Pentyrch), Jonathan Spink, Chris Reed, Roy 2, Lee S,   Lee S

Thanks for organising the ride today Lee.           A nice varied route, some hills, great weather and 'G' at the coffee stop!        Enjoyed Craig M

I'm sorry I turned off now and missed G never mind I think I saw Nibali pass me in Miskin had to get back to priory ave by 11.30 Mal J

Pacers  - 25th  October 2015

Myself Haydn, Jason, Steve (formerly toe strap, now track stand ), Dave , Paul, and new member Mark. Changed the planned route back to Bwlch and Rhigos with the option for more hills after (which no one took). Some nice through and off on the flatter bits. Chatty motorists in Aberdare. Chris G

Good ride and banter today chaps  ;D ....still holding on to the dry weather so far. Jason T

Good ride today. Finding these organised rides to be more enjoyable, I think we're faster on the road and feeling fresher after the ride too. Paul N

For sure, as you said at the start, if we can keep these going over the winter with some good discipline every few weeks then it should make all the difference come spring time. Jason T

Good ride today thanks for the tow  :o Dave W

What tow? Imagination again! We worked together, most of the time! Haydn L

:o yep was more organised, could have done with a tow up the Rhigos,  Dave W

The toe-straps have a causative relationship with the track-stand, Chris - wish I could hold Paul Nicolas' wheel up the Rhigos as long as the track stand though! Steve C

Pacers - 8th November 2015

Nine pacers started out from Brackla this morning, under threatening grey skies. Haydn, TS Steve, Stephen, Allan, Jason, Mark R, Chris G, Simon (guest) and me.

Fortunately the weather 'held' as we headed out into the wind along the coast road. Sharing the workload we made decent time to Barry then Penarth where we stopped at 11:00 for two minutes silence. Shortly after this Haydn punctured, before repeating with a spectacular bang 5 minutes later. A damaged tyre required the help of Chris G's plastic tyre boot which survived to get Haydn home. Allan and Steven carried on at this point but we were joined by Paul who had chased us around the coast, meeting up with Amblers twice, en route!

Continued on to Duffryn Gardens for coffee where Steven had just arrived, taking a detour on his way there. Excellent coffee and flapjack, before setting off for home, tailwind helped us along A48, briefly dropped Simon who was towed back to the group by Paul and myself. Would have been bad form to lose a guest.  :-[

Just under 60 miles by the time we got back to Brackla, another enjoyable ride.

I'm away next weekend and 'racing' the Sunday after, so will see you on 29th, hopefully recovered from the club dinner! Andy H

I had an eye on Simon at the back, I just realised tho that when I noticed he was off the back and moved up the group to let everyone know we needed to ease up I didn't let him know what I was doing. I usually do, I think I was so knackered I was thinking too much about making the move. Hope you made it back to the group OK. Paul N

Thanks for that Paul, he was okay and we caught the group, eventually! Andy H

Sorry that was my fault hadn't appreciated we were all together.

Good route and as Jason pointed out an empty gel wrapper would have worked as well. Had that tyre boot in there for a few years so time for a new one. Chris G

It was a good route and I really enjoyed getting out on the club ride again.  This would have been an ideal ride for the Club 59ers and fast Amblers as the Pacers don't get too serious until January. Don't leave it until then! Steven M

Thanks for everyone patience and generosity with my two mishaps! Haydn L

Amblers  - 8th November 2015

Considering the grim weather forecast we had surprisingly decent weather for today's amble around the Vale. There were 12 starters this morning, although we were soon joined by 2 more club members on route, as well as the phantom cyclist who overtook us on at least twice and was later identified as Paul Nicholas who was in a mad dash to catch up with the Pacers. We followed the Coast Road out through Ogmore and Southern down to St Brides before hitting the Lanes towards Llantwit.we then headed North towards Welsh St Donuts before dropping down to A berth in where we stopped to observe the 2 minutes silence.

