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28th December 2012

Great session! Thanks Tim for organising it, I know you would have loved to be on those boards giving it some gas with the squad!

My vote is in for another session.

Wayne, here's to a speedy recovery!?!   Grin  - JS

Great night, the look on Dan's face when he looked up and saw the bend when we first entered the track. Hope you get well soon Wayne, will call in today. thanks Tim for arranging the night, hope you are recovered enough to join in next time. have some photos, so will attempt to send them out.   –RB

Great night! The most fun I have had on 2 wheels for ages! Thanks to Tim for setting it all up for us.

When can we go again?  -SM

Yes very goodnight on the Track last night apart for the last 5 mins. THANKS TO Tim. Nursing a bruised Hip. When is the next Track Session.   -WE

Yes Tim really enjoyed thanks for arranging. Fun and fear rolled into one.

When is the next one? -PL

Wayne, better in the last 5 mins than the first.

Tim, thanks for your efforts in arranging 2 hours of bike time without worrying about the weather. - SL

Really enjoyed the evening, just wish my lungs were in better condition. Look forward to the next one and would be 'up' for a session that included accreditation.

Thanks Tim for organising a great evening, really enjoyed whizzing past Rob in the first few minutes while he found his feet. As expected it didn't last very long and class showed through.   Grin  - AH

Details of Newport Track here

3rd April 2013

Good session last night; great to see so many new faces having a blast!

Looking forward to May's session.

Thanks again Tim for organising. - JS

24th May 2013

To follow

I guess there are a few stiff legs out there after a ding-dong session with more than its fair share of on and off the bike action.

Hero of the night award goes to 13 year old Ethan Sanders whose was on a road bike for the first time in his life. He  not only rode on his own for one and a half hours and covered some 15 kilometres but suffered two minor crashes and a fair amount of track burn to elbows and knees. Will he be back again ? Dad says yes! To be fair, after all those laps, we should not be surprised he was a bit knackered and the crashes did come at nearly 10 o'clock. Probably past his bedtime !

Villain of the night award goes to Andy Harries who now knows what gravity does !

My retained images of the night are Geoff's bloody face and also a flight of Oggies tanking along above the blue line, high on the banking, looking as though they were naturals. Guys, your getting there. -TR

Well, i enjoyed myself. First time on the track for me, so i was eager to get on the boards. More so when i saw Steve and Co zooming around on the Blue and i was pottering on the black.

Eventually made my way up there and thought, 'this is easy'. A quick reality check after i tried to freewheel brought me back down to earth! After a few more laps and a few tweeks here and there, i found myself in 'control'.

Very draining both physically and mentally!!

Fantastic to see Ethan zipping round, falling off and getting back on the bike. Hard as nails! Track star in the making!!

Thanks again for the lift, Tim! - AW

Embarrassed  Rather embarrassingly fell while riding on the black line, more of a concern was it took out the rider behind me!  Geoff hope the shoulder is ok and you were able to make the session this morning.

Also had a follow up incident when I was taken out in one of Ethan's falls, he's a brave young lad if he still wants to get back on his bike after I nearly rode over the top of him.  Grin

Well done!

Thanks again Tim for organizing  -AH

Hi, thanks for a fab night.  shoulder thankfully only soft tissue damage but difficult to move so didn't make this morning's session.  Doc reckons it'll take a week or so to repair.  Definitely keen for the May session.  It was nice to see the procession, I thought we were just getting it together when I had to leave.  I hope Ethan is alright, he was doing well.  Andy, your forgiven. lol  Grin  - GC

Thanks Tim what a good night. Ethan is ok and ready for may, I cannot   be live you can have so much fun riding around in a circle. It was nice to meet some other members. - JS