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There comes a point when the bravest, most foolhardy cyclist comes to the conclusion that the weather is too nasty even for their hack bike. 

Cycle outside if you like, but when it starts to sleet outside you're on your own. We're racking up our miles inside. 

Once you've established the need to take the bike inside, the biggest choice you have to make is whether you’re going to ride on a turbo trainer or on bike rollers. They both offer a great workout, but do so in very different ways.

In a static, sweaty battle royale between the different methods of indoor bike training, which is best?

Turbo Trainers







They are so different that it's difficult to pick. It comes down to what you want to achieve from your winter training. If it's an out and out improvement in your wattage: get a turbo trainer. It's the easiest, most measurable way of improving your power – maybe even more so than actually out on the road. 

Rollers on the other hand will improve your pedalling form and balance, leaving you a better rider for your efforts. 

Pros and cons of turbo trainers versus rollers courtesy of Tredz