At this stage, realising that Cowbridge would be packed due to Remembrance Sunday, I decided to tweak the route and we enjoyed the cheeky little climb up to Old Norman's Cafe before stopping for tea and cake at Hannah's Diner. Up to the break the pace had been very restrained, and even the couple of stray Pacers were behaving themselves. It was left to Mal 'lone break' Jones to push the pace along. However, after the stop to refuel and a gentle ride through a by now quiet Cowbridge, it all kicked off once we hit the hill out of town. Once we reached Llandow the pace picked up and a small group led by Clayton and Craig chain ganged back to Wick, Ewenny and home. The total distance today was 46 miles at an average speed of 16.4 mph, although pace wise it was a tale of two halves. Overall a very enjoyable, drier than expected ride. Out today were:   Ron, Tom, Chris Reed, Adrian - Newbie and a strong rider and ex-racer, Jon Saunders, Jonathan Spinks, Terry, Tony, Roy 2, Clayton, Craig, Andy's dodgy knees, Mal ' lone break' Jones, The Phantom Cyclist, Mark P

Damn, forgotten one! Someone help me out!! Mark P

Ron was with us most of the ride Mark-is it him missed out of the list?

Thoroughly enjoyed today Mark-toying with the idea of trying to carry my'simulated fixed'experiment right through the Winter.My legs are saying no but there's an insistent voice in my head! Tom B

Amblers  - 15th  November 2015

The signs were not good this morning, with grey, overcast skies and winds gusting up to 50mph, so I was not surprised to be standing on my own outside Physiques at 8 50am. However, just as I was secretly looking forward to an early 'Costas', who should come round the corner but Harpo so a ride was on the cards after all, with me expecting a 3 hour thrashing. Luckily we were then joined by Toestrap Steve, Terry, Tony and for his first club ride in a dog's age, Shawn Murtogh. As there were so few of us we decided to ride as one group and follow the planned Amblers route out via Ewenny, Wick, Llantwit and Llanmaes towards the tea stop at St Fagans. Needless to say, with Harpo and Steve in the mix and with a strong tailwind on the route out, we flew along the main road to Llantwit. Just after Wick we were also joined by Paul Jenkins, a Bush Health Care rider (well he's got the kit), and he stayed with us for an hour or so.

After the tea stop we headed out through Radyr and climbed up to Pentyrch before heading home via Miskin and Pencoed. The ride was slightly shorter than planned as we cut off a loop around Pentyrch but we still managed around 46 miles at an average speed of 17.2mph, not bad for such a windy day. After the really grim weather forecast it turned out to be an enjoyable, rain free morning and we cunningly managed to make good use of the wind, as well as using Harpo and Steve as super domestiques into the wind (cheers boys). Out today were:

Toestrap Steve, Harpo, Terry, Tony, Shawn, Paul Jenkins, Mark P, Next week a bit further and a slightly cheeky climb!👒Mark P

Thanks for the well thought out route with regard to the wind. It would have been much harder the other way round.  Tony M

8th September 2015 - Mid Week Ride

Thanks Mal-6 of us out today,Mark P,Terry,Steve C,Ron,Carrie and me!Usual route-temperature dropped 5 degrees(according to Steve's Garmin)between B&Q and Welsh St Donats.Made those of us who decided to forego Arm,Knee warmers etc look rather foolidh(even more so than usual!)

Good ride apart from that however.Hopefully be out next Tuesday and possibly Friday! Tom B

13th October  2015 - Mid Week Ride

4 of us out this morning:Mal,Lee.Neil&me.We met up with Carrie at the Cafe-not riding today as she's followed the current Ogmore trend of having an accident-yesterday,bike and Carrie a bit battered but ok!Sadly she missed a very sunny morning and a nice ride! Tom B

20th  October  2015 - Mid Week Ride

Very good turnout today, including the Sun, usual route with Velo stop in the sunshine. Lee came from inside the café with reports of a female rider in an Oggie out fit, so after all guessing who it could be, Tom went around for a look, who was it?? see you all next time it's sunny. Ron B

Yes as Ron says we had a near record turn-out of 9 today!They were  Ron, Mark P. Paul L, Lee(fresh from the nightshift,pausing only for a preliminary workout in the gym), Steve C(making his 2015 swansong?), Mal, Ron 2, Carrie, Me

Excellent weather,no near misses with tractors and a mystery Oggie in Café Velo-what more could you ask?

Hoping to get out later in the week but sadly that may be the last of the sun for a while Tom B

Accused of hallucinating due to my lack of sleep I felt it was important Tom cleared up my definite crystal clear observation of the mystery Oggie!

All in good taste and as always another highly enjoyable mid week amblers ride with great company and well worth the sleep deprivation.

