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Newer members may not know Nina too well but she, like me has been in the club 10 years or so (with a break or two riding with trade-teams). She started as beginner in her mid 20s and progressed well enough to be selected for the Commonwealth Games 2002 for Wales. It was a good games and she got 15th in the TT and supported Nicole Cooke when she won the gold in the road race. From then she was a regular for GB riding Tours in Canada, France, Italy and Australia as well as doing all the big classics and World cups, Fleche Wallon, Primavera Rosa, Tour of Flanders etc. In 2008 she followed me in a switch to MTB. I had a serious accident when a car flattened me and I was nervous for a while on the open road and took to off road riding because of that. She was seriously bad at it for a while - the engine was good but the handling was pretty dodgy! This improved with practise and now it's pretty good.

The beginning of August demarks the end of the MTB season for Nina really. In some ways the season was better than last year and in other ways, not so satisfying. Last year Nina won the UK championships and enjoyed wearing the jersey all season. She also finished second in the World Championships in France. This year she decided not to go to the Worlds (no sponsorship - last year she was funded) and she dropped out of the Nationals at the end of lap one after risking her neck one time too many on a very technical course. However she has won the Welsh Championships in addition to winning the NPS MTB series (the Premier Calendar of MTB). In the NPS she finished all 4 races on the podium with 2nd, 3rd, 1st, and 1st. At the time of writing she is also ranked number one in the UK but this may change if she doesn't race anymore this season. She hardly ever crashes in the races - she quite often crashes in practise!

Chris Davies

Far too modest to sing about her own talents, I am grateful to Chris for providing some background into OVW's highest achieving member.

Nina Davies - Palmares

First club MTB ride! - Keith Christie 02.05.13

4 of us out today, Steve Chapman, Vince, Hugh Picton (non member) and me. It was only a short 1 as me and Steve were working afternoons. We left the Park Slip carpark and headed up through the forestry and into Margam Forestry. From there we decended past the 'Blue Lagoon' and onto the cycle path that runs between Port Talbot and Bryn. Once at Bryn, it was back into the forestry and basically completing the loop where we came from. However it's a long decent back down the mountain and we were able to extend it even further by taking a few side tracks.

A very enjoyable morning. Nothing extreme but just the odd technical climb or slight bunny hop if you wanted? Some wonderful views, making it what I hope was a gentle introduction to mtb for Steve who seemed quite at home with the handling of the bike. Hopefully Steve will download his Garmin at some point?

Thanks everyone.