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Rollers - 2015 Competition

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Roller Competition - 8th February 2013

An enjoyable evening, with some very close times.  Unfortunately previous roller champ couldn’t take part due to injury, but was an enthusiastic spectator.

Report from Tim

Chris recorded a terrific time of 1 minute 12.9 seconds to my 1 minute 14 seconds in 2012. I will be back !

Keith rode a very fast 1-18.13 and Wil, in his first and only race ever and his third time on the rollers, put in a 1-19.20.

Exceptional ! I reckon 1-12.00 is 50 kph average from a standing start. The Champagne prize was well won.



Roller Competition - 28th February 2014

Yes, we have a cup now !

The two names on it are mine and Coach Chris Tasker who won in 2013 with a time of 1 min- 12.9 seconds. I reckon 1 min-12 secs would be 50 kph from a standing start  over 1 kilometer on the Competition Rollers.

This is a knockout competition with the gears limited (for safety reasons) to 80 inches. This is e.g. 39x13 = 79.4"; 42x14 = 79.7"; 48x16 = 79.7"; 52x18 = 76.8" or 53x18 = 78.2".

So it's time to plan your training campaign. Sort out the gears and pump up the tyres. You will need to get up to 120-130 revs of leg speed cadence to compete with Chris.

I will give it a go if the leg holds up. I know there are others willing to give it a crack.

I will get the rollers into the club room so we can see how we are progressing soon.

Final tip. Do not allow anyone to switch off the garage light when you are in full flow ! ! !


Well done to all those who rode the rollers tonight, it was a very good competition won by a very fluid pedalling Mark Rosser.

Well done Mark - riding at 34mph on 39 x 11 (?) was impressive.  He also wins the tricks section for riding no handed whilst signing on.

From Tim Raine

A note for your diary folks. 13.02.15

More detail to follow.

This is a limited 80 inch gear competition on rollers only. We have our twin Competition Rollers with a clock calibrated to 1,000 meters per revolution of the two pointers.

It is a knock out competition with riders seeded from a 1.0k time trial at the start of the night and the one to one heats only 1.0k each. The final will be a best of three with the two fastest competitors in that.

There is a Roller Trophy at the Annual Dinner for the winner and I usually offer a fizzy drink in a green bottle to the winner on the night

It's fun, it's fast (almost 50k per hour from a standing start) and it's both good to take part in and to watch. The competitors need your vocal and perhaps your physical support. Any number of helpers are allowed per rider.

The date has been chosen to miss all of the Fridays  before  the Reliability Rides in February so no one should need to feel they cannot do both.

During January the rollers are available for practice on club nights. I will be there on the 9th, 16th and 23rd. There is a Committee Meeting on the 30th so anyone would still be able to practice but perhaps it may be delayed until a little after 8pm.

I hope that Will and a few others who gave it a go last year will return again. Your current Champion is Mark. Chris Tasker the previous year and I was the inaugural winner. Come on guys, give it a go. You have to be in it to win it.

Incidentally, we have never had a Womens Competition. We would need two to turn up to make it, but I would be willing to put up a bottle of plonk for the winner and ask if we could find a trophy from Club Funds. Come along and try it girls. There are no hills so it's not that hard ! All you need are fast spinning legs and your road bikes with the tyres pumped up hard.


Round1 1km time trial

1st Mark Rosser       1min 01.65 secs

2nd Ross Shehan     1 min 11.67 secs

3rd  Tim Raine          1 min 19.83 secs

4th Chris Goodwin   1 min 23.00 secs

Round 2 knockout

Heat 1 Mark Rosser  1 min 12.69 secs  beat Tim Raine 1 min 19.18 secs

Heat 2 Ross Shehan  1 min 12.33 secs beat Chris Goodwin 1min 20.45secs

Round 3 knockout final - best of 3 rides

Heat 1 Mark Rosser  1 min 00.44 secs   beat  Ross Shehan 1 min 10.61 secs

Heat 2 Mark Rosser  1 min 00.14 secs   beat  Ross Shehan  1 min 08.08 secs

2015  Roller Champion - Mark Rosser

Though short on competitors, the challenge was an exciting start to 2015. Mark remained undefeated in retaining his title and is a worthy champion.

Surprise of the evening was the improving performance of Ross Sheldon. Well done Ross. It was good to see Tim Raine back in competition after his injury. And last but not least Chris Goodwin rode well and stylishly, with a promise of better things to come.

Norman James officiated. Well done all. Lynne J

Some excellent roller riding this evening.

Well done to Mark for retaining his title and a special mention to Ross who nearly didn't ride, but did really well.

A huge thank you to Norman for officiating last Friday when a good bit of sport was had.

Ross with his three point style (he kept one hand on a chair back throughout), very impressive. When he is fit on the road I would give him odds-on in any sprint ! Excellent times not reached by anyone else in the three previous years of running this event, except Mark Rosser of course.

Mark with his 60 kph speed from a standing start. WOW. Terrific. What a champion ! Anyone who wants to do the maths to calculate his leg speed (cadence) would need to know that the gearing was limited to 80 inches in one turn of the pedals. I might have a go, but life could prove to be too short !

I was pleased that, when I apologised to Mark for forgetting to bring my bottle of fizzy for the winners prize on the night, he said he never drinks the stuff. Good boy !

Chris was great, his times were close to mine so I shall watch him for next year when I hope we can make a bigger competition of it with lots of club members like Terry, Steve Landeg and Will giving it a go. See guys what an enthusiastic newbie like Ross can do !  And what about the ladies ? I could find some rose' wine.

Thanks also to everyone else for attendance and vocal support, it matters when your legs are screwing off !  Tim R

Rollers - 2016 Competition

A chance to win your first trophy of 2016.

There is usually a very small entry for this competition so the odds on getting a win or a placing are good.

It is a knock out competition and the seeding is done by each competitor going against the clock for 1,000 metres on our competition rollers. Seconds are allowed to hold you up, as many as you wish. Indeed last year the second best time was achieved this way.

Riders are then paired to race against each other. In the knock out stages it is one race per pair only, not the best of three. It is only in the final that a best of three is used between first and second. The ride off for third may be only one ride but could be three depending upon how close the racing is !

Teresa is putting up a flyer explaining the rules of the competition so please have a look at this.  Click here for flyer

I will be riding my fixed wheel track bike for the actual race but will warm up on a road bike so I can work up to the 80 inch gear in which, to be competitive at all I will need to do a cadence of 120 to 130. I am working on it but my 69 year old legs have lost a bit of twitch !

I expect a few of you youngsters will have had rollers for Christmas. Here is a chance to demonstrate your skills and see where you are in training. Those without rollers but who are turbo-charged may want to have a go on the competition rollers. I am there every Friday except this Friday the 8th January and would be happy to help. I may be doing it myself.

Andy Harries is running a Turbo session on Friday 22nd January and I will be there too with the rollers. Incidentally the rollers and clock are kept at HQ in the back storeroom and for those wanting them any Friday they may get them out and use them without supervision.

Give it a go. It could be the first of many trophies for you or the only one of the year. You have to be in it to win it !