Haven't been called a lunatic for a long time either, thanks Tom  ;) Lee S

Who's Ron2. Over dosing on coffee Tom? Ron B

Hallucinating due to lack of sleep I think.Apologies to Roy&Ron.No apologies to Lee-you know you can rely on me for a gratuitous insult Lee-but only in an admiring way! Tom B

28th  October  2015 - Mid Week Ride

There were 5 of us out this morning, me, Tom, Clayton, Mal and Roy2. Steady ride through the Vale in great conditions. And a good coffe stop at Cafe Velo on the way back where we were able to sit out in the sun. Won't be many more opportunities for that as we get deep into Autumn. Richard B

Yes nice ride Richard,and we timed our coffee stop to co-incide exactly with the Ajax Wednesday ride(we outnumbered them!)They were led by the notorious Jean-Paul Lambporth! Tom B

25’ers - 1st  November 2015

Todays route all ridden in fantastic weather, Pencoed, Miskin, through to Bonvilston, Llancarfan, Aberthaw then on to the Velo, coffee in the sunshine, then back along the coast. Good steady speed from the youngsters today, Tim 1, Tom 1, Ron 1 and Andy G. Will the weather hold out much longer? Ron B

Thanks to the Elder Statesmen of the Club(and Andy)for an extremely enjoyable ride today.Much preferable to struggling along at the back on my 15st warhorse!! Tom B

Pacers - 1st  November 2015

Fantastic morning for a ride!

Out today:- Steven M, Steve C, Harpo, Dave W, Jason, John, Terry, Neil, Tony, Jonathan and myself.

Decent pace down to Briton Ferry, where Steven peeled off (going well so soon after op) and we continued to Neath and the loop around Rhos/Glais before dropping down to Swansea marina and turning for home. John and Steve c headed straight back to Bridgend while the rest of took Water St to Porthcawl and the Broomwagon Cafe. Lovely beetroot and white chocolate cake, unusual but very tasty and coffee before the final push home.  Andy H

Good ride yesterday (except for the headwind home), good efforts from everyone on the chain gang. Jason T

3rd November  2015 - Mid Week Ride

5 valiant members braved the risk of rain this morning and we were rewarded with a dry ride even including time for a coffee.Rode part way with 2 Maesteg lads and met up with them again in the café.Apparently we are causing them to revise their impression that the Oggies are an unfriendly club!

Out today were  Terry, Mal, Roy(2), Lee, Me. I can't do Friday but as you can see above Carrie is free if anyone else can make it  Tom B

Pacers - 22nd November 2015 (Rumble in the Mumbles)

Finally we got some nice weather and the decision was taken to stay close to the coast to avoid any icy roads.  9 Pacers started out and we rode chaingang most of the way to Verdi's.  A short break with some great cake and I suggested we ride in single file on the way back and we throw in a hill in the shape of Dan Y Graig on the way back.  Both of this measures were designed to temper Harpo's strength and both were singularly unsuccessful!

We spotted the Amblers at Margam  (apologies for the less than hearty greeting but I was struggling to breathe!) and limped home with an average of 19mph for 65 miles ! Steven M

25’ers - 22nd November 2015

Double the expected riders out today, two "Tryouts" Ian and Scott, so just the Velo and back, nice n easy. Velo had "Jacobs Custard creams" with the special offer £1 50 Coffees. Saw Alyson Parkes at St B, blast from the past, well 70s, then at the Pelican Ian's right hand pedal decided to jump off, threads on the pedals were perfect, but the FSA crank was completely shot, AA job. Mustn't forget the weather, cold dry and clear. Ron B

Thanks for your company today guys.  Nice fresh start to the morning! The part of the crank that should have had threads was as shiny and flat as a mirror. It's still under warranty so the repair will be done by Wednesday I hope.

Thank goodness my wife was more reliable than my bike! I would have had to have had a backie off Ron if she didn't turn up for me😀Scott

Amblers  - 22nd November 2015

After a very chilly start to the morning the Sun popped out which made for a great morning's ride. We started out with 8 Amblers but we lost Shawn Murtogh within the first mile to a serious mechanical, so he limped home to Change bikes and subsequently ride 90kms on his own. The remainder pushed on through Treoes and Llangan, Pentre Meyrick and Llantwit Major and then around the Coast towards Porthcawl. We missed a waiting Roy Richards in Llantwit and he had to chase us down like a dog after a ball, before drawing level at Monknash. We stopped for coffee and cake at the Broomwagon in Porthcawl where we were treated to 'mates rates' by Paul for our generous slices of cake.

