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Sunday morning - See menu for club ride reports

Sunday morning club rides start out from 'Physiques' in Brackla at 9am. Times may vary in winter, so please check the message boards.  The ‘pacers’ cover approximately 50-70 miles, the 'chasers' cover approximately 45-60 miles and the Amblers cover approximately 25-40 miles (see below for more details of each ride) - Please check the message board for up to date club ride information. Often, the groups will meet up at midday for coffee/ cakes/ fry-up at a suitable cafe.

Amblers - Times vary, please check message board

The club is introducing a new ride for Sunday mornings.  This ride will be a slightly slower and shorter club run. The ride will cater for those who are just starting out, recovering from illness or just lacking time to do the longer faster rides. The ride will be done as a group all starting and finishing together. Rides will get progressively more difficult by July, some riders may wish to advance to the Chasers and beyond. The route will be posted on the forum in advance of the ride, but is subject to change, ie for the weather or standard of rider on the day.  Amblers rides will start at the same time as Chasers and Pacers from Physiques in the Brackla Triangle shopping centre. All are welcome including those who would like to join the club and have never ridden in a group and wish to take a look at what goes on in a club run.

Rides will generally be between 25 - 40 miles and the pace will be approx 13 - 15mph

Chasers - Times can vary during the winter, please check message board

The amblers ride is at the pace of the slowest rider.  The emphasis is on socialising and no-one will be left behind on this ride and there will always be a cafe stop.

Rides will generally be between 45 - 60 miles and the pace will be approx 17mph

Pacers - Times can vary during the winter, please check message board

Depending on turn-out and enthusiasm levels, the groups may split into a fast fast and a slower fast group, but it's all informal and low pressure, and nobody is ever obliged to go faster or further than they want to.

Rides will generally be between 50 - 70 miles and the pace will be approx  19mph

Keep an eye on the members forum / message board for updates week by week.

                        CLUB RIDES

Club run 14th July 2013 - Top of the Rhigos

Left to right Jason Turvey, Paul Longthorn, Andy Harris, John Hewitt, Terry Anthony, and Andrew Foster