After the break we headed home via Kenfig, the A48, Hafodheulog and Tondu, before crossing the common and racing home via Pencoed. I have to apologise to the few who rode the full distance as we covered 56 miles today rather than the 50 I had advertised. Not a problem on a sunny day but probably less amusing when the weather turns I   called the distance from memory not from a map or Garmin, so note to self, check! We were passed on route by a panting, eyeball rolling group of Pacers who were mostly too knackered to wave or speak, except for good old Harpo who managed a cheery 'hello chaps' , although he used the Welsh version of that expression as he sped past!! ;D

Out today were:  Shawn (briefly), Mal (slightly less briefly), Roy 2 (mostly), Lee (nearly all the way), Jonathan Slinks (chewing his, handlebars), Terry (All the way and some), Mark Rosser (guest appearance), Mark P (navigating - well sort of)

See you next week for a 53.752314 mile ride with 1243.658 metres of climbing Mark P

Oops, missed out Greg Brett from my previous post. Sorry mate! Mark P

25’ers - 29th   November 2015

A few hardy riders turned up but the wind was too strong, after a long 10 second discussion we all went our own way. Ron B

Amblers  - 29th   November 2015

Club run slightly shorter today. Brackla, Laleston, Barn hill A48, Corntown.😉 Tony M

Pacers - 6th December 2015

So today we had Joe Beech and the tandem, powered by TS Steve and Keith.  In addition Jason, Chris, Dave, Paul and I.  Rapidly out to Ponty with a tailwind then up to Aberdare.  I got dropped for about 5 miles and despite averaging 20mph could not catch them!  We decided not to stop in Aberdare and went down the valley to Neath. The tandem rear tyre had a massive blow out, necessitating a trip to Halfords for a new tyre and tube.  We could not get one with a long enough valve so we had to leave the guys, unfortunately.  Some of us had a stop in Briton Ferry before a nice tailwind home. 73 miles at 17.5mph… Steven M

Got the tandem and Keith back safely, although my position in the back of the retrieving BMW could hardly be described as such!

Need a little work on seat position and cadence but enjoyed my first outing on the 'bicycle made for two'.

Would encourage others to give this a try - the flat and downhill sections make it all worthwhile  Steve C

Good ride today.gutting leaving you behind was like a top gear moment... :O Dave W

Good to hear you made it back OK Steve Paul N

Good outing today, thanks to #Steve for piloting and sorry about the bmw ride home.  Not sure who paid for the tyre but come forward and I can reimburse.  By the way, Steve, you left your pedals here so let me know if you need them or shall I bring them on friday? Keith B

Eventful day all in all!  ;D Andy H

25’ers - 6th December 2015

Another poor turnout from the 25er's today so had to rope in young Tom and Andy S for a trip to the Café. Due to the wind we arrived at the Café after 1 hour 45 minutes, instead of 2 hours, we cut the route to avoid the main road at St A. As a penalty we shared a custard cream. Three hours at a decent speed, Tom went around the coast at Ogmore but as I had only put in enough fuel for a 25er' run I went straight home. Did all the 25er's bring the wrong shoes today? Ron B

Amblers  - 6th December 2015

Well that was a tough but enjoyable ride in initially very windy, wet conditions. Five hardy souls set out from Brackla with a strong tailwind to Pencoed before we turned into the wind to cross the Common to Bryncethin. We had the pleasure of Harpo's company for the ride over the Common and we were happy to shelter behind him until he left us at Sarn to head off to a wedding while we carried on to Fountain and everyone's favourite climb up to Cefn Cribwr. At the top we were joined by Clayton and Adrian, who was having an easy day after riding with Onit yesterday. After a hard ride into the wind as far as Pyle things eased off slightly as we headed back to Bridgend, Ewenny, around the Coast and a coffee and cake stop at Cafe Velo.

After the break we headed through Llanmaes and St Mary Church where our average speed took a battering as we were held up by a slow moving flock of sheep that were out for a Sunday morning stroll. Once we had navigated our way around Shaun the Sheep and his 300 mates we carried on through Cowbridge, climbed the hill to Nash before crossing the ridge back to Ewenny and home. The distance was just over 49 miles at an average speed of around 16mph, which I've adjusted to take the ambush by Shaun and his cums into account ;D .  Out today at various times were:   Terry, Haydn, Andy's dodgy knees, Jonathan Spinks, Clayton, Adrian, Mark P

Thanks Mark and all,tough day at the office

This was a game of two halves,and I didn't enjoy the first all that much,and the second(22 miles)was worse(for me anyway)

2 rides since early October,each 4 weeks apart,has blown any aerobic fitness I had Andy S

20th  November  2015 - Mid Week Ride

A pleasant spin around the Vale today in dry, sunny (ish) if slightly cold conditions. We followed the usual weekday route through Trees, Llangan, Welsh St Donuts to Llantwit before a coffee stop and a return leg via the Lanes and the Coast Road via Ogmore. We did around 36 miles at around 16mph. A good old fashioned amble with a few efforts thrown in to keep us warm. Out today were:   Terry,Neil the Beast Bartlett, Mark Bryant (newbie and definitely Pacers material), Mark P,

See you all Sunday. Mark P

Thanks Mark, Terry & Neil. I really enjoyed it. Hope to see you tomorrow morning. Mark what happened to the great route you were considering for Sunday? Mark B

23rd   November  2015 - Mid Week Ride

5 of us(Paul,Mark,Mal,Carrie and me)braved the weather this morning and were rewarded with a maily dry but blustery ride.We are hoping to get out on Friday but at the moment the forecast is a bit ominous-watch this space Tom B

Enjoyed the ride tom don't know how you manage it in a. Fixed gear Mal J

1st December  2015 - Mid Week Ride

Mark P,Mal and I out this morning.Not such bad weather as we expected and Mark stood us coffees-result!(thanks Mark)

As I said I'm tied up on Friday but could go out about 11 or 11.30 which I suspect will be too late for anyone else planning to get out on Friday.Mark did say he would go out later if others weren't out.If you plan to get out(forecast not bad)post here and see what we can sort out Tom B

4th December 2015 - Mid Week Ride

4 out for the Friday ride(2nd sitting).Mapks P and B myself and a surprise appearance from Andy Storrie.We decided to stick to the usual mid-week route although we split into 2 pairs at Llantrithyd,Andy and Mark B going down Green Dragon lane,Mapk P and me taking the usual route.The old men won the race to the café but had to concede they had the shorter route.We had a chat to 2 of Carrie's Breeze ride pals before heading back.One of us was noticeably suffering by then,sparing blushes let's just say that riding in one gear all Winter might not be so bright an idea!

Our club Chairman was spotted in Wick-heading the other way.

We missed the rain and all enjoyed an extra ride!Fingers crossed for the weather this weekend now. Tom B

8th  December 2015 - Mid Week Ride

5 out this morning-Mark P ,Ron&Mal,Carrie from Llantwit and me,plus 3 Maesteg Club members for part of the rideThe first 10 minutes was a torrential downpour but after that it was mainly dry and not so bad as anticipated round Ogmore&Southerndown.

We are hoping to get another ride in later in the week but are keeping an eye on the weather!Will post any further plans here Tom B

Amblers  - 13th December 2015

A great turnout today considering the grey, damp conditions with 16 ( I think!) Starting from Brackla in a mixed Pacers/Amblers group. We rode at a steady pace as far as the Bryn, taking in Coity, Brynmenyn, Bettws and Shwt on the way. Once we had climbed the Bryn we split into two groups with the Pacers heading off to Cimla and the Neath Valley, while the 7 strong Amblers headed up the Afan Valley towards the cafe at the Glyncorrwg Mountain Bike Centre where we met up with some of the old and bold from Port Talbot Wheelers and Maesteg CC. After apple pie, custard and hot chocolate with marshmallows and cream ( a mid ride snack recommended by Team Sky), the finely tuned athletes that are the Amblers rolled back to Brackla via Cymer, Taibach, Margam, Tondu and Coity.

At this point I must give Tom Beech an honourable mention for rising to the challenge and climbing the Bryn on his 15 kg shopping bike in the big ring ( the coffees are on me from now until Majorca Tom)! Despite a few issues with Strava that suggested we must have completed today's ride on pogo sticks, we actually rode 54 miles at an average speed of around 15.5 mph. Next week a little shorter and a bit flatter! ;D  Mark P

Just for posterity, the following Oggies plus friends were out today:   Steven, Andy H, Tom, John Edwards, Jason T, Haydn, Terry, Tony, Tom, Jonathan Spinks, Mark Rosser, Craig M, Greg, Clayton, Richard Bowmer, Andy's Dodgy Knees, Mark P

I think that's the lot! 17 in total, a good turnout for a grey Winter's day.  Mark P

I particularly liked the car coming down the dual carriageway way the wrong way, and then doing a u turn that split the group.

oh and the largest portion of apple crumble and custard I have ever had.  Tony M

Pacers  - 13th December 2016

Good miles today, final batch of 'speed work' from St Bride's broke me, limped home from Cowbridge. Andy H

Good riding today.... even by those who took the shortcut to the cafe  ;) Jason T

Struggled with empty legs today, cp20 + works night out= tough outing!

Thanks guys for waiting up for,me ! Craig M

Yeah good ride! rather tired now! Haydn

Great ride from Terry, confirming what we already knew - welcome to the Pacers! Steven M

 Something different for the weekend! Sat 19th Dec Christmas sojourn to Bethlehem

Four brave souls out this morning, Mark, Steven, Greg and myself. Dry starting, headed over stormy down, out to Neath where mark peeled off. Three then headed up valley to Brynamnan and the Black Mountain. Greg climbed well with Steven and me struggling behind. Turned around and retraced our steps, just as the Bible makes no mention of the wise men at the nativity so too did these intrepid three fail to make it to Bethlehem!

Oh and it rained, a bit......... Well more than a bit!! Andy H

Thanks Andy for tearing me away from my usual Saturday one hour ride to Cafe Velo!  I'd like to go back in the summer when I could see more than 30 yards from the summit.  Great ride by Greg, very strong.  Must also recommend Eira's cafe in Briton Ferry; Beans, Egg and Toast with tea for £2.50! Steven M

Can't believe you came back the same way(ish). Three dull (wise) men  ;) Rob J

Conditions were too bad to continue over the mountain and it was the shortest route!  I now expect you to join us on our next long ride… Steven M

It's been a largely dry day in Rumney  :D Rob J

25’ers - 20th December 2015

Three Wise? men started this morning and headed East, Ron , Tim and Young Tom, he mentioned to me that he was the youngest in the group and that he hadn't changed gear since October, how long are we allowed to wear these new Aero socks before washing? We did roughly the same route as the Amblers/Pacers group and all ended up in the Velo, on a bad note no one stood up for oldest rider in the group to have a seat in the café but I'm not one to grumble. After coffee and whatever else was drunk and eaten we all headed home along the coast. Young Hayden offered me his back wheel, but after yesterdays training I was failing fast, nice thought though. Have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. Ron B

Yes a rare novelty for me Ron to be the junior partner!Enjoyed your company and of course the Amblers/Pacers when we joined forces!You could have sat on someone's knee if we'd realise. Tom B

Amblers  - 20th December 2015

It turned out to be an almost perfect Winter's day for a club run. Although there was a brisk breeze it mostly worked in our favour or we were protected by the high hedge rows in the lanes. There were 14 Oggies on the start line in Brackla, with the old guard of Tom, Ron & Tim setting off for a 25ers variant of the Amblers' route, and Toestrap Steve and Dave W deciding to take advantage of the good weather and headed out towards the Bwlch. The rest of the group headed out towards Coity, the Common and Brynna before heading back towards the Vale and coffee and cake at a packed Cafe Velo in Llantwit Major.

After the break we followed the usual route home via the Lanes and the Coast led most of the way by Sgt Major Harpo, who ensured we burnt off all the calories we had loaded up at Cafe Velo. It was a really enjoyable ride in relatively warm, dry and sunny conditions, if a tad shorter than usual at around 44 miles. We also did less climbing than usual, ascending 633 metres, which along with Harpo's presence probably accounted for an average speed of just under 17mph. Streaking around the Vale today were:

Chris Reed, Chris Goodwin, Terry, Mal, Jonathan Spinks, Richard Bowmer, Andy's dodgy knees, Mark P, Sgt Major Harpo,

See you next week. Mark P

Break away duo (Dave W & Steve TS) benefitted from a tailwind all the way up Ogmore valley and the Bwlch descending through to Treorchy in the sunshine that has deserted us for the past couple of months. Pressing on down the Rhondda Fawr to Ponty we caught a smartly dressed ex-roadie on the Uni Glam climb who was asking after Richard Powell, on Oggie whom he fondly recalled racing against, up to the point Richard had a bad accident in North Wales. He eventuallly did a turn on the front around Pontyclun! Cafe Velo still packed when we arrived and the excellent coffee and cake were indeed welcome as we'd averaged 17.5mph according to Dave's tech. Bit more chatty on the way back to Wick with Dave facing another 15miles (all good for your powers of endurance buddy). Steve C

Amblers  - 27th December 2015

6 hardy souls turned out for today's amble around the Vale. Unfortunately the dry(ish) weather conditions didn't appear until about 30 minutes from the end of the ride. It was grey, wet and murky for most of the ride, although it remained quite mild for December. Due to the conditions we tweaked the route slightly, hence it was shorter than planned at around 50 miles. We headed out around the Coast Road and through the lanes to Llantwit before doing a loop of the Airport and back home via Green Dragon Lane, Cowbridge and Llandow.

 We had coffee at Costa's in Cowbridge before splitting at Llandow where Terry and Tony headed back to Ewenny via Death Valley and Mal and I swam home across the Ridge. Paul Longhorn made a welcome return to the Amblers before leaving us at Aberthaw and Chris Reed wisely rode home early as he was suffering from a chest infection. Despite the grim conditions and what felt like a comfortable pace, we averaged around 16.5mph for just over 50 miles, with 648 metres of climbing. Out today were:  Terry, Tony, Paul Longhorn, Chris Reed, Mal, Mark P

Next Amble is planned for Tuesday when we might take in a pub lunch at the Plough and Harrow. Mark P

Pacers  - 27th December 2015

5 pacers left Brackla, picked one up at Coychurch dropped one off at St Fagans. Decent pace to Cardiff where the traffic and lights were on our side, pace increased along the flats causing the odd split, which was magnified after the coffee stop in Caerphilly. John, Paul and I cracked on while Greg had a more sociable ride home with Dave W.

Grim weather, great ride! Andy H

How on earth did I miss the ogmore train Rob J

We were early, wasn't the weather to hang around, sorry!   :-[ Andy H

No need to apologise, was only an ETA. Bit unlucky as I was toodling around from just after 10 and thought I had an infallible plan that involved riding the coastal road towards you from Newport direction. I guess if you were 10mins+ ahead of schedule though, I may have still been out on the parallel lanes whilst you sneaked through. There are some surprisingly nice lanes between the A48 and old coast road, and they hold up well in the wet weather too. Even a year on since moving here still found a new section today. It's very Paris Roubaix and amazingly direct. Rob J

I was half expecting to see you along that section, ce la vie! Andy H

22nd   December 2015 - Mid Week Ride

3 mid-weel stalwarts(Mark P,Mal(at the café after his 3rd time lucky dishwasher delivery)and me)were joined by two less frequent but very welcome participants-Roy 1 and Mark Cooke.We had a bit of drizzle but nothing significant.Main surprise of the morning was to find Café Velo closed(for Christmas?)but The Net Café-just around the corner-was an excellent substitute.

There are tentative plans to go out on Thursday but as ever weather dependent and Roy is planning a ride on the morning of Christmas Day-these Cyclists eh??!!! Tom B

22nd   December 2015 - Mid Week Ride

We finished 2015's Tuesday rides on a high-10 OVW's out on a glorious sunny day.A pity you weren't well enough to make it too Chris!Starting from B&Q were: Tony, Terry, Marl P, Lee, Paul L, Carrie, Mal, Mark Cooke, Me.

We stopped at Café Velo(to wait for Mark P who had thought we'd lost Paul and gone back to look for him,only to find him enjoying a coffee when Mark eventually joined us).We met up with Harpo on the coast road following his recce of the course for Friday.I left most of the others entering the P&H-(after all it must be about 4 miles from Café V,definitely time for a pub stop).

Some of us are hoping to get out on Thursday,if the weather is ok but we definitely plan a ride over to the 10 on Friday to support the lads! Tom B

Great ride today in fantastic weather. The food and cider at the Plough and Harrow were excellent too. See you on Thursday. Mark P